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Hey there, welcome to "Stories With a Hive Mind"! Have you ever noticed that hive minds are quite interesting and complex, and yet no one has ever made a group for them? Well, now there is a group, and we would be more than glad to check out your story or one you would like to nominate. So come on in, join the hive!

Here are the rules:
1. No NSFW, this is a safe for work group, and I plan to keep it that way.
1.1. This only applies to direct links, so if you have a NSFW hive mind story, link to your stories instead and put [NSFW] in the title somewhere.
2. If you want to submit a story, make a page in the forum, and one of the approvers will review it. (Submission guidelines can be found in the forum)
3. If you want to be an Approver, let me know, and I or another trusted Approver will assess you.
3.1. You cannot assess as an Approver until your third approval/disaproval is complete.
4. Please do not be rude in the group. We want to maintain a positive attitude here.

Thank you, and please enjoy your stay.


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Since the new week dawned
A new group has spawned
In New Groups it was added
To gain the deserved credit
For fresh it was, indeed
The new group, oh so sweet

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