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[First Person] [Alternating Perspectives] [Science Fantasy]
The Sea Series: Book One

Three humans, their RV, and their luggage are hurled many centuries into Earth's future, where Ponykind and magic rules the world. For most humans, being stranded in the distant future in a world where their species no longer exists would be a curse, but these three are the adventurous sort. Stranded as strangers in a strange land there is only one thing to do, explore!

Howeaver, a chance encounter with a changeling scout sweeps them into the sea of adventure as an ancient human built Artificial Intelligence begs them to help her create a stable civilization for the changelings who live within her hull.

Equestria: a new frontier. These are the voyages of the Winnebago Sagan. Its indefinite mission: to explore a strange new world, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before, and build some alien bug girls a nice home.

Across the Sea of Time is a work of Science Fiction, specifically the Science Fantasy genra, which combines tropes and elements from both science fiction and fantasy. You can expect to see magic and all things FiM (made a bit more Swords and Sorcery), and also crashed alien space craft, AIs, high technology, and themes meant to explore the human condition.

Across the Sea of Time is inspired by FiM, my old D&D games, the works of Isaac Asimov, Clive Cussler, and Douglass Addams. While there is a running joke and plot point involving Star Trek, you do not need any knowledge of Trek to enjoy Across the Sea of Time.

Proofread by the Amazing Timuri
Dedicated to NFire, Bringer of Good Fiction, Architect of Legacy.

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You had me with the Winnebago on the cover art a la Spaceballs. Now let's see where this goes!

In a word...

This is honestly one of the most interesting premises I've come across and will certainly be keeping a close eye on this one.

5755664 This story has been heavily influenced by Trek, Space Balls, Galaxy Quest, Mass Effect, FiM, and Dungeons and Dragons (the game, not the crappy movies). That said I have a good idea, an overarching plot, and themes to explore with this one. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for the comments!

It already sounds as though you have a considerable universe planned out for this. Looking forward to seeing more of it!

5755725 A twist on a Carl Sagan quote, "Across the sea of space, the stars are other suns." The title will be spoken by one of the main characters who makes it as a joke saying, "Across the sea of time, the people are ponies."

You still left a couple redundant words in with the corrections, Meep, but overall it looks good.

And I do believe I've expressed quite often how much I'm looking forward to this! Time to watch the misfits band together! All systems go!

The cover art was enough for me to put this in my Read Later list. Bonus points for not having to change the tagline for The Motion Picture at all.

Interesting so far. You have my interest.

One thing though;

The shining future of Star Trek has no money, no war, no hunger, no disease.

I've heard things like this before from Trekkies, but it's just not true. The Federation has been at war with the Romulans, Klingons, and Borg, as well as the occasional humans. Also, there's no money, but their is wealth and power. Considering the worst of mankind only use money to obtain power, getting rid of it won't really fix anything. The last two are mostly true, but there are occasional exceptions.

I'll be honest, I do like Star Trek (more of a Star Wars fanboy), but Firefly has the most likely future (Still raging!!!!!!).

5756190 I know right? I was wondering on what to draw for the cover and remembered that tagline and was like "Yup."

5757386 I agree with you, but from experience, that's how Trekkies talk. While there is war int he future, what's meant is that humans no longer fight one another, they are united as one species. While no money, is entirly true, for the most part greed is gone too. Part of Trek's premise is that human culture entirely changed when we became able to explore space and that makes prefect seance. There is enough platinum in our asteroid belt alone to make an economy impossible due to over saturation of resources. The Trek future is a future in which everyone can have anything they want because supply is orders of magnitude greater then demand. There is no point to money.

But that's not realy important. The characters are not actually a part of Star Fleet, the Federation docent realy exist in this story's universe, and the characters are just nerds who will be keeping up a pretense. So they talk like fans of Trek, not actual fleet officers. An actual Fleet officer would have said it like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui6g23ygov8

5757744 I know. Like I said, I do like Star Trek. I was simply making an observation about Trekkies themselves, not bad mouthing them. Most fans tend to see nothing but good their respective fandom. Look at us. Bronies tend to refer to Equestria as an idyllic paradise, despite the countless dangerous monsters that likely kill hundreds (if not thousands) a year, ponies exploiting others, cruelty towards one another, and no apparent guard presence anywhere outside Canterlot.

5758043 No worries :D I'm doing a fairly realistic world here. Just keep in mind that character's ideas and ideals are not always shared by me.

but also had a few feline features

Thank you! I'm not the only one that thinks they look more like cats than horses!

I slammed on the breaks, reached up to the switchboard above my head and flipped a large red switch marked ‘Red Alert’. Instantly steel shutters slid down over the windows, the door’s magnetic lock clicked on, hydraulics hissed underfoot as the stabilizers lowered and leveled us out, and the cabin lights turned off as the main batteries disconnected, replaced by red lights as the emergency power came online.

Just yes.

As someone who sells RV accessories, that needs to come standard.

5764944 I agree. Security systems in a mobile home should be a thing. You are taking it out into the middle of nowhere, there is dangerous stuff out there. If you like that clever gizmo, stay tuned. Ed rebuilt the thing from the ground up. It's not an exaggeration to call it a "Bond RV".

Then Celestia proceeds to freak out and drops the sun on the hive....
the. end.

She's short, sexily curvy, has dark red hair, mocha colored skin, and an epic henna tattoo that reaches every single part of her. The only problem with her looks is she's human, she could use retractable claws, or scales, or some other cool xenobiology. Then again I am of the opinion that everyone could use something like that. The human shape is just... boring.

I have to say, I kinda agree with that... *slowly backs into darkest corner*

His RV was a good example of that. The outside was custom built to look like a Federation vehicle of some sort, complete with a Fleet logo on each side and the name USS Sagan RV-42 painted on the hood. The inside looked like the interior of the Normandy SR-2 from Mass Effect. But the actual internals, well... Ed shows his love for sci-fi by replicating sci-fi gizmos. The Sagan was filled with cool functional gizmos, hell the damn thing was electric and powered by solar cells on the roof but still able to go five hundred miles a day on or off road.

please... I need one:applecry:

“What the actual fuck?”

said every hie ever...:derpytongue2:

5764944 I was gon say that!
moaaaar! that is, if you don't mind
I'm loving it:pinkiehappy:
changelings, sci-fi, hie, nerds, and super tricked out RVS!
now all it needs is a spaceship... oh wait, the changelings have it!:twilightsmile:
I'm just now starting to realize how much I need to watch star trek, I feel as if I'm sinning as I read this,t since I've never watched the shows, or the movies....

5765744 XD Tesla Motors actually has plans for an RV using the tech from their upcoming TESSLA IV, if it sells well. Ed actually works for them in the story, and well he's a prototyping guy.

As for inhuman anatomy well... duh. Why else would I write fics with shapechanger characters? Also chapter four is something you will like.

As for Trek... hunt down the old TNG movie First Contact. That's what will let you get most of the jokes.

“How do you write three hundred words and say nothing?”

I don't understand it either. People on this side write 4 thousand words without saying anything.

This is a very interesting idea for a crossover. :)


Huh, I did that in 1 word.

I agree, humans are boring, atleast thier bodies are.

compared to earth, it is better...in some's opinion.

Danger that wouldn't happen in say, canterlot.
and really, who cares, the crime rate is lower, and the world is much more interesting, and friendly if they aren't being racist...

“Ah there you are! Do you have any idea how hard it was to get here?” It was a man’s voice, one I knew very well.
“John de Lancie?” I asked incredulously. As I turned around and saw a tall, gangly, black suited, pale faced white guy in sunglasses I felt the need to instantly apologize, “Ah- Sorry, I’m guessing you get that a lot.”
The creepy dude nodded. “Yes he does sound like me, doesn't he? Let’s get your ship on course, I can’t stay here forever and you have somewhere to be Mr. Tylor.”
He snapped his fingers, pulling a small pin seemingly from thin air. I do magic tricks, and that was one of the best sleight of hands I had ever seen. No flick of the wrist to dislodge something from the sleeve, no twist of the fingers to slide something into the palm, just snap and there it was.

Hey discord.

5776011 Yes that was the sound of a plot point dropping like an anvil onto concrete.

I can imagine the sound...I just haven't heard it.

I'm loving this so far.

5776004 I agree, and like I said, I do enjoy it. It's just not a very realistic future.

He stopped mid sentence as a large, glossy, black colored insect-like creature poked it’s head over the top of the hill. I felt my heart skip a beat as the creature stepped over the hill top and started jogging towards us. It was a big, black and green four-legged bug.

I hate bugs. They trigger a deep primal urge to squish them in me. An urge I felt the second I saw the four foot tall insect until it was about thirty yards away from me.

Her immediate thoughts...

5783917 Oh good! You read/watched Starship Troopers! You'll like chapter 5!

another excellent chapter! yay!
should I be sorry for kaily or tess?
or poor ed, cuz he's not gonna be seeing to much action be the looks of it...

5783923 She's good... but not THAT good. Yet. Stay tuned! Shit gets real starting Chapter 6! (It was gonna with 5 but 4 ran on a bit too long so I split it into two chapters.)
5783922 Ah yes Ed. Hehehehehehehehe.... Ed. :rainbowlaugh:

Queen, what are thier emotional energy levels?
It's...oover 9,000!

Is it bad I want to see more shipping?

5784182 Well that's good. Ad'ika and Tess will spend a plot arch winning over Kaily into a proper three way romance.

5784198 No. I have a romance planned for E in the future. But not for some time. In the soon to be published future well... Eds not going to be very happy. But not due to a lack of lovers.

This must be one of the best stories published this year. It is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Keep going... :yay:

the bathrobe "uniform". yep, that happened.:rainbowlaugh:
all the 'lings be like:
I'm starting to really want that RV....

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