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In darkness we swim, hunting for survival. Mankind is that hunter, ruthless in it's pursuits of perfection. The ultimate weapon of destruction is what humans are, forever.


With the death of Handsome Jack and the destruction of the Hyperion Corporation, the vault hunters have the map to the new vaults. Lilith Mordicai and Brick left first. Then our group left for the next vault. Salvador, Zero, Axton, Maya, Gaige, and Krieg, the unruly group heads to the next vault location in hopes of even greater loot!

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Great idea. I think you should've put Gaige, or maybe Axton into Equestria, but I can't control that. As I said, I really like the idea, though. Glad to see another BL2 fan on here, especially one willing to write a fic about it. Bravo.

>Watches Kreig meat bysicle for two

>logs into Fim

>sees this story

Mhmhmhm, hugs computer screen, perfect :moustache:

:pinkiecrazy: It would have been funny to see Gaige or Salvador end in Equestria with Krieg (oh the irony: they both can be annoying and I like Gaige).
:twilightangry2: Still... seriously Vault hunters, that was a dick move...

:pinkiehappy: Now about the story... I love it, but I would appreciate if you could go a little slower and not rush the story too much.
:pinkiecrazy: Not to mention the sexy inner voice of Krieg is not getting to much screen time it's making me want to murder baby bullymongs with a chainsaw.

Yours truly... NecromancerX69

Ps. :moustache: If Krieg doesn't hug Fluttershy or ends with diabetus I would be disappointed.
Ps2. :pinkiecrazy: NIPPLE SALAD! And keep up the epic work!

Lets see if Krieg is ready for a spine tingler.

Ok first of all what didn't no one ever make a only Gaige crossover since her skills are almost pony related.
But I love this story.

2679221 don't worry about Fluttershy I've already have an idea for her (menacing laughter) nah but I promise to slow it down a bit thank you for the feedback

2679221 I always hated the commando. I hope his wife tacksh im down, and murder him in his sleep.

Kill Fluttershy.

hope you continue soon :twilightsmile:

:twilightsmile: Bad news for you silly marine. I love the commando, it was my first character in Borderlands2. I like it so much I even bother to farm that asshat of BNK-3R for that sexy space knight helmet.
:coolphoto: Swag level 20% cooler

:rainbowlaugh: He married again? good luck with that, specially if you know he was married once... didn't last long (unless you are referring to his ex). :raritywink:

:pinkiecrazy: Good day to you my good sir and death to the false Emperor.

Yours truly... NecromancerX69

Ps. :pinkiecrazy: WE NEED MORE NOISE MARINES!!!

:pinkiecrazy: YESSS!!!! LET YOUR EARS BLEED!!!!

>>The Poster I had the exact same thought.


2681600 don't worry I will because so many of you guys liking this story I will write it for you guys! And honestly I didn't know how anyone would react but I want you to know I love you guys and will continue. Thanks everyone for liking this story and the favs!

I... like it? not quite sure yet, but another Borderlands 2 fic is good! Try making Kreig a little more compassionate though, we don't want Kreig to be an instant antagonist. And give some dialog to the voice in his head., maybe giving the voice in his head some time to control Kreig.
So far, 6 outta 10, plenty potential

I'm liking this more and more, surprisingly. I figured it'd be a solid story, but hey, it's better than solid now. I like what you did getting Fluttershy to make Krieg chill. She's so cute not even a deadly psycho can resist her cuteness.

2683593 well thank you I aim to keep readers happy.

>"Krieg is sure have'n fun, ah ain't ever seen anything like it." Applejack finally spoke up
But he never give them his name.

2684026 I like to imagine that he told Fluttershy and she told everypony else.

2682648 SAAAAAVED! Now im hungry

U know all this holes in story telling feels pretty bad.

2685147 its on purpese
Lol but don't worry, it will all make sense one day lol.

Perfect, I see you took some advice from earlier comments made by alot of people, and this story has been made significantly better, right now, i would give it a 8/10


I'll have to read this soon...
Too tired now, but not tired enough to go to sleep.
Life... why u no help me in life!
Oh hey, this story looks good.
Do want.

2686801 Why thank you my friend I don't want to dissapoint my readers and I hope many are enjoying it. Thanks again.

2687831 ok what System do you have I want to be your friend:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

:pinkiecrazy: If Fluttershy keeps her adorableness around Krieg... I will die of diabetus before the end of the story...

:raritydespair: 2 late! My heart!

2687952 Xbox360 under the gamertag is StockyKinkaJou0

2688178 ah carp don't die you will love this story I hope! Even more I promise

I started playing as krieg a week ago and he my new favorite character.he is so op!:pinkiehappy:

Oh my god this funny I mean
that's is hilarious but please make the chapters a bit longer, but that's my only complaint.
With the stuff your putting here it wouldn't be tht hard.

2688210 i'll send you a request to k ? , love the story so far

uhh are all chaps after suck my ribcage private because i keep gettin email about it but then i cant find it

2692048 sorry I hit publish on accident my bad.

Well then glad he got that out of his system, I think.

NIPPLE SALAD!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage:
Nice job :twilightsmile:


I'm a bit confused. Celestia supposedly saw everything about Kreig's life and, even though she knows he won't harm innocents ((a theory that was stretched thin in this story since he practically choked RD)) she just lets him walk around freely? :applejackconfused:

I don't know, I guess I just feel like there's a lot of holes in this story.

If love to see maya make an appearance in equestria:) I'd live to see how everyone reacts to a siren. And after watching a meat bicycle for two it would be really awesome!

Gaige would be awesome too, with her skill tree referencing ponies all the time


have him tare apart some bandit gryffons please. :P

OOOOH something's going to happen....I hope it's a pudding rave party...

Sane Krieg maybe? "What ever you do, do NOT say poop at the top of your lungs!!!" Gotta love him. :twilightsmile:

dude to cool maybe this the same krieg except he remebers his old self.:pinkiecrazy:
Strip the flesh.:pinkiecrazy:
Salt the wounds.:pinkiecrazy:
turn around preety lady.:pinkiecrazy:

Ooh, I haven't laughed that hard in too long. Great job with the fart scene. That was epic. Loving this.

Dude just awesome this is what i look forward to when i get back from a predator drone flight.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

2714468 thank you and I shall even with a messed up hand I shall!

Goddamned Axton you troll. I hope the ponies go with them.

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