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It seems that every time I leave out one of my shirts, Fluttershy just has to put it on. She knows that ponies don't wear clothes, right?

So what else could this mean?

An idea created due to Flutterpriest's magnum opus, "Fluttershy Wants In Your Pants".

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Comments ( 89 )

that was perfect

Beautiful. I'm sure Priest would be proud, rest in piece the poor fool.

7705084 Aww... Flutterpriest is dead...
Ahwell, if I need Flutterape, There's always Anonpencil...

Fluttershirt awakens

No. For the last damn time, it’s Anthony!

Here, take all these brownie points, all of them! You deserve it.

7705084 Um, Flutterpriest is very much alive. He made a blog post like a few hours ago.

Also, excellent story.


ZOOM. There it goes!

~Skeeter The Lurker

“Although, I don’t think I’d want to hear what any guns have to say. They all seem to say the same thing—bang, ping, boom, pachuu!

I would die on the spot if I ever heard Fluttershy speak this. Too much cute.

heh i liked this one,

7705189 I'm missing something aren't I?

And here lies the battered and torn remains of Flutterpriest. He had a good life, but never finished Office Love so screwem.

You gave me diabetes... I hope your happy Derpy.

I love it. Yes. Good.

Very cheeky way of putting that Anon in there
T'was a good

I noticed your windows wouldn't open so I engaged some of my woodpecker friends to help. They are no longer stuck. By the way, here's your shirt, all safe and sound.

This was hilarious, hahaha! :rainbowlaugh:
Nice job dude.

um, fluttershy, you seriously scare me now. i like it. *proceeds to stalk fluttershy for a year. at least.*

This was surprisingly fluffy for this fic.:moustache:

I could feel the fluff in the air.

Perfectly cute and just perfectly perfect perfection :yay:

7705295 it probably shame that your fan buried you and you found out about it in the comments from some one else story. :pinkiecrazy:

She found a new skelei-key didn't she?

Joke's on Fluttershy.
I don't wear a 'shirt'! I wear some scrap and an apron!

What do you mean everyone has that one weird cowboy friend? I don't have a weird cowboy friend. The only person I know who even wears a cowboy hat is myself... Holy shit, I'm the weird cowboy friend!!!

Comment posted by AandWguy deleted Nov 8th, 2016

Fluttershy uses assertiveness! It's not very effective.
A short, amusing read. Thanks for that :pinkiehappy:


Hahahaha!! This was beautiful! :heart:

Anthony should be the new bland self-insert name.

I misread 'shirt' as something else at first. Just saying.

Fluttershy brings up two hooves to her face to gasp. “What about sweaters? Or socks? What do you think about ponies wearing socks, anyways, Anthony?”

Suddenly, the notion of ponies parading around in socks awakens something deep inside of me I had no idea existed at all. I see a damp, dark cave filled to the brim with jagged and sharp rock—and at its very core is a weak and frail creature that just begs to be let loose!

About socks:

I am super okay with this story. (And not Flutterpriest.)

“You broke one of my…?” I start, about to get loud when I shut my trap. “Why do you keep on calling me that? That’s not how you pronounce my name in the slightest.”
She furrows her brows. “It’s not?”
“No. For the last damn time, it’s Anthony! That’s what I’ve been telling each and every one of you ponies since the day I arrived here!”

Now I'm just weirded out.

Are you secretly hoodie?

The real question is how long till Fluttershy just steals all his clothes and forces Anthony to go nudist?

You need to persuade Vannamelon on youtube to do a reading of this. I keep hearing her 'Fluttershy' when she tries to persuade Anon-thony.

“We all have that one weird cowboy friend, don’t we?”

I didn't even make the Apple Jack connection before I thought to myself "Oh my God! He's right!" Because yup, I do. :facehoof:

*creak* "Hmmm, hmm-what the -!"

"Oh, hello Ano-thony." *squish*. "Do you need to use the outhouse?"

"...nope." *slam*

"Oh well. La la la la la." *squish squish*

I regret everything nothing.

“We all have that one weird cowboy friend, don’t we?”


7708795 I'm sure Flutterpriest's original story has enough Flutts/human interactions to keep you going. :yay: Plus what would happen next? She wants in your sweater?

7708682 I was thinking more the cowboy from "Mulholland Drive". :applejackconfused:

7706967 I am secretly toquee. :trollestia:

7706744 Socks are a gateway drug. Then comes Pusspuss. Then before it's too late, you're trapped in Megapone territory with no rightful idea how you got there. :pinkiesick:

7706600 I agree. :moustache:

7706209 Thank you! :twilightsmile: Glad you enjoyed it.

7706121 The first step is admittance. Then acceptance. Then bull riding for some reason.

7705849 This story exists only because I started imagining Flutts in a human's shirt. And it was cute. :yay:

7705354 Thanks Anthonypen! :twistnerd:

7705329 I'm always happiest when my readers are in pain. :pinkiecrazy:

7705295 Wow, post humous reply program... neato.

7708890 Hey I'm not gonna judge you I enjoye others pain and misery as well. :p

Lol not bad.

That was cute!

Beautiful:rainbowkiss:... Just beautiful:twilightsmile:...

Not reading the story but the image is the cutest thing I've seen since this.:derpytongue2:

Darn adorable ponies, curling up inside of your clothes.

Story Approver

You did the Anon-thiny thing...

I'm so proud of you.

You're my favorite piece of trash on the site.

Good work!

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