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Tirek has escaped once more and has amassed enough power to lay waste to Equestria and imprison the girls to bear witness to his destructive campaign. From the hopeless situation, with Equestria on the brink of destruction, a strange hero emerges to save the day.

(One Shot. Might make more)

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That.... was..... AWESOME!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

This chapter was awesome, especially with how Saitama beat Tirek so nonchalantly.

Truly you kept to the spirit of the manga. A+

I burst out laughing every time he butchered a name, this was like the manga in text form. Good show.

. . . Upvoted


Well one of the few One Punch Man fanfiction which i can very good see in the original universe could happen soooo god job but it would be more in line if Tirek would have just exploded in a Gory fountain

I would say post it on fanfiction.net too so others who are not bronys can it enjoy too


I read it, and by the end, I was laughing so hard!

More of this please.

(One Shot. Might make more)

Why bother, when you could settle with calling yourself One Shot Man

...I'll leave now.

If this gets as high as that fic with John Cena, I'm gonna shave off my hair.

SENSEI SAINTAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A one shot for the one punch hero?

6645697 oh he did explode he just was too high to be seen by anyone
on another note please more


single strike Saitama is on it again! :pinkiecrazy:

6646276 Don't forget to get swole and wear a ballcap.

But it has to stay a one shot...He defeats all his enemies with just one punch, man.

Acknowledged oh great Love Butt

So we had a fanfic with John Cena pummeling Queen Chrysalis, and now we have a fanfic with Saitama obliterating Lord Tirek. What's next?

As a fan of One-Punch Man, I found this pretty funny.

There are two issues I noticed. One is grammar issues; you're often ending your action tags with commas rather than periods. Case in point:

Saitama tilted his head, “Lord…Tirek?”

This should be:

Saitama tilted his head. “Lord…Tirek?”

The comma would be correct if it was a said tag, but as an action tag it needs to be a period.

The other issue is that while this is pretty darn funny to anyone familiar with One-Punch Man, it's also probably indecipherable to anyone unfamiliar with One Punch Man; there's really no time spent introducing the character. To be fair, this may have been unavoidable without engaging in exposition that could weigh the story down, but still, if you aren't at least familiar with the premise of One-Punch Man, the story falls rather flat.

Still, despite those, I personally quite enjoyed this story, and expect anyone else who's read One-Punch Man would as well.

But he punched Tirek twice.


Saitama is always restraining his full power. Even followers of the original creator's webcomic of OPM haven't seen him do a maxed-out hit yet. So he can hit things without one-shotting them if he feels like it. Otherwise the Tank Top Brothers and Snek and such would have exploded.


Gotta love Saitama's antics. One nitpick though. I know it was necessary for the setup of the conflict, but the Mane 6 were able to activate Rainbow Power originally without their magic. There's no reason they wouldn't be able to activate it again after Tirek drained them again. And also, where'd he get his power from this time if he didn't drain all the ponies of Equestria?

In space, a massive chunk of the moon itself had been blown clean off and hurled deep into the vast emptiness.

in the distance i could hear luna cried

good story btw

The being shrugged, “Actually I’m just a hero for fun. Why?”

Fun? Um... no. just hobby.

6646241 Because then this.

"I'm... One Shot Man!"

(That's what she said!) :trollestia:

One Shot Man grrs, "EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN' TIME!!!"

(That's also what she said!) :trollestia:


6648054 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You just made my night!!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

6648384 Next time, Read manga and one punch original. Not anime.

I do both. :ajbemused:

It was a mere slip up. Thank you for your help.

This was perfect. You really capture Saitama well.
Too bad this is just a One Shot, 'cause I really wanted to see more of this. Good job.

One Shot.

Damn right it is.

... Okay I'll see myself out.

6648577 I wanted to make that pun but hesitated.

6648615 Learn from your senpai.

When you see an opportunity, you take it.

yep! humanity IS superior

Finakly something with Saitama. I have been looking for one but the only ones i found was Aj and Derpy being like that and well it didnt get my interest. I was worried this was gonna be one of thosestories were a guy goes to a convention and then apears in equestria as the character but im glad i was wrong.

I only got into one punch man and im seeing only the anime, but still i wish there were more stories like this

6647102 He got creative and drained the very magic of Tartarus itself.

Also your breath stinks like a lawnmower.

I laughed way harder at this than I should have, :rainbowlaugh:

Eversince i started Reading One Punsch man i've been itching to see a crossover with it and Mlp, so thank you so much for Writing this fic!


Ooh, that could be interesting. If draining the magic of Tartarus caused other inmates to be able to escape, it could be the setup for a possible continuation as Saitama deals with the other escaped monsters and villains.

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