• Published 26th Oct 2014
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My Little Pony - The Age of Dinosaurs - StrangeBehavior

Equestria, a magical land ruled and controlled by the ponies, has had a period of peace for a thousand years…Now, ancient predators of another world start to appear…Is it the start of something greater and a warning of disasters to come

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Prologue: The Mesozoic Era

Earth, a mysterious planet located in the Solar System, within the Milky Way galaxy. Since it came into being four-point-eight billion years ago, it has seen much change, from it's native lifeforms to the very planet itself. Its organic creatures vary in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from the humans I have come to know and the various animals that populate its life-giving surface.

Throughout its natural history, no race had captured the human's imagination better, and no race had captured my fascination more than the creatures the humans call, the Dinosaurs. When these ancient creatures roamed the planet, my own planet was under the grip of a terrible civil war. The Decepticon's chief scientist, Shockwave, used a technology belonging to the Ancients of our world to study the various planets they traveled to eons ago. He came across a primordial Earth and became fascinated with the Dinosaurs, so much so that he captured several of my fellow Autobots and subjected them to horrible experiments. The result was a permanent, alternate form, modeled after several species of the planet's prehistoric animals on several soldiers, I deeply regret the agony they have gone through.

The dinosaurs dominated the Earth for over two-hundred and thirty million years, evolving into millions of species varying in size and shape. However, like all good things, it must come to an end, one way or another, and it came in the form of a massive meteor that came on a collision at where the Yucatan Peninsula will be, sixty-five million years from that point. The dinosaurs, eventually, succumbed to extinction after the meteor crashed into the planet. I, Optimus Prime, will continue researching more about these animals with my human companion, to learn more about their lifestyles to prepare for a important mission.

To keep our foes from using their might…To bend others to their will…

Deep within the Everfree Forest in the magical land of Equestria, a lone Timberwolf managed to corner a couple of squirrels, as it growled hungrily at its prey. The squirrels hugged each other tightly, accepting their fate, when they and the Timberwolf heard a loud crack echo in the air, the wind violently blew, the creatures cringed in fear, feeling that something big was coming to their world.

In the Canterlot castle, the high-ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia, wakes up in a cold sweat as she felt an incredible disturbance in her world, causing her to experience horrible nightmares.

Her younger sister, Princess Luna, came inside sensing Celestia's nightmares, as she asked..."Sister! Are you alright?"

Celestia took a deep breath and answered, "Yes, I'll be fine, I just was having bad dreams."

Luna said with slight worry in her voice, "Sister, it was no bad dream, something distorted your dreams to feel like nightmares…"

She was interrupted by the loud crack and then what felt like tremors from the air, a skyquake. Celestia and Luna felt their bones quiver from the tremors, then in an instant, a ear-splitting screech rung through miles surrounding Canterlot. Many of Equestria's citizens placed their hooves over their ears, gritting their teeth from the intense pain of the high pitched screech.

Luna continued after the sound subdued, "Something is coming to Equestria, dear sister…Something big…"

The regal ruler stood from her bed and walked to the window as she said, "Luna, I fear it is much greater than this…"

Celestia then started to write a message, readying to send it to the one pony she could trust, she just hopes the power she felt isn't from an old foe of long ago…

Planet Earth - 65,000,000 B.C.E. - In the dense forests of what will be Helen, Montana; a group of small feathered dinosaurs, the raptors were called Dromeosaurus, were beginning to eat their kill, when tremors rattle through the woods. Their source, a large predator, they belong to the scourge of the American west, Tyrannosaurus, a carnivore whose rule was only challenged by a few animals, eyes the raptor's kill and bellows loudly as the small carnivores flee from the tyrannosaur's jaws. The Dromeosaurus pack patiently wait for the larger carnivore to eat his fill, hoping there will be enough meat left over for them to scavenge.

Meanwhile in Madagascar, a herd of sauropods called Rapetosaurus walk through a cluster of dense foliage of a expansive jungles, near what will be the the city of Majunga in the present. A young Rapetosaurus ventures slightly away to feed on some plants on the ground, until he got a nasty surprise from a female Majungasaurus as the abelisaur grabbed the youngster at the base of his neck. The young male tries to shake his attacker off, but her specially developed jaws prevent him from shaking free and only aid the abelisaur into getting her food, as the shaking makes the serrated teeth tear deeper gashes on his flesh. The Rapetosaurus felt his muscles weakening and his vision failing, as a combination of shock, blood loss, and exhaustion, spelled the end for him as a male Majungasaurus joined the female to the kill, he bellowed, hoping his herd will save him…

Planet Earth - 155,000,000 B.C.E. - At what will be the coastlines of Portugal, a lone pair of Allosaurus challenge a much larger Torvosaurus for control of this territory filled with herbivorous dinosaurs. The male and female Allosaurus croak loudly to try to intimidate their larger aggressor, but it only worked for a few seconds, as the huge carnivore growled viciously at the pair.

The Torvosaurus charged at the male in hopes of crushing its neck in his jaws, the female got out of his sight and readied for something, the allosaur ducked just in time as the ravenous beast snapped his jaws at nothing. The male Allosaurus then lurched his head up and head-butted the Torvosaurus at his neck. The humongous theropod stepped back and coughed violently as he tried to catch his breath, it was only now did he notice something off about the female, she was not next to her mate, and he was too late to process where she was, as he felt a terrific surge of pain on his back as the female swung her top jaw down and the male charged to do the same…

Planet Earth - 80,000,000 B.C.E. - Deep in Mongolia's desert, a pack of Velociraptors are eyeing a lone Mononychus as it searched for a scorpion it saw crawling into a dead tree bark. The leader sounded a series of clicks to her companions, as two ran east of her and one ran west, she sneaked up to her unsuspecting prey, trying to get as close as she can. Unfortunately, the Mononychus happened to look up and saw his stalker getting close, he let out a frightening screech and ran away from the raptor as she gave chase.

He turned sharply as one more lunged out with her jaws snapping at his tail, now with two Velociraptors on his tail, the one-clawed coelurosaur started to panic and squawked loudly, making a herd of Protoceratops watch it being chased. The Mononychus found its group and made a dash, squawking all the way when in an instant, he heard a familiar screech and was knocked to his side. The other two raptors ambushed him and quickly killed the six-foot chicken, the two females shortly came up and joined the two males in the feast of their fresh kill. The leader looked at a sand dune and noticed something wrong, she leapt up to a dead tree and called her pack to warn them, but it was too late as the sand dunes gave way collapsed…

No matter what time and place throughout the Mesozoic Era, eventually these amazing creatures eventually face extinction, whether it was climate changes or the last straw that was a mountain-sized meteor that ended their reign over the Earth. But, our story truly starts with an unusual event that triggers a great change in the world of the ponies…

And it also begins with us asking this question… What will Equestria be like, if it had visitors unlike anything they faced before?

In a castle near Ponyville, its newly titled Princess of Friendship, was sleeping as in her dreams, a voice kept saying a single word, and it was…


In the distance, a bone-chilling animal screech echoed through the valley…

Author's Note:


Well, this is going to be a real treat for Equestria's citizens…

Can you guess what made that screech at the end?

A thing to note about the opening paragraph, I originally got the idea after seeing the documentary, Bizzare Dinosaurs, narrated by Peter Cullen and thought, "Whoa! Peter Cullen rocks being a narrator for a dinosaur documentary!!" So, I then thought that Optimus Prime would be an excellent person to start this story up. Sadly, this is no Transformers Crossover, (awesome it would be), he was just there to get the fiction rolling.

I sincerely hope for reviews and be sure to check the original Raptor by Dihinner. That screech is tied with the original…So read the (T-T) cancelled original to get a better grasp of the story I am wishing to tell to you…