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A Better World by The Spirit of Evil

The cutie map sends the mane six to an alternate universe where villainy and disharmony have been eliminated, and their counterparts ruthlessly enforce Harmony. In their most difficult friendship mission yet, Twilight and her friends will find their strengths, philosophy and morality tested to greater lengths than ever before.
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"Honest criticism is hard to take, particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance or a stranger."
-Franklin P. Jones

We accept any and all stories.

When you join this group, please check out the new pinned threads.

We don't sugar-coat things all that often: we review stories and say if we like them or not, and why. We don't hate on the writer; we focus on the story, on the reasons we give for liking/disliking it, and the justifications for why.

This is a sibling group to (and was mostly inspired by) the Rage Reviews Group, which can be found right here. They are an awesome group who aren't afraid to tell it how it is! We also must thank this group right here, The Pleasant Commentator and Review Group, for reviewing people's stories in a non-blunt and pleasant manner. After all, there needs to be varying groups of all kinds, just to spice things up.

And if you want to get art for said reviewed or criticised fic, why not go over to the Art for Fanfiction group?

Once a story has been reviewed, please post a comment in said story linking them to your review, give them the Badge of the Blunt Reviews Group (below), and someone will send it to the Reviewed Stories folder.

Group history:
2.02 - 17/01/15 - Submission folders are now individual. Old submission folder renamed, locked, and will be deleted when all fics are done.
2.01 - 17/01/04 - 'Story of the Month' section added to front page. Later added Group History.
2.0 - 16/12/22 - Previous stories deleted and folder system changed. Caps on story entries. Updated rules. Contributors review and/or constructive criticize (ConCrit) stories only. Started process of enrolling Contributors.
FAQ created to house questions about the new system.
1.0 - (Before 16/12/22) - Stories added to folders were reviewed by anybody willing to do so.

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I submitted my story. I hope one of you readers are interested in reviewing it.

Well, I’m Chemtest. I submit my story in, to see how someone would feel bluntly. People say it’s good, but, I would rather have a blunt opinion.

Neophyte here, came in for a blunt review. My story is pretty ambitious for something personal, but I'm keeping my expectations so-so, so I don't prop myself on a high pedestal. Thanks for having me. :pinkiesmile:


Well I haven't reviewed it yet, thought I'd return the favor after you reviewed my story. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I noticed you adding it. I hope it was worth your time!


I got a little more on my plate, being an administrator of two review groups now.

Speaking of which, your story is the first one I am reviewing. :unsuresweetie:

I never noticed this comment. If by chance you’re still interested: yes, sure.


Question, am I allowed to post a thread pertaining a review even if I am not really a "reviewer"?

I'd love to get into it, I just don't know if there's like a chain of command I need to follow, or something. :twilightsheepish:

377214 Yes, yes you can.

Those groups are all sarcastic. They're usually places that the scum of fimfiction (like me) dump all our stories for fun.

Who are you people and why have you stolen Bookplayer's profile image?

Can we submit incomplete fics?

376219 I'll take a look at it soon enough, if nobody else does.

Alright, so I'm someone who can create the absolute greatest ideas ever, struggle to put them on paper (or in this case, text) My story Princess Celestia did WHAT?
has been entered in a bunch of groups like
"the Faggot's Guild"
"Mentally Deficient Authors and many more, but I have 130 likes and only 11 dislikes
I don't understand.
Review maybe?


I'm currently typing this because I just joined, and apparently, I'm supposed to say something about myself.

I consider myself terrible at writing stories, but great at reviewing them. Weird.

Sooooo.... Bai den.

I just joined this group, and I submitted my first story I published on FiM Fiction. I haven't gotten very much comments on my story, and there are more dislikes than likes. I'd like to know why that is, and maybe see if there's anything I can do to improve it. My story's still in progress, and it will have plenty more chapters to come. All I'd like is some helpful critiques to help me improve my writing better in order to make a better, well-read story. I'll wait patiently while I work on my future chapters, and I look forward to what you'll bring in a review. Thank you for your time. :twilightsmile:

I happened to find out that my fic was put on here and reviewed. The reviewer did a good job, and I cannot argue with him/her. My crappy writing actually got a semi-decent review, and if I wasn't already rewriting the fic out of a sense of obligation to the people who liked it even though it was poorly written, not the least bit planned out, and completely botched... Well, I am not exactly sure what I would have done if I wasn't doing a rewrite of my fic, but I assure you, if I wasn't already doing a rewrite, that review would have given me motivation to do it. (If any of that makes sense, otherwise, just ignore my comment)

352207 since she isn't red and black, just a changeling.
and you're quite welcome.

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