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Welcome to Eurobeat is Magic, the only group on Fimfiction dedicated to fans of eurobeat, italo-disco, and more. If you're new, be sure to have read the rules. If you're not sure what this group exists for, we'll try to answer your questions below.

What is eurobeat?
Quite simply, it's a genre of dance music. It's also known as "italo-disco", and sometimes "Hi-NRG" over stateside. Produced in Italy almost exclusively for Japan, the sound of eurobeat is still a surprisingly broad, unique, and energetic musical genre, becoming popular in clubs across the country. Being an obscure genre in many other parts of the world, however -- here in North America, especially -- a comparatively small number of people are even aware of its existence. Over the last twenty-five years, the genre has only grown and evolved, but there's no telling what the future bodes.

What is this group even for, anyway?
Our group is for fans of eurobeat to come together and share in their love of the genre. Members can share their favorite songs, discuss recent eurobeat track or album releases, ask any questions about the genre they want, and more! All fans and enthusiasts are welcome, as are those who are curious to learn more about eurobeat, so don't be shy about joining up. We'd be more than happy to have you!

Why aren't there any folders? I wanna add my stories so people can upvote them! D:
I sincerely doubt that it would be a good idea to write a story about a musical genre. Even if you tried, I also doubt it would make for a very good story in general. (Unless you were to base stories on songs or something, but, that doesn't really count here.) So, no folders.

Ew, this "music" is gross. Why do you like this stuff?
Why do you like dubstep? Or heavy metal? Pop? Classical? Rap, even? Everyone has different tastes, and this group is for those who just happen to share in this one taste in particular. You don't need to be here if you don't like it, though we can at least appreciate the fact you gave it a fair shake in the first place.

~Rules and Conduct~

1. Above all else, please be sure to adhere to the rules of Fimfic itself!
2. Don't be rude or aggressive towards other members. We're just here for fun times and good music, so there's no call to rile people up. In other words, "be excellent to each other."
3. Try to keep discussion mostly centered around the genre our group is dedicated to. A little bit of leeway is allowed, like, say, discussing something that happens to use eurobeat -- some of the DDR games, the Initial D anime, the Wangan Midnight movie, so on.
4. No NSFW content, please. This might be a given, but, yeah.
5. Enjoy your stay! :twilightsmile:

~Useful Links~

- Eurobeat Prime (Forums), a fansite with information on songs/artists/albums, song lyrics, reviews, and more.
- Initial D World Forums, a place to discuss the Initial D anime, though a subforum for eurobeat itself exists due to its prevalence in the show.
- EUROLOVERS YouTube channel, where you can listen to a huge archive of eurobeat songs from over the years.
- Eurobeat Brony's YouTube channel, the one who created the Super Ponybeat series for our fandom back in 2011, and is responsible for such popular songs as Discord, Luna, and Batty.
- eXtaticus's YouTube channel, another fandom musician that creates mainly eurobeat, but of a distinctly different flair from most conventional forms.
- Avex Group's website.
- CDJapan, one of the many online retailers where you can buy new SEB albums today.
- Asia Records, Dima Music, and Hi-NRG Attack on JunoDownload, where you can buy and download eurobeat tracks and compilations alike.

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