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I'm a brony who loves Dinosaurs, Pokèmon, Sonic, Godzilla, anime, and SPORE... What more could I want? Birthday is April 21st...

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My Sister’s Pet Rabbit Passed Away… · 6:15pm Dec 2nd, 2020

Just last night, my sister’s beloved pet rabbit passed away. Unfortunately, he had what I can best describe (which shouldn’t be taken so literally) as a tumor forming in his throat that increased his blood pressure. He took medication for it for a few months, and according to my sister, when she checked on him last night, he was breathing harder than usual and he felt a little cold. She figured something might have been wrong with him, and just this morning, she found out that he had passed

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Happy New Year from Slovakia to you and all your family!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

That was just an explode of happiness, sorry...

I'm glad you like it, I think?

I like your story The age of dinosaurs SO MUCH IT'S SOOOO COOL BRO
-explodes like a nuclear bomb and destroys the entire world and comes back in the time to Jurassic period and get eaten by Allosaurus-

I just watched Godzilla Vs. Kong, and I was wondering if for the final battle against Ghidorah, you could have Godzilla and Kong team up to defeat the space hydra. Or given how said kaiju never stays dead for long, maybe in the sequel?

2974093 Their first confrontation with Ghidorah is sure to be earth-shattering. :twilightoops: There ain't no reforming that villain! Can't wait for everyone to read it!

Good, that’s a weight of my back.

A part of my anticipating of a, as you call it; “master crossover”, is stemmed from how much has changed in Transformers after you first wrote it. There are plenty of new characters that in retrospect, might have worked remarkably well in those stories. The aforementioned new characters (and some recent popular old characters) are; Windblade, The Rust Renegades, Star Saber, Slash, Deathsaurus, Bulkhead, Slipstream, and a few others.

An idea I wish to share with you if you ever want to make another Transformers-centered story, is my personal depiction of Slash (a female Dinobot who transforms into a raptor-like dinosaur). How I depict her in my stories is that she’s kinda like a female Tony Stark, a smart-***, but she’s remarkably clever, as clever as Shockwave in terms of psychological aspects. I also imagine Slash frequently being the ‘big sister’ trope concerning the other Dinobots, being the only Autobot to have bested Megatron in one-on-one combat frequently (having been his ex pre-Dinobot change & taught him combat), and has a sisterly openness with Optimus (frequently calling him by his original name instead of Optimus Prime)…

Oh. When Ghidorah makes his appearance, I am anticipating that he’s a GARGANTUAN pain in the *** for anyone to put down. And that he doesn’t stay down. I always saw Ghidorah as someone who may be defeated, even destroyed, but he never stays that way for long. I even fully expect Ghidorah being too monstrously powerful for even the Magic of Friendship to defeat, cause Ghidorah is a civilization-ending, planet tearing psychopath! Hard for magic rainbows to really overcome one who can create atmosphere-rending hurricanes, by just flapping his wings…

I am both excited and scared for Twilight and Company when they first confront Ghidorah, I expect that they can see his eyes showing someone pure evil, one who will never reform. Keep up the good work my man, I anticipate what happens next…

2969958 The idea of a master crossover has crossed my mind. It would be an interesting path. As for updates, my new story will be updated slower, so you won’t have to worry about too much at one time.

From the looks of it so far, I will enjoy it…

You do notice that the stories you have written so far, have crossed over in the past, right? Marvel superheroes with both Transformers and Godzilla, kinda makes me wonder if there will be a ‘master story’ later down the line where the cast of MLP will cross paths with the Transformers, Marvel Superheroes, & Godzilla all at once.

Oh, and if possible, could you not have the story segments not chopped up so much, it has been making it a little harder for me to read Infinity War, and I don’t want that kind of feeling for King of the Monsters…I get the whole weekly update thing, but it’s difficult at certain parts when the story seems to slow down, even during moments of fast-pace action…

Thanks a ton for the fav on my Godzilla: King of the Monsters crossover! Hope you enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

I figured it wouldn’t hurt to show you this:

FiM Will Live on Forever

2831977 Oh okay haha.
I have no idea what I can work on next! Or if I even will. We'll see!

I actually meant to have it faved MONTHS ago, but something happened and I guess it didn’t register or something…

I’m curious about what your next ‘trilogy’ will be, might I suggest, Sonic the Hedgehog?

Thanks for the fav Strange!

I couldn’t help but remember how much of a fan you are of dinosaurs, so I thought I’d share the link to my latest blog post with you here:

Primal Trailer Review

I’d really like your comment on this, if you don’t mind.

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