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(To clear up any perceptions, NO, the Mysterious Stranger is NOT related to the Fallout franchise in any way, shape and form!!!)

Sunset Shimmer had just finished her classes for the week, and was going to hang out with her Canterlot High friends for the weekend, including the new transfer student; Twilight Sparkle of Crystal Prep...

Family emergencies pull the six girls to head home for the weekend, leaving Sunset alone for the weekend, feeling somewhat disappointed that she'll be all alone...

Feeling the need, she went out for a stroll in an unusually strong storm that appeared out of nowhere, thinking it might help wash away the feeling of being alone.
She wasn't exactly expecting to shelter a poor, homeless man from the storm's vicious rain and winds. The moment she made contact, Sunset noticed something unusual about the presence of the man, something obviously not human from the vibe she's getting, but something not of Equestrian origin as well...

She couldn't describe in detail the aura the poor man was giving off, but if the feeling had to be described...

Sunset Shimmer would say that the man felt;

"...Like I was in the presence of a being higher than Celestia herself..."

(My first one-shot, I do not own the picture, I only used it to fit the story, credit belongs to its original artist creator...)

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Comments ( 16 )

The Mysterious Stranger? As in the fedora and trenchcoat-wearing, .44 Magnum-shooting guardian angel of the Fallout series (and possibly a Mark Twain book)? Because that sounds AWESOME!!!

Gonna be reading this now.

Well... that was different than what I thought was gonna happen.

6675289 I'm certain, "...Like I was in the presence of a being higher than Celestia herself..." should've tipped you off...

6675245 Thanks you two...It means a lot...

Is this like the mysterious stranger from Fallout???

Well damn... That was great! :twilightsmile:

But out of all of the 'gods' I did not expect Arceus... Though like I said great story.

Okay, then.......
Sunset Shimmer becomes Christian?

6676556 Thanks for thinking it's great...

6691058 Not really...He just points out that there is someone who is willing to listen to her, Yoshiyuki never asked Sunset Shimmer to become Christian, by not telling her means she has a choice to become one if she wants...

I'm going to guess that Sora no Ryoko Ziarre is a certain green dragon Pokemon.

Now we have Raquayza?!?!!!????

my two sons, are still in that coma-like state

That line suddenly makes a lot of sense once you read the last line of the story.

sooo... im trying to figure out if arceus is the human version of a pokemon or an oc cause... there be a pokemon by the name of Arceus. and he is quite a god.

Eh...it's okay, I guess.

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