The Cult of The Abyss 96 members · 6 stories

A cult of peoples who like The Abyss.
Twilight Sparkle is best pony in this group.

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Saw it fitting as it is Twidash Fluff. MAY IT PLEASE OR LORD AND SAVIOR ABYSS, LORD OF FLUFF AND STUFF :twilightsmile:


One of the best comments on my fics is: "I mean... stare too long into the abyss and the abyss stares into you, and the abyss has skittles apparently"

Does this mean I qualify for the group? :trollestia:

I suggest a prayer to Azazel. He is sure to have contact with the unfathomably horrific abyss.

PS. That was a joke. All you demons browsing the internet, I meant no offense to Azazel.
Congratulations! In the face of overwhelming numbers of old groups, you’ve stepped forth to create a new group. One with an unique ID that has not been seen in all of history. Behold! This group has been listed in New Groups.

Why I'm here? To raid the fridge.

Twilight Sparkle was always best pony.


*joins group immediately*

396359 YES!

Best Idea Ever.

We should all get dark capes. Can we wear black hooded capes please?

396349 Most likely. but not anymore.

What should we expect from this group?

Man, Abyss is one of my favorite wrestlers!

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