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The mind is an odd thing, sometimes capable of changing a person's entire worldview with the shift of only a few key details. However, sometimes these shifts are far more widespread than they should be.

Celestia has noticed such a thing, and she is slightly worried. Thankfully, she has no shortage of old friends, and one of them offers a possible solution to her problems.

She's just left wondering one thing:

Who exactly are these "Phantom Thieves"?

Contains spoilers for Persona 5

Chapters (11)
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We knew it was coming.

My cat tells me to go to bed, but I'll read this on the train if I can get a seat.

I never saw it *******. Because I have a horrible mind.

Also also, any pre-existing romantic relationships that the protagonist has in this fic will be based entirely off of the ones he had in my first playthrough of the game, so keep that in mind and don't judge me

:rainbowhuh: Hrrrrrrm.


Get in here!


Do you want me to tell the others about how you were dating your homeroom teacher?

Oh. :ajsmug: Oh yes.:trixieshiftright:

8263265 I did that on the first playthrough.


This looks interesting.

sweet! another persona 5 story!

Oh my, this is really well-written. Two of my favorite things in beautiful harmony. Take your time but not too much because I can't wait to read more! Still totally judging you over Kawakami tho.

But why would you ever judge me over best girl?

I didn't judge you over Haru. :ajsmug:

This looks intriguing! I already bookmarked your story.
I wonder what awaits the Phantom Thieves of Hearts?
Only time will tell...Trickster

Waiting on next chapter. Not rushing you... just waiting.

I'm guessing he's doing some research on creating different characters, personas, palaces, and how the story should flow. I could get some ideas on some of the antagonists that the Phantom Thieves target. I'm sure he's working on it, it's just going to take some time and creativity.

Wow, all that's better than the real answer, which is me being a lazy FUCK.

Either way, take your time. A late chapter is better than a rushed one. Go your own pace.

Very well thought out, I just hope this doesn't end up like the beach.

This is going in my bookcase!

I just hope after Joker tells Twilight his past and the criminals they targeted, Twilight agrees that they were horrible people and not use some lame ass excuse that 'friendship solves all problems' bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I know Twilight's heart is in the right place, but I fear she's just too naive and innocent to understand the reality and drama of every day life that she just can't except that there is pure evil in the world, and there are people that will never change their ways.

So far so good. Looks like the Phantom Thieves first target will be at a Daring Do convention. But who could it be?

Perhaps a another book writer who has it in for yearling

Or it could be A. K. Yearling herself, we mustn't forget the precedent of madarame.

8365484 Or it could be any number of Daring Do’s enemies that has finally reached the breaking point.

I was thinking that it might be another author who is probably a rival of Yearling and his palace involves literature. Not sure what he would be guilty of, but maybe he would try to discontinue the Daring Do series in some way so his books would sell more. I don't know, the idea of a palace involving literature sounds interesting though, like words coming out of books, and bookshelves that are tall as skyscrapers, and some huge books as platforms and little books as keys or something.....I think I said a lot of "and"s.

this gonna be interesting... faved to track when new chapters comes out.

i wonder if Akira Kurusu (his full canon name) gonna tell Sojiro about the job the Phantom Thieves have in Equestria hmmm.... cant wait to see Twilight's reaction to the Thieves persona when they use em eventually.

I'm more curious on what her and her friends's persona's would be. Awakened and ultimate.

"looking cool joker!" -morgana

that sums it up so far eh "trickster"?

So far so good, looking forward to our first palace.

yay a new chapter.... hmm im getting an urge to play through Persona 5 again


no i just got lots of games to play and i did one playthrough an put a bullet through the final boss

Come to think of it, I haven't played it in a while. I didn't even finish it. I'm going for the completionist rought by collecting all personas, max out all stats, awaken all personas, and hopefully all trophys.

8434132 The twins were rejoined remember?

AWWWWWW Spoilers!

Just kidding, even though I haven't got that far in the game, I already knew that. But there is a way to fight the twins. I don't know how yet, but I believe it's some kind of challenge to earn EXP and money......I think. Like I said, I don't know how, but there is a way.

8442156 We can agree that Satanel is OP as “hell” right?

Oh, that's how? New game plus is the only mode you get to fight them? Wow, guess that makes sense. I looked up videos and saw the fight and it looks HARD! If I beat the game, I'm scared to even try that mode. Because from what I've heard, it's the hardest mode in the game, and I'm just in the second palace on normal, and it's hard as is. I'm not that good in strategic type of games, and being a completionist would be a total nightmare. It is fun, but can be frustrating at times. My brother is good at theses, so the reason how I managed the first boss is because he was there to direct me on how to beat him.

yay new chapter

oh i think i can hear the "Life Will Change" song that plays when the phantom thieves are stealing the "heart" in the game and at the final area before the final boss.

Ooh, i'm absolutely loving this! Any chance for more frequent updates?

I am beyond glad to see a Persona crossover! I've only found one other Persona fic on this site that is well done and updated relatively regularly!

I'm loving this so far! It's well written, everyone is very in character and the idea of the Phantom Thieves in Equestria makes me so excited for the next chapter! Good job so far, I can't wait to see what happens next!

Of COURSE Skull and Pinkie would be the blabbermouths. Wait, I'll bet the ponies will get their personas (if they get any) akin to P4.

Please don't give the ponies Personas. It your fic, but I think the story would be better of if they didn't get a persona.

This story has sex or sexy moments in it, right? Where did you get your avatar?

First, maybe
Second, just search "doom" on derpibooru and scroll through the pages

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