This is a simple story, telling of the life in a typical day of Vinyl Scratch, teenage wonder DJ. After a long day of doing nothing out of the ordinary, Vinyl makes sure life knows that she won today.

I've never had to use one of these before, but, uh, Trigger Warning:suicide mention, medication use I suppose? Not a big part of the story, but I don't want to hurt anybody.

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Kind of an interesting look. Makes me a bit curious about what happened. A bit more upbeat than I expected from the warning.

One note though: you may want to go back and edit the formatting. Whatever program you wrote it in uses a different method for Italics and centering. So it ends up like <i> this <i/> instead of like this.

Standard HTML instead of the BBCode Fimfiction uses in its content-management system, looks like.

Two things I found that warrent minor edits. You meant geography instead of geometry and in taking care of a bloody nose; the head tips forward towards the chin, not backwards. Otherwise; blood goes down your throat.


Thanks for giving me the head's up on that guys, think I got em all.

The whole geometry vs geography was on purpose, Lyra isn't being perhaps the brightest here. I'll fix the bloody nose bit as well, thanks for letting me know that!

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