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I'm a brony who loves Dinosaurs, Pokèmon, Sonic, Godzilla, anime, and SPORE... What more could I want? Birthday is April 21st...

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker review and update… · 1:12am Dec 21st, 2019

Apologies for around 7 months since my last blog post, a lot of crud has happened, real-life stuff and the like, but for this post, I’ll focus on two things to write about; the future of Pokémon - The Equestrian Chronicles & my thoughts on Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker. I’ll start with the finale of the Skywalker Saga…

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DeviantArt username: Poke-Sonic-ZillaSaur (Link:http://poke-sonic-zillasaur.deviantart.com/)

Origin username: StrangeBehavior

Playstation Network username: Zekromformer

Nintendo Network username: ShawnDinosaur

Pokemon Global Link username: SPOREuser10

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2831977 Oh okay haha.
I have no idea what I can work on next! Or if I even will. We'll see!

I actually meant to have it faved MONTHS ago, but something happened and I guess it didn’t register or something…

I’m curious about what your next ‘trilogy’ will be, might I suggest, Sonic the Hedgehog?

Thanks for the fav Strange!

I couldn’t help but remember how much of a fan you are of dinosaurs, so I thought I’d share the link to my latest blog post with you here:

Primal Trailer Review

I’d really like your comment on this, if you don’t mind.

My primary reason I followed him is for his Transformers Crossover...

This was something I posted on the 10th of February. I just thought I’d show this to you since I noticed you following Awesomo3000:

2 People I’ve Found Myself Unable to Get Along With

This post down here is a reconciling aftermath with NicLove since he or she was mentioned in the last post:

Reconciliation with NicLove

Would you like to join the Rockhoof group I’m inviting you to?

Well, I founded some groups dedicated to individual Pillars and Movie characters. I often like to ask others about who their favorites are in case they want to be members.

I guess I like Rockhoof, Starswirl, & Flash Magnus among the pillars, and Tempest of the movie (I have others but I’ve forgot how to write their names or couldn’t find the time to properly explain why I like them, I just picked the first ones that popped in my head).

Can I ask why you asked me such a random question?

Do you have a favorite Pillar of Old Equestria, by any chance?

As well as a favorite character from the MLP Movie?

Admittedly, your stories are a little interesting, mostly the Three Stooges one, but I'm not too sure if I'll be able to, because of numerous writing problems I've been having with my stories.

I've also been playing the hell out of SPORE for the past few weeks after not being able to play it for over 2 years.

I'll give the story I've mentioned above a read when I'm able...

By any chance,

Would you like to read any of my stories?

Dude, as grateful as I am, why did you chose to follow me?

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