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This story is a sequel to The Most Annoying Infestation

Rainbow Dash's plan was just to relax and read Daring Do books all night long. Too bad it was interupted by a certain bat pony colt, begging "Blue Mommy" to have a sleepover with him.

This is a contest entry for ocalhoun's Big 250k Contest.

Review by MixMassBasher

Awesome Reading by Winged T. Spears

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I know that I didn't really focus on the actual sleepover that much....sorry if you wanted that:twilightsmile:

Too much cuteness to handle!!!!!

Agh, the premise is so cute that I'm gonna pass out and the story's not even done.

sorry, I actually meant to add it to conplete:twilightblush:

OwO that picture is adorable holy crap!!

"Oh, did you make these amazing cookies, Blue Mommy?" Batty asked, shoving another cookie in his mouth.

While munching contently, he tilted his ear up. "What are these called, Blue Mommy?"

Rainbow cackled, wiping her eye. "You've never eaten cookies before, Batty?" She shifted on the bed.

Just thought i'd point that out.

Also, I may have just contracted type 3 cuteabeties, thanks mate.

RNBW #9 · Feb 8th, 2016 · · · Batty ·

The Most Annoying House Guest? I rather think is The Most Cutest House Guest. :rainbowkiss:

Agh, my heart! Cuteness overload! I need a doctor! Halp!

oh my gosh, yes! I love square mom!

Garnet; oh no, they are bleeding. Now they are dead. goodbye. (sorry, I panicked)


Okay, okay. Challenge time for everyone here.

Which of these two is the cutest to you all?

This story by Harmony Pie? Or the video below?

You can vote either by commenting, or giving this comment a Like for this story, or a Dislike for Temmie.

Let's see what the public's votes amount to...

This is too cute.

Congrats on being featured!

Still say Rainbow should be named Battys godmother. And that it made so if something happens to Battys parents, Batty is to be placed into Rainbows custody. It could make for an interesting story! :twilightsmile:

6916316 That creature is as creepy as...

...as a really creepy thing. It's like a plastic cat with a bushwoolie soul in it.

While searching for some insulin I found this.
She had never foalsatted [ foalsat ] I think.

6916762 It's a cat with cat ears and dog ears.

oooh 200 plz, Celestia!

Batty had already bitten off a piece of cookie, and glanced up at Rainbow with puffed out cheeks.
"Cause you're my Blue Mommy!"

The cuteness! It burns us! It burns us! :pinkiecrazy:

Hold on. I'm about to die from cuteness.

You are not the only one Dashie. :derpytongue2:
Awesome work.

Congrats on making the feature box! Yay, you!

D48 #27 · Feb 9th, 2016 · · · Batty ·

My god, these two are just too cute.

Now for the inevitable freakout by Batty's parents and Rainbow becoming his regular foalsitter. :rainbowkiss:

The sequel got shorter.
And cuter.

At this rate, we'll be contracting type 5 diabetes in a single paragraph.

all these flavors and you chose salty sweet

also, I demand more of this, not having enough diabeetus in my life is driving me batty :yay:

Aww :yay: that image alone will give you diabetes

Picture... Too... Damn... ADORABLE!

Because that's fantastic encouragement to give a 13yo girl still honing her virtual quill edge. I'll bet you were no William Wordsworth at that age either. :ajbemused:

Besides, it's actually the very opposite of uninspired: it was inspired by Ocalhoun's original concept and the fact that he's holding a contest with actual prizes.

Do you even author bio or story description? :facehoof:

*About 8 hours later*


Police unit 2: Zone A B C or D?

Police unit 4: Zone 4, 50 meters above ground in an apartment

Police unit 2: Were on our way, what condition is the foal in?

Police unit 4: The foals mane was burnt off and a few chocolate chips and cookie dough were in its coat.

Police unit 2: Sir can you repeat.

Police unit 4: No But the apartment is on fire, the fire seems to have some from the strangely put penthouse.

Police unit 2: Were on our way, call the fire ponies....

6917152 that is Batty the cutest colt in the universe.

... I can sense a sequel to this sequel... I'm hoping that it's not going into the adoption direction, the kid's parents legitimately seemed like they cared about him, don't want to see them separated. I guess it would still be pretty good either way, just feels a little forced if you go that route, especially considering that the last two stories focus more on cuteness rather than serious slice of life issues.

6917774 Same here. Though I could see them unceremoniously hoisting the kid on RD as a babysitter if she was even slightly willing. The kid grew close quick though. That in it self is a sign that he may not be getting anywhere near the attention he needs and possibly feels unloved. There are several directions and a slew of reasons that could come of and be the cause of this.

Rainbow laughed, walking up to help get it on. She pulled his hooves up to each sleeve, and felt something squeeze in her chest when she stepped back.
Hold on. I'm about to die from cuteness.

Crossover idea! Batty vs Bad Dude! Facing each other in an epic cute-off, a battle to the squee! Which is like to the death except fuzzier!


Come on, now. It's unfair to expect someone to read, even if it's a description or a bio!
I mean it's not like they're on a site that's all about reading things, that'd be silly.

Comment posted by Braininthejar deleted Feb 9th, 2016

I just watched a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump get shattered on the moon via atomic bomb, but this is a little bit better.

Good job.

Comment posted by Ravvij deleted Feb 9th, 2016

Cute comedy. Always a good combination.
If this happens a few more times, Rainbow will have to make some arrangements with little Batty's parents :rainbowlaugh:


In the sequel the parents DIE and Rainbow adopts him.

Yes I'm evil.

6918127 YES! That's a great idea! If he does do that, I will read that story, then die from the cuteness overload. Like everybody else.

I am wary of this comment deletion.

That was so adorable. Now I want Scootaloo to find out and get super jelly.

oh, I think this one guy deleted his comment, I didn't get to read it, and I deleted two others because they were innapropriate:raritywink:

This story is a sequel to The Most Annoying Infestation

Aaand now I know it'll be good. Insta-faved

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