• Published 22nd Jun 2016
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Rick and Morty Do Equestria - The card holder

Equestria has resources not found in any other dimension, so of course an alcoholic, mean-spirited scientist would get in on that and drag his grandson along for the ride.

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Something Something Rick

Twilight glanced into what was left of her library, frowning. Rick and Morty had been sitting in there, watching TV, for more than a few hours now. Every time she tried to get them to move, they'd mutter out some variation of "No," and just continue watching the screen. At one point, she even overheard Rick saying that the coast should be clear for them now, and yet still they remained.

On top of that, Spike kept trying to join them, but Twilight did her best to refuse. She had seen a good amount of the programs that they were watching, and she decided that they were a bit too mature for a baby dragon to watch, no matter how much that same dragon complained about it.

Starlight, meanwhile, had left the castle entirely, saying she was going out to do "something something friendship lessons, or something." Twilight didn't get a chance to question her on what exactly she meant by that, as Starlight teleported away immediately after saying it.

Both princesses were still oblivious to Rick's presence this time, as far as Twilight knew, and she was still unsure if she'd even let them know, anyway. After all, between the TV and his copious drinking, Rick wasn't really in any sort of state for serious conversation.

That didn't stop him from talking, though. "H- Hey, Morty, why don't you go urp pay your girlfriend a visit, eh?"

"Shut up, Rick, you purposely manipulated both of us into doing that."

"Oh shit, Morty knows big words!" Rick yelled into the air dramatically. "He can actually learn! It's a miracle!"

"We've been going on these bullshit adventures for a couple years now!" Morty shouted back. "I know what you think of me, but I'm not retarded!"

"I thought you shouldn't say 'retarded', Morty?" Rick asked, giving a smug smile.

Morty seemed shocked at the revelation, before he let out a strangled cry. "That's it, you drunk piece of-!"

Twilight chose that time to teleport between them, physically separating the two humans before they could come to blows with one another. "You two, stop fighting!"

"Fuck you, Dwight!" Rick yelled. "Let me at that little retarded cocksucker!"

"Shut the hell up, Rick!"

"Both of you be quiet!" Twilight shouted, silencing both of them. "Now, let's all take a moment to calm down..."

"Oh great, now she's playing therapist," Rick said, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, that's pretty lame, Twilight," Morty added.

Twilight huffed. "Look, I'm the princess of friendship, okay? So it's my job to make sure friends like yourselves stay friends."

"We're not friends, we're family," Morty said. "It's completely different."

"And 'princess of friendship'?" Rick asked. "Sounds like they just made up a title for you so you'd be able to feel important, even though you do jack shit for the country."

"I'll have you know that I've saved-"

At that exact moment, deep in space, a pair of stars crossed orbits in such a way that a massive beam of gamma radiation was shot out through the cosmos, which had fully impacted the planet, which completely burned away any and all life in a matter of seconds, despite the beam lasting for centuries. After just a few minutes, the planet was reduced to nothing but a dried out piece of rock, all life on it completely and utterly wiped out.

The Rick and Morty of that dimension perished with the planet, obviously, but there were still plenty of other Ricks and Mortys across the multiverse, as well as a number of different Equestrias. However, none of them ever saw fit to cross paths, and as such no version of Equestria was ever visited by a version of Rick and/or Morty again.

Author's Note:

You thought it was a genuine update, but it was actually april fools

Also fun fact, that shit with gamma radiation can literally happen at any time to our own planet, as well as any number of instant cosmic death

Have a nice day

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Comments ( 30 )

Funny, I thought a blast of gamma radiation would turn us all into raging hulks. :trollestia:

April Fools or no, thats about how I would expect a crossover like this to end :rainbowlaugh:

Dude that could actually work for an ending. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


Yep, there are literally just as many ways for our entire planet to be reduced to a lifeless husk as their are for a person to die.

8065823 Yeah, it actually could. Total Rick and Morty style

good one good one, I saw the update, then remembered this was April Fool's day and remebered what this was a cross over of, i immedeitaly knew that this would be a joke, and i am glad that is was hillarious, oddly not many April Fool's joke chapters are funny on this site

Curse you author! Curse you for dashing my hopes for a Rick and Morty update on the funniest day of the year even though it was quite humorous in its own right! I shan't ever forgive you...until the next update!... :twilightoops: :trollestia:

SRY #9 · Apr 2nd, 2017 · · ·

Your timing is impeccable.

First episode of season 3 just dropped.


This was enjoyable, and adult swim jus played rick and morty season 3 premiere on loop for 3 hours last night, thats one f***ed up april fools joke from them, i love it

You motherfu- *gets blasted by gamma radiation*

But what about that mcnugget dipping sauce

OH FOR FU- *gets shot by laser pistol*

"Oh, Oh geez Rick! Yo-You didn't have to shoot it!"

"It insulted my urp fanfic Morty! I had a perfectly good urp reason to shoot it!

Also fun fact, that shit with gamma radiation can literally happen at any time to our own planet, as well as any number of instant cosmic death

It can but it's very unlikely to.

Really >:|

what gona happen next chapter?

Holy shit that was a good April 1st joke bro.

I just started reading this today and I thought that this chapter was serious but luckly it was just a joke chapter.

My gosh, this is genius

Continue please

I just have one VERY important question for you:

WHY IS THERE NOT MORE?! T_____________________T

Well fuck me I guess

Finish the furping story!

"- nstant cosmic death -"
Well now. My day just got a whole lot better.

Please... Give us more.

Subtle feeling you're not coming back to this one, are you?

We need more !!!!!'

These were funny you did a really good job portraying Rick and Morty

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