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Twilight Sparkle may be a brilliant scientist, a flawless engineer, and a wielder of otherworldly magic—but she's not infallible. Sometimes, she isn't okay. Pinkie knows this.

Warning for slight mentions of self-harm/suicide

Edited by my good friend RustyWarhead

Music by Inquisitive_Duck

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Twilight nodded. Or maybe she only thought she did. She scanned the scribbled words on the page.

My friends. Parties. Smiles. Laughter. Cupcakes. Gummy. Blue skies. Cotton candy. Hugs. Kisses. Stars. Magic. Ponies. Pumpkins. Kittens. Puppies. My friends.


]Twilight nodded. Or maybe she only thought she did. She scanned the scribbled words on the page.

I purchased this after I was confronted by some punks demanding that I hand over my money. I'm a relatively fit guy, but I was no match for them. That is when I realized that I need to protect myself. The day after I bought this product I went to the very same Wal-Mart parking lot when I was first mugged. I approached the group of hooligans standing outside the entrance, concealing my secret weapon.

I cooly asked "Remember me?".
One of them looked up and said, "Have you come back to buy some Samoas or Thin Mints? My Girl Scout Troop needs to raise more money!"
I replied with "you're not taking my money this time". "But sir, they're delicious!", she said.

I whipped out my Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun hand and shouted "WRONG MOVE B****!" The five girl scouts ran away screaming.

As I pounded my chest in victory, I accidentally activated the stun gun and applied 950,000 Volts to my right nipple. I woke up 4 hours later to the sound of heavy footsteps. Those Girl Scouts had brought their fathers. But I was ready. I lunged at the largest one with a cry of "RAGGLE FRAGGLE!!!" and hit him in the stomach. He hit the ground harder than a fat kid on a jungle gym.

As the others began to circle around me, I changed techniques. Holding both of my hands in tight fists, I rased my arms to my sides and initiated the helicopter spin. They all backed off, fearing my impressive RPM. After a while I started getting dizzy, and one of the fathers decided to try to tackle me. As he ran to me stood there, dizzy and queasy; time was going real slow. Then I remembered. I had eaten lunch at Chipotle and the burrito was fighting its way back up my stomach.

I tuned toward my enemy and launched a stream of projectile vomit at him, knocking him to the ground. Then I started singing "Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the.... FLOOOOORRR!!!!"

I grabbed my Knuckle Blasher Stun Gun and shoved it into my mouth, running headfirst at my foes, electrocuting them with my teeth. Eventually they were all unconscious, and I walked home victorious.



Everyday life of Pinkie Pie. Victory makes her happy. And tazer knuckles. ^v^

Sometimes the best message is just being there. Pinkie gets that. This was a bittersweet bit of love.

I absolutely loved this. I'm so happy there's a Suicide tag for me to watch now. I just want to know how others deal with this all the time :fluttershysad:

Pinkie's solutions felt a lot like the stuff in the Calm Harm app. So you did a very good job with your solutions.

Thank you so much for writing this story.

Lovely story. It is interesting reading about how a character copes with something so crippling that it makes me never want to leave my room again.

Wow, surprisingly lighthearted and fluffy, without diminishing the serious nature of the story. Well done, I enjoyed it very much.

It was a real delight to read a heartfelt story like this and see more stories from you! You're an excellent writer!:heart:

I’m so glad you liked it! :heart:

Thank you!

(You do not kno da wae)

My qween, let me show you da wae.

And you're welcome!

She has to pull herself away from the character's lives and remind herself of her own. She never wants to.


Two bits are missing from chapter name.

Huh. You mean the binary code?

Wait, I see it. Thanks!

This seems to be a new craz among the fandom. Pinkie being some kind of expert in this kind of thing. Granted, it's usually a reader-insert story.

So bonus for not doing that.

Didn't know which one fits better for this story, so here they both are.

Mm, enjoyed reading (and re-reading) this. Always nice when depression and suicide is approached with respect and restraint, unlike the usual furor that many writers would portray it as. Think what made me really like it was Pinkie Pie (again) and her approach to tackle her friend's situation. Have some little things bothering me, but that's just a matter of personal preference in the end.

Thanks a lot for writing this! :pinkiehappy:

Huh, I actually hadn’t noticed that

What does the binary in the chapter name translate to?


Just . . . yeah.

Good yeah? Or bad yeah?

Thank you. However, you almost confused me there for a minute. I looked up a binary-to-English converter, and the ":3" did not appear. Imagine my surprise when I figured out that the two "extra" bytes actually encoded spaces!

Stunned and amazed yeah. In particular I was struck by your mention of Twilight’s difficulty breathing, which is a detail I don’t see documented often, and one I know all too well.

The only item I might mention is a single paragraph that I think—but am not certain—should be present tense rather than past. (Overall you do a fantastic job with that, and I’m pretty picky about the technical aspects of writing.)

But no one else was here except Pinkie. And somehow, the thought didn’t scare her as much. Sighing, Twilight quickly pulled her shirt up over her head, tugging herself into the sleeves as she wiggled out of her skirt. When she managed to zip up the pajamas, she almost cried. Well, perhaps that wasn't right. She felt overwhelmed and different and relieved, but most of all she feltwarm. The clothes were, as expected, a couple sizes too big. The pooled around at her feet and hands, but Twilight deemed them perfect anyway.

Oh, good :D

And dang, you’re right! Let me fix that, thanks!

I wish I had a Pinkie in my life.

I don’t have one, I just found it on google images. I believe if you click on the cover art, it will link you to the source.

I took a quick look over the story before starting and it looked like this is a collection of short moments in her life and maybe a lot of timeskips?
I just get the feeling this isn't exactly what I expected, but I really want to read it, I will only know for sure how it'S going to be when I can finally start tomorrow.

It's kinda like that, but not quite. There is a constant timeline

Thanks for the reply! I'll try and see if I can find a source.

Your stories make me feel warm inside.

Oh. That’s good :D

Pinkie closes the door tight, pushing Twilight's sopping wet form closer to her. It's at an uncomfortable angle; Twilight's back twinges and she almost inhales a strand of pink hair, but—its nice. Actually, better than nice. She doesn't want to let go.

I kind of expected to see how bad she feels and Pinkie slowly helping her. Not saying that Pinkie needs to stop being funny, but I think I was looking for her getting sad seeing her friend hurt.

"No," she said calmly. But her body shook anyway. She started to cry. Broken, wracking sobs that had been building up finally forced their way out, hot tears slipping down her cheeks, the taste bitter on her lips. Pinkie was on top of her in a second, smothering her in a hug, which only made Twilight cry harder. She couldn't stop, even though she desperately wanted to. She got in a shallow breath, pulling her glasses off and burying herself in Pinkie's hair, choking back a scream. "No!" she gasped, loudly. Too loud. "No, no, no, no." Pinkie tightened around her. She was an infant, inconsolable and fussy. The tears came faster.

aaahhhh that is one of the moments, I like how nice it feels when you read about them comforting their friends and stuff like that, without any magically solution. I mean I had one story where Vinal was one step before killing herself, but without much effort Fluttershy was like an instat solution without even needing to figure out her friends problem or something.

There where one or two more parts with something like that and then it continued kind of regular for me but of course that'S more because it already ended.

Well yes I would kind of like a sequel I guess it that is still possible, maybe you would need to take the part away that looked like Twilight was completely healed already for that.

Really well done. I loved it!:twilightsmile:

... so that's what emotions feel like. This is rather well written.

It wasn’t to show that Twilight was completely healed. For me, that was just a moment where Twilight felt safe in Pinkie’s arms. She still has a long way to go. Depression doesn’t just disappear. That’s why I added that last paragraph. She’s still struggling. But she’s using her methods and trying to get better


Depression doesn’t just disappear.

I know that but something like this doesn'T stop some authors to make it look like it did.

Well it was a nice story and I had found my special moment.

I really enjoyed this. It's... haunting, might be the word, but it's a good read, and I think can help teach empathy for people running through the same sort of struggle.

I especially liked the (Very subtle) implication that Twi has self-harm scars already on her wrists. It's a small detail, but one that really helps to emphasize just how bad of a place Twilight is in.

If I may... I was actually really relieved that this didn't turn into a romance. Most of the fic was very emotionally intimate, and half my brain was going "Just kiss already!!!" the entire time--but I feel like doing so would have ultimately cheapened the message.

Very well done. And thank you for writing it.

(Funny... it's Pinkie that I usually think of as being the emotionally unstable one. I guess it just goes to show you...)

Yeah, it may seem a bit ‘romantic’ at first. But really I was just aiming for a really close friendship ^^ I’m glad you liked it!

Pinkie, of all ponies or people, is going to know what this anxiety or depression or whatever Twilight's struggling with is like. Beautifully done!

A glorious composition of a topic few cover with any semblance of reality.

This struck close enough to home that I could only applaud your skills as an author.

Thanks for the touching read.

You’re very welcome :twilightsmile:

A fine tale of sad horsewomen and the bonds between them.

Binary ASCII Code?? What's it mean??? I can recognize it, but I can't really translate.

The chapter title? It's just We Are Okay.

For some reason in this story, there is always this atmosphere of dread or fear in some areas. I find it disturbing with the majority of the story filled with fun and cute topics like your trying to cover up something that will come back to bite you someday. Really well written and overall great story.

If you or someone you know is feeling desperate, alone or hopeless? Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), a free, 24-hour hotline available to anyone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress.

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