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After saving the future from Paradox, Yusei prepares to return to his own time. But when the Crimson Dragon veers off course in the rift, Yusei finds himself in a strange new world... populated by brightly colored talking equines. Yusei meets Twilight Sparkle and her friends and becomes their friend as well, even teaching them how to duel. But something isn't sitting right with Yusei and he soon learns why he was brought here when an ancient enemy reappears and goes on a destructive rampage.

This is my first attempt at pony fanfiction, though not my first try at writing in general. I have no idea how this is gonna go, but be honest.

Regarding the duels: I intend to describe the actual gameplay just as much as the monsters and card animations. I'm not just a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, but a Duelist myself. As far as the rules go, I'll try to help the unfamiliar understand the game in the beginning. Card and player stats will also be displayed during the duel portions of the story (I'll try and write it so that they don't disrupt the flow of the story too much). But beyond the stats and character descriptions of their cards, you'll have to look stuff up yourself. You can do so on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki.

DISCLAIMER: My Little Pony! Friendship is Magic, all Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game are copyright their respective owners. All original story elements are mine and may not be reproduced without my consent.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 245 )

This looks really good, I can't wait to see the Mane 6's deck structures. (If they duel) :pinkiesmile:

Rarity : Cristal Beast
Applejack : DES
Twilight : Tech Genus
Fluttershy : Beast
Rainbow Dash : Dragon
Pinkie Pie : Randomness



Sweet I loved the show I use to do duels in the playground my mate always got figging exodius on the field within six rounds even when other people(including me) shuffled his deck.I hate fusion since I didn't have the spell card for it



:moustache:with ponies

DID sompony say CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Exactly what I was thinking!

Here's hoping this will be an awesome story! :moustache:

This fic might turn out to be longer than I expected, but all in all I don't want it to go for longer than a single day in Equestria. I can tell you guys right now there's not going to be more than five duels. I've also got the first one written already. I won't say who's dueling, but I had a lot of fun outlining the duel itself.

114777 Here's what I think each character would run.

Twilight: Spellcasters (seems obvious, but they require clever tactics to run, which suits her perfectly)
Rarity: Crystal Beasts or Gem-Knights
Fluttershy: Naturia
Pinkie Pie: Ojama
Applejack: Genex/R-Genex or Gladiator Beasts
Rainbow Dash: Ally of Justice (Exclusively a Turbo Duelist)

This is good and has lots of potential, however the ponies where much to trusting. At least Rainbow Dash would be suspicious. There is also something called show not tell. An Example would be instead of this
"Twilight slid the book she just finished back into its place on the shelf. It was about lunch time so she decided to go to the kitchen and make a daffodil sandwich. She saw Spike coming down the stairs and heard his stomach rumble." it could be like this:

Twilight Sparkle blinked her tired eyes and yawned, sliding the leather bound book onto one of the shelves. Looking out the window to her right she scrunched up her violet eye and gazed at the sun, "almost noon" the purple pony observed. Stretching her stiff legs the unicorn turned from the stack of books still not read and with a clip-clop entered the kitchen. Hearing a rumble the violet maned unicorn turned and saw a small purple and green dragon enter the room clutching his stomach in mild embarrassment.


Here's my take on that idea:

Twilight, Rarity, AJ and Fluttershy I agree with, but I had other ideas for the other two.

Pinkie is extremely goofy and random; she'd definitely have a Toon deck. It's absolutely perfect for a lunatic like Pinkie:pinkiehappy:.

Ally of Justice for Rainbow?:rainbowhuh: Come on, she's a weather pony who lives in a cloud mansion; the Cloudian deck was made for her. All of the monsters in the deck are clouds, from Ghost Fog to Eye of the Typhoon, so they'd be a perfect fit for her. Plus, there's one strategy I have just recently began using in that deck which has proven quite deadly: Wave Motion Cannon. The Cloudian deck is the ultimate shield deck; just use Sanctuary in the Sky or Spirit Barrier and you render all your opponent's attacks useless, so it's perfect for building a defense while charging up Wave Motion Cannon so you can obliterate your opponents.

haha yes
omg finally i see a yu gi oh/ my little pony crossover
:D this is going to be amazing


115544 Yeah, Pinkie running Toons I can definitely see. Ojama still makes sense, though.

As for Dash, my reasoning for that was she would be exclusively a Turbo Duelist. You know, Speed World and all that. I had considered the Cloudians, but they would not function as well in Speed World or Speed World 2.

115559 Sorry, but I can guarantee that the Dark Magician Girl will NOT be making an appearance here.

115448 Yeah, I'll work on that. Outlining duels seems to be more my forte, so I'm a bit out of practice when it comes to actually describing things. Still, I'm thinking it'll get better as the story progresses.


I think Cloudians could still work in a turbo duel. The Sanctuary in the Sky is one of two cards that can work to set up the Cloudian shield combo; since it can't be used in a turbo duel Dash could just use Spirit Barrier instead. Because Spirit Barrier is a trap card, it could be used in a turbo duel. Another reason why I'd like to see her use Cloudians in a turbo duel is because I think it would look just plain awesome; after a few laps the entire battlefield will look like a horror movie with all the fog left behind in the monsters' wake (and the Fog Counters flying around).


I can guess where this is going


Okay disregard what I just said.I think this story is going to turn out really well but I can't help but feel you could add to the text for example when you talked about the ride back to ponyville you could had said something about the thoughts of the CMC rather than "That's about the same as my scooter"


119989 I'm with him Yusei should have a much better deck if it's after beating paradox.


119989 I'm with him Yusei should have a much better deck if it's after beating paradox.

Are those Spellcaster cards from a new structure deck? I've never heard of them before. Looking froward to playing with those!:pinkiehappy:

You could do wonders by adding some more details to the story, but otherwise it seems fairly good.

Only one other thing comes to mind that would also rev this story up about 20% cooler. And that would be Scootaloo with a Duel Scooter.:scootangel:

make dash play....and everypony else
i can see that it will be totally awesome :D

120173 They've actually been out for a while, but some of them DID come from a structure deck, particularly the Field Spell, as well as a powerful monster that will be appearing in the next duel.

119989 I'll do what I can with Yusei's deck, but I've really only got 34 slots to work with- well, 22 now, since I wrote this duel. Out of his main deck, we saw six cards played against Paradox, and he hasn't been able to modify it because the Crimson Dragon brought him to Equestria right after they dropped Jaden off in his own era.

Trust me, the duel's going to get a LOT better.

120432 I'm still debating on whether or not I want Dash to duel. If everypony talks me into it, I'll see what I can do about that.

OK i thought this was crap then i actually read it you have insta earned all of da tracks

Had to make one minor change to chapter two. Twilight sets three cards at the end of her last turn instead of two. Trust me, this is important. It fixes a glitch on my part.


I still dont get the whole "a card game is the most important thing in the world" thing in the Yu-gi-oh series.

127573 Well, it has to do with the true origins of the card game. Duel Monsters actually live in their own dimension- well, numerous dimensions, really. But they can occasionally cross into the human world. More often than not, they are simply called upon by humans, or another duel-capable force, but sometimes they can actually possess humans, and can even take full control of them on rare occasions. More often than not, though, it's merely a heavy influence.

A lot of Duel Monsters history is also based on the Egyptian beliefs of the Ba and Ka, the two aspects of the soul. The Ba is the energy of the soul, and the Ka is the spirit that reflects the nature of that person. The Ka usually manifests as a single Duel Monster spirit, though some humans can have multiple spirits associated with them. But in all cases, there is one that is more prominent than the others. Three primary examples are Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei, whose Ace Monsters are the Dark Magician, Elemental HERO Neos, and Stardust Dragon, respectively. Sometimes, however, a Duel Monster spirit might forcefully bond with a human; this never ends well. Key examples include Yubel from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and the Dark Signers of 5D's being possessed by the spirits of the Nazca Lines.

Basically, the card game is, in a modern sense, a literal clashing of souls. Though there are times when it makes little sense to use this card game over other means, there are other times when that is not the case. For example, the time-traveling menace Paradox, who stole Yusei's Stardust Dragon, dueled against the three heroes in order to prove a point: That Duel Monsters would be the end of them all. He very nearly succeeded too. Another key example is Yami Marik from the original series. Though he had the power of a Millennium Item at his disposal, even that magic had rules to follow. Plus, he was sadistic.

I know nothing about dueling, this's boring.

That... is one heck of a chapter. :pinkiehappy:
I've tried writing duels in stories few times myself and I know from that experience that it isn't the easiest thing to do. Feel proud of how well you're pulling it off, you deserve great praise for it.

man, if he has shooting star dragon or majestic star dragon, twi's toast. if he has shooting quasar, she's dead.


From what I can tell so far my deck could beat them both but I use old cards not 5D's

127851 I do apologize. If you like, here are a few basics that might help you out.

1) You can Normal Summon 1 monster from your hand each turn. Level 5 and 6 monsters require a sacrifice, and Level 7 and above requires 2 sacrifices.

2) You can Special Summon as many times as possible in a turn. Anything that isn't a Normal or Flip Summon counts as a kind of Special Summon.

3) Most Spells you can only play on your turn. Quick-Play Spells you can put face-down to play on either player's turn. Traps, on the other hand, can be played on either player's turn, but you must put them face-down for one turn before they can be used.

4) When monsters fight, the one with the most points wins the battle. If both monsters were in Attack Mode, the losing player takes damage equal to the difference in their ATK. Monsters can also attack players directly if that player has no monsters on the field.

5) Each player is given 4000 Life Points at the start of the duel in the anime (8000 in the real card game). When your Life Points reach zero, you lose.

128050 This takes place just before Yusei returns to his era from the past during the Bonds Beyond Time movie, which took place before Crash Town. Yusei can call upon Majestic Star Dragon, but he doesn't have Shooting Star or Quasar yet.

128009 Thank you so much. To be honest, I've had a lot of practice writing duels. I've also developed a system for outlining them that works pretty well for me.


128162 Oh so it takes place before the movie that explains a lot.


Wait how come Twilight is able to duel like this?Even if it was magic and she gained knowledge experience makes a huge difference for dueling.

128301 Well, it takes place AFTER the duel with Paradox. Once Yugi, Jaden and Yusei defeated him, Yusei took Jaden back to his own time period. When this story begins, Yusei is on his way back to his own era (the end of the movie) when the Crimson Dragon suddenly changes course and brings him to Equestria.

As for how Twilight is able to duel, it has to do with combining the inherent energy of Duel Monsters and the Momentum in Yusei's Duel Disk with her own powerful magic. She was able to create a fully functional Duel Disk with her own magic that is fueled by the natural magic of Equestria. In addition to that, the inherent magic of Duel Monsters combined with Equestrian magic gave her the knowledge of how to duel. Basically, magic downloaded the rulebook into her brain. She's also pretty clever, so her natural understanding of the rules combined with her own resourcefulness in reading and research makes her a formidable opponent.

omg why ^
lol...i really want to see Yusei win :3
and then Dash "gets in on the action"
oh thatd be awesome
but the author should suprise us
and when i say that, i just want you to suprise me :D

I HATE the synchro monsters. There just another way to pull of some bullshit fusion effect to piss off your oponnet :flutterrage:


While it is true that a lot of Synchros are quite powerful, they were actually very important to the 5D's storyline.


I've never seen 5Ds yet. Still trying to catch up with GX :yay:

131142 Okey-doke. Just make sure you get through the 4th season of GX, unless you're watching it already. Epic stuff.

As for 5D's... well, it's also pretty awesome. It starts off really gritty, and you can already tell there's some serious stuff going on. Then our heroes get flung into conspiracies that actually span thousands of years. Between the past and the future, the present is in constant danger.


I swear if Rainbow Dash comes even close to beating him*Blows up japan* oops didn't mean that:rainbowderp:

i can see where this is going :D
i think...

Yeah, the Dash/Yusei Turbo Duel will be written after the actual story is finished. For now, I just want to get to the next two duels. Small preview: Yusei will be teaming up with someone (not Twilight) against Discord!

10 bits Rarity appears above Spike.

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