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"Hey, uh, Rick, what did you want me to, uh, write down here again?"

"Look, Morty, it's not that urp complicated, just, just write down a generic description of what we did."

"But Rick, we did a lot of things!"

"Then figurp it out, Morty. Christ, and here I thought you were getting at least a bit smarter. Just, write down something about, uh, 'Rick and Morty Get Stuff From Horse Land'. 'Morty and Rick and something something horse pun'. I dunno, something."

"I want to go back to the ponies..."

"Oh, I bet you would like that, huh, MMMorty? Go back to the girly dimension full of urp friendship and magic and all that. Look, just give it here, I'll, uh, just put it up as it is."

Now with coverart by some guy named Shadow Bolt

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Equest-Rick-an Encounter

I :heart: you so much right now.

This is perfect. There aren't too many decent Rick & Morty stories circling the Internet, so glad to have found one.

Needs a bit of editing, but overall very fun and enjoyable. I am disappointed you didn't use the chapter title "Jerk-A-Corn", but I guess that would've spoiled too much.

there needs to be a displaced story about Rick and Morty

I APPROVE OF THIS GOOD SIR!!! Seriously though, good job!

choir of angels sing It's beautiful.

I'm gonna be waiting for a few more chapters then I will read.:coolphoto:

I have been without my Rick and Morty fix for way too long. You produced an excellent feel for these characters, and I loved it!! Please continue, as these adventures make me smile a Pinkie Smile!! :pinkiehappy: SEE!!

Will all the chapters be puns?

This is one of those rare tales I knew would be great the moment I read the title. Moar pleez!

Approved for The Goodfic Bin


Okay this is exactly how I would expect for things to go. I love it more please! I really want to find out what happened in the past and how Twilight is going to react when she finds out the real reason Rick wanted her horn juices.

This is amazingly hilarious and gets the Rick and Morty feel right! I'll definitely be faving this and reading when you release more chapters! :pinkiesmile:

This seems like a genuine Rick and Morty episode, and it is bloody hilarious. I'd definitely like to see more.

*mashes his tracking button*

I've been looking for a good crossover of this for a very long time. You got it all right.

The ending to this chapter, oh god. Please more. :rainbowlaugh:

You monster! You made Morty jerk off Twilight's horn,

That's hysterical.:rainbowlaugh:

The mare just stared ahead, slack jawed. "How did he know my name?"

Yes, how did he?:twilightoops:

Rick paused. "Uh, horse cops. Yeah, that's it. Trust me, you don't wanna go to urp horse prison, Morty. It's like normal prison, but everything's bigger where it counts

Worst best joke ever. XD

Celestia looked out over the town of Ponyville, smiling. Today was another beautiful day, and for once she was able to get a decent sized break from day court, much to her relief. Somehow, the nobles manage to both make the most ridiculous demands, and make themselves completely and utterly boring or annoying.

Now I personally didn't like your depiction of Celestia, for one I think she would be a lot more adapted to nobles at her advanced age in one way or another, she might be infinitely tolerant or not take any crap from them during court but I doubt she would submit herself to being annoyed on a daily basis for endless centuries without showing it. That for sure wouldn't make much sense.

But that might be just me.

Thanks for writing.


This was literaly my face and what I said the moment I saw this fanfic.pbs.twimg.com/media/CfTsvbxWAAAVM1s.jpg
Pls. More.
P.s. wubba lubba dub dub!

Your characterization of the dynamic duo was nice, but I felt like Rick had too many urps. Twilight also seemed a little off, what with the horn-jacking... I get that it's played up for comedic effect, but it was a little hard to buy.

Other than that, nice fic, made me laugh. Keep up the good work!







I damn well better see more of this in my feed, Mr. Author person.

Ship! Stop fucking around and keeping Summer safe. I need you to beat this turdnugget till he writes more stuff.

"God, can you two hurry it up? It's like watching a pair of virgins."

You win.

7329247 let's leave that story idea by the garbage dump. Displaced fics are already oversaturated as is.

You captured Rick and Morty accurately....

Celestia would score the most points at Roy.


Imagine Rick has Morty hook up with a pony...

Rick wasted no time before shoving a cup and lid into his grandson's hands. "I need you to, to rub this pony's urp horn until, uh, stuff comes out and catch it into this jar!"
Twilight's face lit up in a bright blush immediately, while Morty recoiled is disgust. "Augh, what the hell, Rick! You want me to just, jack her horn off!"
"Exactly, Morty!"

Wow. This is perfect. And I will murder you if you don't make a sequel where we find out what the hell happened between Rick and the royal sisters. :pinkiecrazy:

Shut up and make me some enchiladas!

Something tells me they got a little busy...

7330042 Because they go back for more brownies you stupid gllibglob

This was really good ^_^
I mean I do not enjoy sexual themes but hey, this managed to be right on the edge of out of line and hilarious. Captured rick very nicely.

Rick and Morty is literally Mlp's perfect opposite in every way!
There is no way this should be able to work.... but it really does! :twilightblush:
poor Twily

This story fits my picture.

Well Done the card holder. :heart:

The plot thickens like clotted cream, yes?

So Celestia and Luna are Morty's aunts?

This story just got one hundred times better. I'm serious. This is the best thing I've read in a while.


Oh shit.


OH SHIT! PLOT TWIST!!!! This just keeps getting better and better!!

Wait a minute... did Rick create Celestia and Luna?

OwO the fuq?.... seriously?... holy balls lol this is good XD and here I thought I was on top of the predictions.... you my good sir have got a good imagination XD


That's not necessarily a good thing, remember the last time Morty had an uncle?

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