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I'm a brony who loves Dinosaurs, Pokèmon, Sonic, Godzilla, anime, and SPORE... What more could I want? Birthday is April 21st...


Narrated by Optimus Prime of the Autobots!

Equestria, a magical land ruled and controlled by ponies, has been at peace since Tirek has been defeated by Princess Twilight and her friends. She is now the newly titled Princess of Friendship, and with her friends; Applejack, Rarity, Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy, usher in a newfound era of goodwill to all pony-kind…


In the distant past, in another dimension, lies an ancient Earth. Upon this planet lives the mightiest and most successful race of creatures ever known to the human race; the Dinosaurs. Unlike Equestria, Earth was, and still is, a violent and chaotic place where only nature has absolute authority of it's varied lifeforms. Fate was cruel when a extra-terrestrial event saw the end of the mighty dinosaurs…

But the cosmos had other plans…

In a freak of nature, five different species of dinosaurs called the Dromeosaurids, or Raptors, wake up in unfamiliar territory, a whole new world for them to thrive on…

And that world is Equestria!!!

Is it the start of something big? Will friendship be enough to control creatures of pure, unrestrained instinct? Can Twilight and friends crack the mysteries of what is happening to their world??? Find out NOW!!! Find out in...

My Little Pony - The Age of Dinosaurs!!!

This is a remake of Dihinner's 'Raptor' story. More Mesozoic animals, more wonder, more fear, than anything before, or possibly after. I eagerly await reviews and comments, and am also waiting for suggestions from you brilliant writers...

And yes, I made that picture, background found on Google, Fluttershy by someone on DeviantArt, and the dinosaur, an Allosaurus, I made from scratch. I hope to replace it with a better, more fitting one in the future...

Here is a couple spin-offs of this story (expect more being put in here...)
My Little Pony - Giants of Patagonia
My Little Pony: The Guardians of Equestria by Laci the Hunter
The Age of Dinosaurs - Teratophoneus by Hirohito

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Intriguing read. I will be watching you closely. :)

5189449 Thanks, but to get a better grasp of the story, read the original story titled Raptor by Dihinner...

Flying animal is the pterosaur from the fourth Walking with dinosaurs, right?

Just thought I would let Ya know..... Her name is spelt Pinkie Pie.

Well, and from real life, I suppose...

You know raptors (at least velociraptors) were about the size of a house cat?

Re the T-Rex: Very few challenged it's rule? How about nothing could, we think a T-Rex was basically invincible. It could reach speeds of up to fourty miles (I think, might be kilometres) per hour (faster than Usain Bolt) and apparently reach its top speed in about ten seconds. Its skin could withstand an RPG without so much a puncture and its jaw is the most powerful machine ever created on earth.

Just saying :pinkiehappy:

Anyway, now to critique (only for chapter 1):
What's with the transformers? It severely dampened the story for me.
This chapter dragged on so much, it was almost painful, we don't need to know these things, just... Get on with it...

T-Rex should be a big deal (I refer you to my earlier comment) don't just go 'oh, a T-Rex.'

I kinda missed the point, maybe because I hadn't read 'Raptor', but I shouldn't have to, this is a different story. You say better grasp, but that strikes me as lazy, a way of saying (I can't be bothered telling the story I want to tell, so I'll let someone else tell it.

I really want to like any story with dinosaurs in, but for now, I just, can't, sorry.

Hmm, better, however, an annoying thing:

Dinosaurs are reptiles, cold-blooded, I don't think cuddling together for warmth is their thing.
I am glad you made the speedy thieves the pathetic tagalong, like the hobbits. Usually when I see people write about sapient dino's they fall into the trap of JP's six-foot-doorknob-twiddling-hyper-intelligent turkeys, rather than the awkward pathetic pigeon-hunters that I like to think are the Jack-Russell of the dinosaur world.

5191482 Well, the transformers thing was sparked by me watching a dinosaur documentary that was narrated by Peter Cullen, so I thought, Optimus would make an interesting choice to start the story, he was just there to explain the dinosaurs story in his universe (and kinda be the narrator)...
Also, it is indirectly tied with another story I'm writing, that has nothing to do with the ponies sadly...:pinkiesad2:

The raptors sizes were as follows;
Velociraptor - the size of a turkey
Dromeosaurus & Pyroraptor - they were house cat sized
Deinonychus - the size of a REAL Timber Wolf
Utahraptor - a little taller than a human

About T. rex, I definitely have big plans for him, so don't worry. About that 'few who challenged' thing, it's because the one thing a Tyrannosaurus fears more than anything, is another T. rex, and there was a news article of a newly discovered oviraptorid who was bigger and lived at the same time as T. rex... You can trust me that T. rex will be awesome as he is always depicted, he is one of my all-time favorites, but I will be realistic when all carnivores, T. rex included, are (to put it bluntly) cowards.
Plus, your information on T. rex is severely wrong, read about it from official sources, because a lot of the facts you stated have been proven wrong by paleontologists and there are prehistoric animals that do make the king of dinosaurs look like a wimp...

And about 'Raptor' it was unfortunately cancelled so I tried to give credit where it was due, and it felt a little wrong to leave it out of the picture, especially since it nailed a few paragraphs that I couldn't even try to retell...

The exposition with the time periods actually spoil some of the animals that will show up in Equestria. Sorry if it felt a little dragged on...:twilightblush:

Though a little harsh, I greatly appreciate the criticism you gave, thank you...:twilightsmile:

5191514 And the dinosaurs being cold-blooded thing is now a 'prehistoric' idea that has now been proven false by scientists... Now scientists agree that dinosaurs have more in common with modern birds than reptiles...Even Jurassic Park had mentioned it by Alan Grant at the beginning...
Plus, many animals do something similar today, and scientists agree that animal behavior almost always never changes. The best way to see how the dinosaurs live is by looking at living animals today for clues based on fossil evidence...

You really should read up on dinosaurs now, because the science is always changing, and throwing what we thought we knew out the window...

It definately did that to me...:facehoof:

5190338 Crap!!!:facehoof:

Thank you for letting me know about that error on my part...

I always spelled it that way, for some strange reason...:rainbowhuh:

5190296 Maybe...:ajsmug:

There are pterosaurs close to that size and could grow even bigger possibly, since there are so many animals yet to be discovered. So, it's a maybe...:pinkiehappy:

Very clever guess...:eeyup:

How could those dinosaurs recognize each other's species? Those species lived almost 100 million years apart.

5200311 By body shape, the raptors know their raptors, I never stated they knew their species, yet...

Equestria is slowly changing them, before long the dinosaurs will identify themselves the same way the ponies identify themselves, it's a matter of how long till it happens...

Waiting paitentljy for a seismosaurus or T. rex

5207156 Seismosaurus was actually discovered to simply be a bigger species of Diplodocus...:twilightblush:

Tyrannosaurus will show up, but it's not going to show up immediately, and you can guarantee when it does show up, it will make its presence known to the citizens of Equestria...:pinkiegasp:

5207233 also, we need a T. Rex vs a dragon or hydra.

Fun fact, a t rexs arms are not vestigial, and can lift up to 1 ton

5207284 Yeah, I knew about the T. rex's arms, but they don't carry a ton, more like 400 pounds would be a better estimate.

Don't worry, as I seem to be repeating myself, I have big plans for the tyrant lizard king, I just don't want to spoil anything just yet...

i already know what the giant sea monster was that destroyed the ship, a liopleurodon

Nice Sea Monsters reference at the end. :twilightsmile:

5210773 Surprisingly, no… It is not Liopluerodon, in real life it doesn't get that big. It's really a nastier monster than Liopluerodon… But otherwise, good guess…:eeyup:

5211753 Actually, I never saw that film, that was truthfully a true scientific fact about this specific species of marine reptile, whose identity will be revealed soon…:twilightsmile:

dont tell me t-rex in the next chapter

great now crystal empire is in dire situation and dagerous glooming effect

5211820 damn it i was sure of it unless less you are referring to the t-rex of the deep

5212061 not just any T-rex...

also, if the t-rex becomes sapiant, it should call itself Grimlock and speak in hulk speak

5212061 Unfortunately, no...:fluttercry: It is not a T. rex, but is a close evolutionary relative, in other words, another species. But otherwise a really good guess, my friend...:twilightsmile:

5214486 Well, the dinosaurs are certainly getting smarter, but the only ones who have the highest possibility of become sentient are dinosaurs like Dromeaosaurus or Troödon. For any other dinosaur to have the kind of sentience your talking about would take millions of years and if nature selected their traits of greater intellect to evolve...And even then, they would be new species of dinosaur that runs our favorites to extinction due to being out-competed by them...:fluttercry:
Also, please don't add anything like that video in the comments, with the swearing in all. I don't tolerate that kind of language so I'm telling you as a warning, any other comments with inappropriate language WILL be deleted...:pinkiegasp:

You say you love godzilla? Godzillasaurus confirmed for this fic.

5223581 oh, okay. sorry about that.

... why do i have the feeling Pinkie is going to find a toothless T. rex and name it Gummy Sr.?

5224664 No, not the fictional dinosaur that becomes Godzilla, I have an Idea to include the real species of dinosaur named after the kaiju called, Gojirasaurus, the largest Triassic carnivorous dinosaur ever discovered...:facehoof:

5225599 Well, it's fine, it is simply how I was raised where I don't like fowl language... Hmm, I like the idea, but I don't like the dinosaur in the idea...Time for some brain storming...:pinkiegasp:

5227710 oh ok. I don't know why, but I've always thought that gojirasaurus was related to coelophysis. Is this true?

I can think of several way to give a T.rex a grand entrance.

1. in the middle of a SECOND changeling invasion

2. this one is kinda crazy, but what if some of the dinosaurs where not only spacially displaced, but temporally? it would explain several tthings about spike, if hes say... a crossbreed between a dragon and a T.rex?

3(My favriot) Tyrant Lizerd King, possesed by the tyrant king of ponys... (Face it, demonic T.rex = awsomeness, and you get you major villian)

also, a funny little theory. I always though T.rexs where basically what would happen if a dragon was raised in a magic free enviroment... make of that what you will...

i wonder how pinkie meets gummy's really old relative, Postosuchus?

hmm i wonder if prehistoric crocodile appear next

and as for celestia dino pet name i think peak?

Triceratops shall be called BiS. Or something related to BestinSlot. Maybe Budderbinky.

Also I love how m since the Triassic era was mainly desert left over from the Permian, that all the Triassic animals wound up in the desert. Did you do that on purpose or was it a coincidence?

5235958 Strangely, though your suggestions are perfect, I already have a idea of what I want the Tyrannosaurus to be in the story, I am now going to plot on how to use one of your ideas…:trixieshiftleft:

5241140 I believe if Pinkie is meeting any old prehistoric croc, it will either be Sarcosuchus or Deinosuchus, and Postosuchus isn't a true crocodile, it's an archosaur…

5241203 Not in the next chapter but really close into the future. When I cannot say, and FINALLY, a suggestion for the baby Triceratops' name, got one for White Tip's daughter?:pinkiehappy:

5242299 Like the Budder, not the binky, hmm…

5242304 In the story's universe, half-and-half… When I wrote it, definitely NOT a coincidence!:pinkiehappy:

soo what next spinosaurus from jurrasic park?

T rex ain't that cool, if one tripped while running they could shatter their ribcage and it would puncture their lungs and other chest organs making 'em scanvenger food

Just saying

Comment posted by Nameless cow deleted Nov 21st, 2014

5295504 I don't have anything against you commenting, but for my sake, please refrain from using swear words. I have a weird quirk with swearing, it is a rather personal thing I have against those kinds of words...

Okie dokie loki

Hmm... Ah!


Are you sure? The guy who write this didn't say that this Sea Monster have four flips. It might be a Mosasaur.

5293329 Hmm,:unsuresweetie: you're half right, that's all I can say...

5294040 Tyrannosaurus IS in Equestria, but that dinosaur could be a totally different species, starting with the next chapter, I'm thinking of having dinosaurs virtually unknown to modern science start roaming the lands of Equestria...What do you think of that idea?:pinkiehappy:

5354069 :twilightsheepish: A funny thing about that sea monster that ripped that pirate ship apart, I only detailed its head, but it is certainly a prehistoric reptile...The sea monster's identity, it is actually a specific species of Pliosaur, can you guess which one?:ajsmug:

5361924 heck yes, and I have two words for the first ones to do... FOSSIL POKEMON!

Can't wait to see they are exploring the sea and face-to-face with Xiphaticnus and Giant Mosasaur such as Tylosaur.

And that would be mean Sea of Equestria had become... THE MOST DANGEROUS SEA THAT EVER EXIST!

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