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The Test of Manlyness...

I'd bet you either cried, thought the singing was horrible, or just stopped the video mid-way and went to do something else.


Barriers: The chains all writers possess · 6:23pm Aug 9th, 2013


For some, it's the invisible wall that keeps you from getting where you need to go.

For others, it might've been the chain that bound them to the ground.

For all - it was or still is, the first step to becoming a better writer...

Can you tell me yours?


Come on. This blog's whole purpose is to help me and everyone else who'll ever come across it. It won't take you long to say a few words!

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Some stuff I made...

Meet Irroro Eclipse

Irroro, as in,"Rain," or "To Rain."

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2110302 Thanks! My head will be ready to read it by then. :raritywink:

Assuming you're still reading A Student of the Night; the next chapter'll be coming out soon. Just a heads up. :twilightblush:

2016783 Glad to hear you're not upset. I'll try to be more brutally honest with my next comment then. :trollestia:

2016574 Aye no problem, it was my first really published story ever so I was till finding the ropes. I appreciate your honesty :twilightsmile: I like to think I've gotten better with time and feedback like that really helps that happen! Keep it up :rainbowdetermined2:

2016397 Thank you too, good sir.

Ah... But I gotta admit, I did get bored sometime around chapter five of the story. Why? Well, it began to sort of get a little... Undriven at that point. There was no hint of an oncoming doom, no feeling of "something bad's going to happen" or anything really that could have driven me to want to continue. I was sort of at a moment where I felt that the rest of the story was going to be a sort of a huge resolution, and that I was just going to be reading something that didn't have any more depth to it, no more mystery...

Point is, I honestly got bored. I just wanted to let you know. Sorry.

  • Viewing 49 - 53 of 53
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