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This story is a sequel to Courage the Cowardly Dog In: Mare-anormal Activity

Courage has been returned home, and everything seems to have to returned to normal. Unfortunately, dark forces have awakened, and have no intentions of staying quiet...

I would suggest reading Mare-anormal Activity first, if you haven't already.

Cover Image Credit: I claim no participation or have any ownership whatsoever in this image.

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Sometimes there are things that you don't do crossovers with. This, this is one of them.

I'm so confused right now, the first one was praised and everyone loved it

*exactly what the maker of the Paranormal Activity franchise said

5645920 You guys realise it has nothing to do with with Paranormal Activity outside of the title right?

Im realizing where the confusion is.

I didn't understand why everyone was hating on this and realized you were all expecting a Paranormal Activity crossover. IT'S NOT.

Comment posted by The Guardian and Friends deleted Feb 20th, 2015

Is the Déjà vu in the description on purpose?

I apologize I'm out at my birthday dinner right now and desperately trying to make changes on my phone and I'm making it worse

I made a bad judgement call with the original title and changed it to Dog Days, I'll make final changes when I get home I can't right now

this, this story is just plain retarted

5646266 Thank you for your honesty, at least? :ajsleepy:


I'm reworking the description and a couple of things, I hope you guys will be willing to give it a chance. If not, I understand. I can take criticism, and I'm sorry I wasted your time.

5646290 your quite welcome, the first story of this you wrote is pure shit, so is this one. my honesty is honestly honest :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

I just read the first story in one sitting. I liked it a lot. It was like a good Courage the Cowardly Dog episode that happened to involve ponies. I'm gonna wait a few chapters before starting this story though since they're so short. Tracking for now.

I'm really sorry you guys don't like this. I suppose not everything I write can be fantastic, and if you really don't like it I won't bother continuing it. Thank you for for your honesty, at least.

5646299 What kind of things do you like in the stories you read? At the very least, IF this continues, it might still be a turd, but it could at least be a turd that looks nice.

5646318 it don't even look nice, it is one of those shits that someone left sitting in the toilet until it turned the water brown

my honesty is brutal, I know :trollestia:

5646353 That's because I changed the title. It at first appeared to be a PA crossover and that was a fatal mistake

5646417 I can tell, because you have not deleted these comments yet, my advice is that you just end this crap of a story, cancel it

5646420 I don't delete comments, comments help me see where I need improvement. Deleting them is also a huge dick move and will result in a huge loss of respect

5646451 that's what I want for you, you are not a good writer

5646454 Okay, NOW I'm definitely starting to feel trolled

The mule inhabited town of Donkey Quote...


Fluttershy herself had calmed herself down from the previous adventure...

You only need one of these.

I do not see anything wrong with this story-wise. Then again, I will like just about anything as long as the grammar and spelling is not completely atrocious. And even if it is, if I read and catch it, I just point it out. So I have no idea why this story would have such an abnormal up vote to down vote ratio.

I could see how this could be discouraging, but if you decide to continue to write this, I will happily continue reading it.


Yes, what thunder lightning is doing is trolling. Seeing as he also admits to multiple accounts on his blog wanna bet half those downvotes are from him?

5646566 That's a shame. I do not claim to be a good writer, I only try to write things that I hope people will enjoy reading.

Aside a few spelling and grammar errors, this is starting out to be a good story. Don't understand why a lot of people are disliking this story, the last story was pretty great, and this one is starting out well. Something weird's going on here :trixieshiftright:

I think I'm going to like this, just like the last one! Also, I saw a Doctor Who reference!

5646635 Dude just ignore all the "constructive criticism" comments and keep on writing, I personally loved the last story and am positive this ones going to be good as well.

5648180 Then at least please stop disliking the story just for the sake of disliking it. I worked really hard on it and it's not fair. If you don't like it, that's fine, you don't have to read it.

5648595 then say that I won and that you got troll'd

Wow, so much hatred, and frankly no Idea why, this fic seems rather promising, and the last one was great. Oh and do yourself a favour and just stop talking to Thunder Lighting, he's being a dick for the sake of being a dick, and people like that don't deserve to be acknowledged.

5648785 You did troll me pretty hard I'll give you that, but as for winning, when trolling is involved, nobody ever really wins. It's just not a nice thing to do. :ajbemused:

5648932 am i trolling for the fun of it?

also, its Lightning, not lighting

5649059 If you're trolling to make me upset, you're not doing a very good job of it. In fact I'm actually rather proud that my writing has gotten popular enough to make me worthy of trolling in the first place.


5649104 well then... if it ain't making you mad, then i kept this on when i done failed at making you mad

5646635 How long will this be on hiatus?

5701439 I'm going to try to get at least one chapter out this weekend, I'm dealing with a lot of IRL struggles right now and don't have the commitment necessary for a big story atm

5701797 Oh, sorry to hear, hope they clear soon though.

Looks like this is going to be interesting.

But why is the story on Hiatus?

5709455 The normal answer is I forgot to change it

The interesting answer is potato

The vendor was happy enough to have someone to talk to, business was dreadful during the winter months.

This one sentence perfectly explains the problem with pigeonholed cutie marks. What happens to ponies who have cutie marks whose special talent depends on the time of year, or even the time of day? Having an ice cream cone, a snowflake, a flashlight, or even a sandcastle as a cutie mark would really make a pony feel useless during, for lack of a better term, their off season. Or maybe I am just I am just being a youtube analyst reading too much into it.

Now ah asked ya fifteen minutes ago t'go get the shovels from the shed, and ah still ain't seen ya go anywhere near it.

These need to be capitalized.

"But y'told me ah ain't allowed in yer shed,"

This should be capitalized.

...once more in various parts of the town. Fluttershy and Courage had come to pay her a visit,

An unprecedented three extra spaces.

I am glad to see that this story is not dead. Bravo for not succumbing to trolls. The mass simultaneous abduction of children seems familiar to me. Though I do not remember where I saw it last...

I did like the South Park references.

I look forward to more.


5710435 Was the 'unprecedented' really necessary?

Was it?

5710485 :rainbowlaugh: Well, considering it means "never done or known before" and you never have had three extra spaces before, I felt it was apt.:rainbowwild: But the next time you have three extra spaces, "unprecedented" will not be necessary.

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