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I'm a brony who loves Dinosaurs, Pokèmon, Sonic, Godzilla, anime, and SPORE... What more could I want? Birthday is April 21st...

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Just last night, my sister’s beloved pet rabbit passed away. Unfortunately, he had what I can best describe (which shouldn’t be taken so literally) as a tumor forming in his throat that increased his blood pressure. He took medication for it for a few months, and according to my sister, when she checked on him last night, he was breathing harder than usual and he felt a little cold. She figured something might have been wrong with him, and just this morning, she found out that he had passed

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Okay, I'm sorry If I sounded rude to you I just wanted to know, I would like to point out I say the same thing about trust as well, because there could be those of us that want to see them as nothing more like in the horrible (but some times enjoyable) dinosaur movies, the Age of Dinosaurs movie back in 2013 being a good example.

...Also before I forget, I'm started making my own Age of Dinosaurs story, but it's not going on to Fimfiction, I'm going to be going to Fanfiction instead, I don't want to be put in to Fimfiction because like you I don't trust myself enough to put it in, to put it in there only for it to be taken down (like tyrannosaurianrex9's Dino Saurian Rex story's which I liked) and I would like to say good luck with the chapter...and take you time...you Definitely need it.

If I wanted to put MLP: TAOD up for adoption, I would have to give the stipulation of being the story overseer. I had (and still do have) a clear idea of how the story will go, but I will confess that, since starting that story, much of MLP and Dinosaurs has changed significantly. A reboot is more likely to be the most logical choice given my changed stance on canonicity, initially, I was very willing to take what came before, and deviate from there, among other things. That mindset has changed, and there are numerous factors at play that made updating TAOD such a difficult chore. It's commonly given advice that, if you don't have fun with something like you did before, you should probably stop for a while. In retrospect, I have probably long exceeded the necessity to pass on the story to someone willing to continue it if I no longer have the motivation (or patience, or up-to-date knowledge as far as dinosaurs) to do so myself. The one thing keeping me from doing that, is trust. I had a very clear rundown of the overall story from start to finish, and I can not trust myself to give this story up to someone else, or that I would enjoy it if they deviated too far from what I intended. Unless I could trust someone to see my vision through (as a reboot is almost a certainty at this point, concerning the Changelings and the series finale), I would rather finish the story myself.

Fair is fair that I do reveal that I do have a substantial chunk of the next chapter of TAOD already written (though it's several years old), but it is hard to motivate myself to finish it. There's enough to not start from scratch, but with what I had in mind for that chapter (confident it would be substantially longer than any prior) and how much would be packed in, I think what I had so far constitutes about, if I lowball it, a fifth of what I had in mind, about 1,546 words, shame to say I did think I had more (probably lost to time during one attempt).

Hey there I got some interesting Ideas for what could happen next in the story, first while the Maine Six are still in the ocean as they start heading back to land along the way they watch nature unfold, like a Nothosaurus hunting for fish along with a pod of Plesiosaurus, then out of nowhere a Mixosaurus stealing a Leptolepis that a Nothosaurus was about to catch, a pod of Ichtyosaurus and Stenopterygius swimming nearby, a Group of Neusticosaurus swimming nearby a group of Perisphinctes and Cylindroteuthis, A Xiphactinus hunting a Gillicus, a battle between a Tesoteuthis and a Mosasaurus and a Kronosaurus who unlike Predator X has complete interest on our heroes only to catch a Placodus instead, when they get to dry land on the beech it's swarmed by rhamphorhynchus as they eat the Mesolimulus eggs only to be attack them selves by Eustreptospondylus (I trufelly don't know if that's acurate or not but I let you deside), what happens next I true fully don't know but here are some Ideas, for the dinosaurs they or anypony else they could see or meet a mixed Herd of Hypacrosaurus and Nasutoceratops moving together for protection from predators, a Herd of Fukuisaurus being hunter by a pack of Fukuiraptors, a Herd of Amargasaurus wander into Ponyvile, a pack of Herrerasaurus on Applelossa, a group of Citipati in the desert, a Coelophysis hunting/catching a Arganodus, a Saurosuchus hunting and attacking a nesting group of Eoraptors, for the Pterosaurs they could meet a Caulkicephalus as it was beiing buled by the larger Ornithocheirus, a flock of Nyctosaurus fishing only for one to be caught by a Deinosuchus, for the mammals they could see a Castorocauda being chased by a Pair of Guanlongs, a Meniscoessus eating some acorns in the trees, at night a Volaticotherium gliding in the night sky hunting for flying insects, for the reptiles they could see a Paramacellodus running into a nearby rock for cover for the day time predators, for the Amphibians they could see a Mastodonsaurus swimming in the rivers of the water along with Koskinodon, a Beelzebufo hunting a baby dinosaur and finally for the birds they could see a Yanornis, Avisaurus, a flock of Patagopteryx folowing a group of sauropods and finally the resentally discovered Breivirostruavis eating nector off of flowers like a homming bird, as for Alastoris I don't have anyting for him but he could just kill another village to feed, only to be Intorupted by a Deinosuchus, but unlike the Acrocanthosaurus was afraid to attack the demon as his instincts where telling him to run away, only for Alastoris to kill it instead, proving that only dinosaurs can fight the Demon.

Okay, now that's done and dusted there's something else I need to talk about....when is this story going to continue, I mean when I it read back in 2015 about it going into Hiatus I thought to myself 'sure I let you take your time in finding your Ipad', then in 2017 then I thought 'Okay, that's bad but with such positive people comments I was sure that you will get this story finished soon', but now....in 2022....nearly a decade since you began this amazing story, I mean sure there's the other spin off's My little Pony: Giants of Patagonia but that one hasn't being continuing either, then there the other two My little pony the Guardians of Equestria by Laci the hunter but their entire story's had been cancelled for some reason, then theres the Age of Dinosaurs: Teratophoneus by Hirohito (now King Shugoki) that was cancelled, then there the one on fanfiction called My little Pony: The Age of Dinosaurs by Bvega42 who was the only one to not only COMPLETE the story, but made a sequel, but for some reason stopped for reasons I don't know, But let's get back to your story's, you are so focused on Pokemon the Equestrian Chronicles and Victory is Strength: REDUX 'Only on fanfiction', I got to ask along with many others....is this story officially cancelled at this point, because if it is I would like to adopt this story, as would be a shame for such an amazing story like this to fate into nonexistence, but if it isn't, could you please do one or maybe 'I said MAYBE' do two chapters of this story, It would mean so much, that way people like me would know it's not completely gone from the world, as I said before it would be a shame for this story to die, so I hope you see this, and I hope you make the right chose in what to do about it.

Comment posted by Happydinoman2246 deleted Jul 13th, 2022

Anytime! You deserve it!

Always here if you need a friend! 😇

Happy New Year from Slovakia to you and all your family!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

That was just an explode of happiness, sorry...

I'm glad you like it, I think?

I like your story The age of dinosaurs SO MUCH IT'S SOOOO COOL BRO
-explodes like a nuclear bomb and destroys the entire world and comes back in the time to Jurassic period and get eaten by Allosaurus-

I just watched Godzilla Vs. Kong, and I was wondering if for the final battle against Ghidorah, you could have Godzilla and Kong team up to defeat the space hydra. Or given how said kaiju never stays dead for long, maybe in the sequel?

2974093 Their first confrontation with Ghidorah is sure to be earth-shattering. :twilightoops: There ain't no reforming that villain! Can't wait for everyone to read it!

Good, that’s a weight of my back.

A part of my anticipating of a, as you call it; “master crossover”, is stemmed from how much has changed in Transformers after you first wrote it. There are plenty of new characters that in retrospect, might have worked remarkably well in those stories. The aforementioned new characters (and some recent popular old characters) are; Windblade, The Rust Renegades, Star Saber, Slash, Deathsaurus, Bulkhead, Slipstream, and a few others.

An idea I wish to share with you if you ever want to make another Transformers-centered story, is my personal depiction of Slash (a female Dinobot who transforms into a raptor-like dinosaur). How I depict her in my stories is that she’s kinda like a female Tony Stark, a smart-***, but she’s remarkably clever, as clever as Shockwave in terms of psychological aspects. I also imagine Slash frequently being the ‘big sister’ trope concerning the other Dinobots, being the only Autobot to have bested Megatron in one-on-one combat frequently (having been his ex pre-Dinobot change & taught him combat), and has a sisterly openness with Optimus (frequently calling him by his original name instead of Optimus Prime)…

Oh. When Ghidorah makes his appearance, I am anticipating that he’s a GARGANTUAN pain in the *** for anyone to put down. And that he doesn’t stay down. I always saw Ghidorah as someone who may be defeated, even destroyed, but he never stays that way for long. I even fully expect Ghidorah being too monstrously powerful for even the Magic of Friendship to defeat, cause Ghidorah is a civilization-ending, planet tearing psychopath! Hard for magic rainbows to really overcome one who can create atmosphere-rending hurricanes, by just flapping his wings…

I am both excited and scared for Twilight and Company when they first confront Ghidorah, I expect that they can see his eyes showing someone pure evil, one who will never reform. Keep up the good work my man, I anticipate what happens next…

2969958 The idea of a master crossover has crossed my mind. It would be an interesting path. As for updates, my new story will be updated slower, so you won’t have to worry about too much at one time.

From the looks of it so far, I will enjoy it…

You do notice that the stories you have written so far, have crossed over in the past, right? Marvel superheroes with both Transformers and Godzilla, kinda makes me wonder if there will be a ‘master story’ later down the line where the cast of MLP will cross paths with the Transformers, Marvel Superheroes, & Godzilla all at once.

Oh, and if possible, could you not have the story segments not chopped up so much, it has been making it a little harder for me to read Infinity War, and I don’t want that kind of feeling for King of the Monsters…I get the whole weekly update thing, but it’s difficult at certain parts when the story seems to slow down, even during moments of fast-pace action…

Thanks a ton for the fav on my Godzilla: King of the Monsters crossover! Hope you enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to show you this:

FiM Will Live on Forever

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