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At first, Princess Celestia was only in your bed. Then she was still in your bed. Now, she has stolen all of your bed sheets and refuses to leave that same bed.

So what could this have to do with the fate of all mankind?

Spin-off of Princess Celestia Is In Your Bed.

Entry into ocalhoun's Big 250K Contest.

Now with a youtube reading! HERE!

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Adorable, and a worthy continuation of the theme.

This isn't that Steve, is it?

I do want an Applejack Pony Pillow.

...and we have a winner.

And you've gone full Bendy.


I warned you about this.


you've gone full Bendy.

Congratulations, you've convinced me to read this story!


All your bed sheets are belong to us!

I for one welcome our new pony over-pillows. :pinkiehappy:

The saddest plan for world domination. Also, poor Steve. The guy just can't catch a break, can he? It's always something.

I think if my stories get any weirder, I'll somehow turn into a demigod being like at the very end of "Akira". With any luck, I'll still have access to a keyboard and the internet.


I'll take a potato chip and eat it.

Just just..... why

6928352 NICE!

Great...now I want one... :applecry:

I want one either princess Luna or Rainbow Dash Sunset Shimmer

Pony pillows leading humanity into a golden era of Peace, harmony, scientific advancement? I say bring on the invasion!!

This was weird. The awesome sort of weird that makes you question how this story was thought up. I liked it.

"You fiend! Your devious plan to usurp cats has not gone unnoticed! The felines will be out for blood after this!"

Wow... That would end badly for me... I have been known to sleep-murder... So unless their corpses are just as fluffy I will stick with my über plush bullet resistant blankets

Yeah. I'll take one.

But ponies are small. They couldn't cover more than a tiny part of your body. You'd still be cold.

and if one's “Pony Pillow” ever became too warm during the night, they’d only need to flip them over to the cool side to help even things out.

Truly, the best form of action whenever any bed related-thing get s to warm.

Nothing can stop the cats.


One question though. Where can I find an Applejack pillow?

I'll take a Rarity pillow personally. She and I would get along perfectly.

*sees Celestia in his bed*


*Princess Celestia quickly flees for her life...*


Senpai noticed me! :rainbowkiss:

Provided they don't throw out my stuffed tiger, we won't have any problems. If you do, I don't care how cold it is, they get to stay outside.


The PPP (Pony Project Pillow) and another great storry (Haven'e read, but knowing this guy it's gotta be good) by the naturalbornderpy!

6928917 By now, everypony does. Everypony.

To be honest, there was no cuddling between Celestia and the human, and this was rather short. :fluttershyouch: I can tell you just needed a quick Idea to get out? I do that a lot...when I dont have writer's block :pinkiesick:...but either way it was good, and i DO want a pony pillow :pinkiehappy: I wonder who is the lucky person to have gotten fluffle puff. :rainbowlaugh:

Admit it. You want a "Pony Pillow" now, don't you?

You are evil. Evil!

6929102 Thank you! :twilightsmile:

6928954 It was one of those "night" ideas -- right before bed that won't go away. I kept it short because the originals are only around 1k, too. Not my best, but... still not my worst! :rainbowkiss:

6928739 As long as you take a shower every night before bed... :raritywink:

6928721 At the "Pony Pillow" store... obviously. It's next to Ikea. :facehoof:

6928568 In the realms between awake and asleep... and while thinking about ponies. :yay:

6928334 I approve of this comment. :moustache:

6928319 Why not? :applejackconfused:

6927908 "Tetsuo!"

"I'm from Canada!" :trollestia:

6927768 I think most would... sadly... :unsuresweetie:

6927113 Shh... don't try to understand... only accept... it's easier that way... shh... just continue to read everything I write whether it's good or not... shh... I didn't just say that... :moustache:

6927094 I think I'd be like Bendy's cousin from Canada. Bendy Light or Diet Bendy or something. I mean... this story's rated "E" and everything.

6927091 I'm pretty sure it'll be that bat pony story... :unsuresweetie:

6927086 As long as it looks like your avatar.

6927036 Spin off show: "Celestia the Highly Unmotivated". :pinkiesick:

6927030 Thank you very much for saying so! :twilightsmile:


Well, Canadians can certainly be saccharine so you could be Diet Bendy.

If I wanted, could I have a Gilda pillow instead?

I want a Changeling Pillow. Full customization of the pony I want and looks badass when not in use. Even saves me money on food!

Oh, this trilogy is GENIUS. :rainbowlaugh:

6929323 It is a very cute picture.

Now this story really dose it you just made my day :rainbowlaugh:

I envy (and also feel slightly bad for) the human who gets Lyra for a pony pillow.


6929291 Nah, this was absolute TRASH! XD joking I love all your fics I have read so far :)

and i just noticed im not following you :(

What-what in the hell do you think you're doing, you silly filly? Git over here and git ur spankings. OH NO U DON'T! Ur gonna take yor lickings like a good-oh you KNOW what I mean and I DON'T mean THAT!

[some time later]

I'ma git ya. You silly filly stealing my bed sheets. And I'ma tickle ya till u tell me where you put my sheets.:heart:

I want a Luna Pony Pillow! :D

Oh don't forget the Nightmare Moon sheets!

Imma take those to!


Oh the tension: Celestia and Sombra competing for Steve's devotion ...

I would like a Twilight Sparkle pillow and then maybe some Discord pillows if I feel like my night needs to be more exciting.

I don't understand this series. Truly, I don't. I don't see what's so funny about Celestia being an immature, indignant, and obnoxious bitch.

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