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After that last poker tournament, it was only natural that you'd accept the invitation to the new one. Time for four more suckers to lose their earnings...
Only one question: Why is it in some place called "Ponyville"?

Starring Rarity, Mr. Foster (of Killing Floor), Medic (of TF2), Strong Bad (of Homestar Runner), and YOU, the Player!

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That escalated quickly.

Excuse my ignorance, but Mr. Foster? Killing floor sounds vaguely familiar though.

2083620 Here, allow me to enlighten you.fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/163/1/9/Mr__Foster_versus_Husk_by_Nirwrath.jpg

Killing floor is a zombie survival co-op game.

Oh yes, Medic's in! He's my 3rd favourite TF2 Class.

Nice story.

You just increased my interest in Poker Night at the Inventory.

I like it. good job


The items I got from that game increased my TF2 inventory.

Excellent. :rainbowlaugh: Personally, I would've had Homestar instead of Strong Bad, but it was good to see one character wanting revenge :pinkiecrazy:

Hah!! A PNatI crossover. Love that game.

What did you expect? Tis be poker, not a romance fic.



“Sometimes, it feels like my life is just one big game.”

“I know ze feeling.” Medic checks.

“Really now?” Rarity says. “Because I feel like I’m an actress on a stage, performing for the enjoyment of several strange individuals, sometimes.”

While you check, you comment about how you occasionally feel like an empty shell of a man, just a vessel for some kind of power beyond your comprehension. This gains a few strange looks around the table, and the subject drops.

You've just earned yourself a thumbs up, that's what you've done. :moustache:

I'm going to win, i'll use my wallbounce skills to win at Poker, and I have no idea how to play Poker.

I AM TEH WINNER! I have no idea what was going on, but those conversations were good enough for me.
Lucky that Commander Riker wasn't there... he would've won all because of a bluff.

YES All of it take it before i read I know this will be great. I loved that game.

Post Read, I still want to keep my yes, and yes all of them.

You got the banter down solid.

this fic was improved greatly by reading the narrator's lines in the voice of the host of the inventory.

It's Sweetie Belle.

To quote Fluttershy, It's…nice.

wow. nice way of breaking the fourth wall man.

Who the hell is Strong Bad?:rainbowhuh:

3772985 A Wrestle-Man from the online video series "Homestar Runner". He appeared in the first Poker Night at the Inventory because Telltale made a game about him.

This is all so deliciously meta.

So what was Rarity's buyin?

Also, what's the link to the earlier story?

Oddly enjoyable. Thank you.

Not sure how well Riker would have done, to be honest. He's got a great poker face, that's for sure.

Actually ...

He can hold his own against someone that can perfectly calculate the odds, and another that can sense even the slightest emotional response, and a third who has a vision visor that notices any change in skin temperature/etc.

Yea, I think Riker would have done well.

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