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Journals. Everyone keeps one, even if they call it by a different name. An autobiography, some online blog, or even fading memories in the mind regaled as tales to grandchildren, it's always recorded somewhere for someone to see or hear one day. And whether or not it's truth or fiction, it's always unique in delivering an individual perspective on life.

Celestia politely asked Sunny, her mirror pool duplicate, to write about her life experiences in one such journal.

Unfortunately for her, Sunny wasn't very good at following directions.

This is a side story to Letters from an Irritated Princess.

While knowledge of the whole series is not required, it is highly recommended that one has read the events beyond the Slice of Life Letter to have a better understanding of the circumstances. Otherwise, reading this might be confusing.

Correction: It will absolutely be confusing. Also made a small title change that should, in theory, be simpler.

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This looks like it's going to be great fun. Definitely looking forward to seeing Sunny continue to learn and grow.

Oh dear.

Someone's poor comic collection. :raritycry:

Oh, Sunny. You're such a simple creature. I love it! :rainbowlaugh:

She's scribbling in comic books... never saw that coming. I wonder what Celestia said when she came in just there... Next chapter!

That explains the birdbath incident.

6779928 Same! :twilightsmile:

Am I the only one who read it as pinkie with celestias voice? :trollestia::pinkiehappy:

6780028 Do you remember what letter the bird bath incident was is?

6780176 No, sorry. I just remember Celestia mentioning finding Sunny in a birdbath.


That'd be the letter for The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows, you know? :pinkiehappy:

Those poor comics. Well, hopefully Celestia learns her lesson in that mirror pool clones need to be watched closely... hm, nah, its more entertaining like this.

Nice to see more of those two, instead of just being mentioned in your other fic, curious how far this fic will go (like if it'll catch up to the main one).

a light red, not-pink-but-maybe-peach? pony with a rose on her butt came in and my front hooves got all tingly like they wanted to touch her face. Hard. Multiple times.

Peach pony?? The description reminds me of Roseluck, but I don't think so...


"Celestia gave me her name after I touched her. What was it... Floral Bundle? Maybe it was that!"

Poor Sunny. Learning not to facepunch the deserving is one of the hardest lessons modern society expects us to master. Or maybe that was just me.

Oh, boy. I wonder what this Floral Bundle was saying that was so awful. And I'd like to see Sunny try to contend with Blueblood's attitude someday...

Sunny is doing something that Floral Bundle isn't: stopping and smelling the roses. :trollestia:

Huh. I'm surprised to see more character in those two than anything in Pinkie's clones, while still having distinct personalities from Celestia and Luna. Well done!

6796326 Well, pinkie's an eldritch abomination in pony form, so perhaps the mirror pool had a hard time copying her very well, while the princesses are relatively easy to copy...

6796357 It's not inconceivable. I'd guess that anything capable of creating cloned life from magic alone is powerful and skilled enough to copy almost anything exactly so long as it obeys the rules of the world. Pinkie, needless to say, does not.

Aww. Sibling bonding. And Twona is surprisingly good at crafts. I'm impressed. Though I imagine that Luna One will be upset over what her clone did to her pantry.

Pinkie's first clone was relatively on the ball. Things didn't get really out of hand until the copies of copies started making copies.

6796493 Right, I'd forgotten. It makes sense that the Mirror Pool's margin for error in personality would lead to clones with decreasing levels of character (if character can be quantified) until only a basic element of the original remained. I hope that's not too science-y of an explanation for what is effectively a plot device... I'm probably overthinking it.

But my original point still stands; I really enjoy Sunny's and Luna Two's surprising characterization and, as you said, this was a beautiful bonding moment.

6810450 She's learning some morals, too. For what is essentially a newborn, she's surprisingly perceptive when it comes to morality and intuition. But yeah, definitely adorable!

Sunny has very good instincts, and I mean that in the moral sense. Her understanding of right and wrong is incredibly well-developed for her age. On the other hand, the distinction between good and bad ideas still eludes her.

Oh Sunny, what EVER shall we do with you?

>>MythrilMoth ya mean bedside go dawww?

6810631 "Time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea."

Yay friends! Surely nothing terrible can come of this. :pinkiehappy:

Poor Celestia. Pinkie is coming...

6810631 Couldn't have said it better myself!

:pinkiehappy::good, good, let the bounce flow through you!

6838221 Fudge is sugar. Sugar is energy. Coffee is energy.

6838328 Ok then.
Send Tia two to to spend the day with Pinkie Pie:pinkiehappy::trollestia:

I'm guessing Sunny kind of forgot what she did for the rest of the day after she drank the sugarbomb from hell.

So Joe's a changeling. That was probably mentioned in Letters, but I forgot... oh, well.

Furthermore, fudge is pure empty calories. Those are probably going straight to Clonelestia's thighs.


Dammit, I want to see this animated.

Or at least a spinoff slapstick comedy fic about Sunny going on a sugar rampage.

Looks like Twona's more mature than her sister. That's certainly interesting. I wonder why.

In any case, I'm pretty sure Tia Jr.'s fudge privileges have been revoked indefinitely.

6849043 They're easy to make. Just find yourself a purple and green juvenile dragon...

Keh heh heh.
:pinkiecrazy: Good, good my young apprentice! Continue to grow in the ways of the bounce!

Dear Princess Cadence
Please take my advice before it's too late.
Run as far as you can. Don't worry about Shinning Armor. He'll be ok.
Yakyakistan should be a good start
Yours truly,
A very petrified pegasister :trollestia:

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