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First and foremost, this group isn't just about me. This is a place where you can post your stories, chat with people, NOT start political arguments, NOT be a member of Humans Aren't Bastards, and NOT be an asshole.

You see unlike a lot of groups, I actually give a damn about who joins it and what people post here. Basically don't post a thread you know people will hate and I'm okay with you.

So what exactly is this group about? Basically pone stuff (WHHAAAAAT? A GROUP ON FIMFICTION THAT IS ACTUALLY ABOUT MLP??? :pinkiegasp:), it's users, and writing. I feel like it should lean more towards writing in this case, but it will be what you people make of it.


In case you're still confused, here's a list of things I encourage people to post:

OC character sheet... information... thingys...
It's always nice to let someone borrow your OC for a story.

Showing off art!
Link to the page that the art originated from, be it your own or someone else's, so that we can give them praise where it counts! :twilightsmile:

Roseluck is best pone!

because you all know she is.

I know.

More folders eventually.

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401529 Good. That's all I'm saying.


401528 I won't ask why. But I just want to let you know that I'm not always directly involved in that group. Rarley do they post something nowadays..

401527 Ohhhhh~ do I hate that place.


401526 I'm just there for the forums people post. Not the group in general. I only comment on the forums that have something positive to say about humanity.

Well, I think aside from this one guy who went on a rant about comparing friendship in MLP to real life, but that's another story.

401161 Fine. Why do you even bother with that place? It's a shitposting hellhole.


401290 Allahu Akbar.



NOT be a member of Humans Aren't Bastards

Don't know why, don't want to know why..

.. But can I be an exception?

400844 Yaaaaaayyyyy~! :yay:

Rootbeer's group, Rootbeer's group, Rooootbbeeeeeeerrrrs grrooooouuuuppppp! ^3^3^3^3^

400800 Have another.You might have seen it.Also the word "mongler" in supposed to be "monger".

400799 I laughed at that way too long. :rainbowlaugh:

400797 *gives root beer* better?

400796 Yeah.Eris said there was going to be root beer.I am now disappoint.

400795 Well I made the group... and my name is... yeaaaah...

I like root beer.There is no signs of root beer here besides the group name.:trixieshiftright:

I know.

Dayum right your awesome!

Should have named it rootberia
After your country

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