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Just a nice, polite Canadian.


After deciding it best that Equestria lay claim over all of Earth and its inhabitants, Princess Celestia finds she now has a very special birthday present to offer to her sister.

Namely: Canada.

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Instantly favourited, ehh~

wlam #2 · Jul 1st, 2016 · · ·

Celestia shut her eyes for a moment. “You mean your book on Canadian culture? The one titled Yep. Canada Sure Is A Place?” She sighed. “I really wish you would rethink that title, Luna.”

“But why?” Luna said. “It is straight to the point and everything! Is Canada not a place? I would like to think that it is. Yep. A very nice place, in fact.”

I would buy a book just on the strength of that title alone. Not even kidding.

I, for one, welcome our new Alicorn overlord.

You know, the current political situation in Britain right now is so damn insane that having Discord as Prime Minister is actually making more sense than all the other options currently on the table.

This is a fun fic. I for one would pay vast sums of money to see Princess Luna of Canada out there on the rink, merrily destroying all comers with her stick-thingy.


Not a bad story. It'll probably take both of them to handle America these days though. It's probably gonna make their heads spin.

Alright, but seriously, how are we supposed to respond to someone saying you apologize too much?

Anyways, funny story. Happy Canada's Day there bud.

Considering the crap the world's going through, I actually wouldn't mind Celestia as ruler of Earth right now. As long as she doesn't start up with the CBs, I'd be happy. I'll take Twilight as President of America please!:derpytongue2:


I can't help but feel this story is somehow...biased.

"One cannot simply say ‘no’ to a Canadian"


I was somehow strangely reminded of Canadian Bacon.

Yah, you could totally bribe us with Tim Horton's.

If Luna thinks pro hockey is bad, she should see the kids :twilightoops:

Should have a bonus scene where she approves of Joint Task Force 2 providing her Canadian Lunar Guard :pinkiesmile:

1/10 Did not mention milk bags.

Princess Twilight Sparkle has already conquered MIT, ran up her flag, and is busy fortifying the library against any counterattack.

But what happens when Luna encounters that other staple of Canadian traditional cuisine... Kraft Dinner? }:-{D

With Luna ruling Mother Canada will prosper!!!

Happy Canada Day!

I'm Canadian, and the very first thing I said from reading the title alone, no lie, was "...Eh?"

And then i read the chapter title and nearly collapsed from laughter. :rainbowlaugh:

even going so far as to offer the Princess a free Molson Canadian or free bag of ketchup chips.

Wait, wait, wait. Back up a second... does the rest of the world not have ketchup chips?

... How do they survive?!

If only my Canadian friend was a Brony. He'd be laughing his ass off at this.:pinkiehappy:

I find this theory of the source of Canadian politeness amusing, but at the same time it seems a like a less extreme version of The Purge.

7355579 Oh, we have ketchup chips. Boy, do we have ketchup chips.

trying their best not to drop her on the floor as they went.

You forgot "while not spilling their beer."
Are you sure you are Canadian?

She sighed. “Now to see if Starlight Glimmer has any interest in Australia.”

No pony is touching the United States, that shit is already too much of a cesspool to fix ever since Trump and Hillary lost to each other.

She making plans to go on a campaign and conquer CalTech?

7355426 I as well except her. Luna fav/best princess!!!! Long live the night!!

I have only one question. How did Celestia take over Earth? Not that it would be a bad thing I would just like to know how.

Wing #25 · Jul 2nd, 2016 · · 1 ·

“Nah. Discord’s still preoccupied with matters in Britain at the moment. There’s a lot to clean up over there.” <--- ZING!

Very humorous. :3

I REALLY want to know hoe Celestia conquered Earth...


the very first thing I said from reading the title alone, no lie, was "...Eh?"

Ditto here...

Canadian’s apologize

Apostrophes aren't used like that. The plural of Canadian is Canadians.

I know this, since I am a Canadian.

7355426 Well, not to mean any disrespect, but I don't. I don't see how they were able to overcome Earth militaries and take it over.

Make no mistake, Equestria is the last country I want to ever fight. But I consider myself a patriot.

I REALLY want to know hoe Celestia conquered Earth...

Me too.

7355538 That isn't just a Canada thing. There are milk bags in Israel, too. Possibly in other countries as well, but I wouldn't know.

Eh? Eh? Sorry, eh?

I'm pretty certain that most people in Downtown Toronto would be very, very aggravated/scared if a winged unicorn with the power to control celestial bodies were to punch them in the face without any warning.

I believe that the 'Free Tim Hortons' bribery was spot-on, though.

Good job.


You can't be. You didn't apologize.

Sorry, eh?

I welcome Princess Luna as our equine overlord.

Can't be any worse than Trudeau.

Happy Canada Day. :)

7355874 Debating whether you're a Canadian trying to give me the secret code to get back into character, or an American prejudiced jackass.

7355749 Theory: They used their magic friendship lasers and their chaos gods, but only after they realized that hijacking our moon and sun wouldn't work.

Working fireworks for Canada day and this made my shift

7355907 Obviously the secret code is a weird slang word that only Canadians would say.

Like shit-disturber. Or "just give'n 'er." Or chesterfield.


This reminds me of that one fic where the Crystal Empire ended on Earth and became its own country. Also, Twilight becoming the newest president of America can backfire because of how bureaucracy's set up. Also because businesspeople practically rule the government.

But doesn't Canada already have a pretty princess?

Justin Trudeau

7355949 yay arrogant worms


Ermm... Wut?

I have one qualm with this terrific story.

Molson Canadian? The brew recently moved to be produced in Brazil? Really?

Items that were cut due to content limits:
-Butter tarts
-Pemeal Bacon
-Nanaimo Bars
-Justin Trudeau
-The Canadian Shield
-Yonge Street
-Highway 1, aka "The Only Road".
etc. etc. etc.

Delightfully absurd, part about Britain almost made me spit my drink, thank you.

Not so much with me. Slushees? Darn right!

Well, this hit each Canadian stereotype in exactly the order my Canadian friend predicted it would.

She forgot about Canada's other pass time; curling.

They get bloody violent about the sport that involves brooms and rocks

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