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Success · 10:12pm May 27th, 2015

For my slight fanbase, I have a big announcement. CHAPTER 2! To be more precise, chapter two of Symapthy and Falsehood, which I want to abbreviate to SaF so bad but that would really be pointless. So rejoice, my freinds. I wrote a thing, and I hope you like it. Though do note it is coming out tommorow. Either way, this is a good way to let you all know that TPC ain't dead. So happy reading.


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Thanks for your fav on Across the Sea of Time. I would love to see your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you sudden, Jedi master, for thy sudden roleplay. And thank you for thy sudden interlude too. Your sudden not-so-devine creation may have saved me this night from the sad death that boredom brings. For that, I say, something--something, something. And good day. :derpytongue2:

A nice little interlude to satiate your demands.

1799444 Patience young padawan.

More chapters. I demand. More chapters.

Especially for Sympathy and Falsehood.

I demand. :rainbowderp:

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