• Published 26th Oct 2014
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My Little Pony - The Age of Dinosaurs - StrangeBehavior

Equestria, a magical land ruled and controlled by the ponies, has had a period of peace for a thousand years…Now, ancient predators of another world start to appear…Is it the start of something greater and a warning of disasters to come

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Chapter 6: Mysteries of the Chest and Device

A half-hour had past since the mysterious chest and small device suddenly appeared, Celestia had finished talking to Twilight and her friends about what she was told by messengers. Things were silent for the ponies, except for the sound of the raptors, who are furiously trying to escape their confinement in the background.

Twilight asked Celestia, "Wait, there are more of these creatures popping up in Equestria? Like, this mysterious flying creature that was last spotted at Little Hoof Creek, or these reptile looking things in Appleloosa digging up the buffalo tribe's burial grounds and eating their deceased?"

Celestia answered, "And many more of different sizes and shapes. Thankfully, there have been reports of these creatures being either eating vegetation or small carnivores simply being nuisances to the citizens. However, the reports of a band of criminals being torn to shreds by what only one survivor says was three carnivorous with unusual crests on their heads…"

Rainbow Dash spoke up, "And that big monster that came out of the Everfree Forest, right?"

Celestia said, "Right Rainbow Dash, it's the fact that these creatures are here that makes me think that there are bigger creatures, just as or more terrifying than they are."

Rarity commented, "Well certainly you could have…mm…what's the word I'm looking for…uh, 'sugar-coated' that news if you could, no disrespect…"

Celestia raised a hoof and said, "No need, I understand what you meant Rarity."

Twilight then said, "Well I'm amazed that this creature you brought with you is actually a baby, and that its mother was found dead outside the Canterlot Gardens. I still can't believe the size and appearance of it, it's amazing."

They saw Pinkie Pie play with Celestia's Triceratops as he gleefully pushed a ball around and run away when he, unknowingly, popped it with his sharp beak.

Pinkie then added, "Yeah, and let's not forget that chest with the strange red insignia on the lid and that weird machine that came from it?"

A familiar voice then echoed in the room, "What is this I hear of a strange chest and a weird device? Perhaps…"
Discord then appeared and then continued, "…I can be of some help."

Elsewhere in Appleloosa, Braeburn, Little Strongheart, and several others were chasing their grave diggers, a group of Coelophysis, one of the early prototype dinosaurs of the Triassic era. The dinosaurs brayed in panic as their pursuers tried to corner them, and it seemed the primitive Coelophysis were finally cornered, no possible escape route.

Braeburn reared up and said triumphantly, "Ye-hah! We got ya' now, you thieving varmints!"

The Coelophysis brayed loudly and flashed their sharp teeth in an effort to scare the ponies and buffalo, when a loud, other-worldly roar echoed throughout the rocky cliffs. The Appleloosians looked around in surprise, but didn't see the Triassic dinosaurs cowering in fear and ran away, squeezing through the mammals and screeching all the way.

Then out of nowhere, a large reptile launched itself out of its hiding spot and grabbed one of the buffalo and dragged it down, and then a larger creature that slightly resembled the Coelophysis ran out from a corner after the reptile. The group saw what looked like a giant Coelophysis and a big crocodile fight over the torn remains of the buffalo. They were Gojirasaurus and Postosuchus respectfully, the largest theropod dinosaur of the Triassic and one of the largest archosaurs that lived. The Gojirasaurus, because of its posture, looked bigger and stronger than the Postosuchus, but the pseudo-croc has strength and muscle in spades. While many of the ponies and buffalo flee, Braeburn and Little Strongheart looked on with disbelief as the two Triassic predators fought each other violently.

Little Strongheart then said to Braeburn, "Uh, Braeburn, I believe we should get back to Appleloosa now…"

Braeburn replied, "You got that right, Little Strongheart! Let's get the heck outta here!"

The two ran as fast as they could, turning their heads to see the Gojirasaurus rip a chunk of flesh from the Postosuchus, as the archosaur roared in pain from the dinosaur's attack, Braeburn and Strongheart thudded into large prehistoric reptiles called Placerias and Lystrosaurus, they panicked and moved as fast as they could away from what their primitive minds perceived as threats. The pony and buffalo had never seen creatures like Placerias and Lystrosaurus before and panicked as well, running for Appleloosa…

"Hello Discord, you brought the cookies?" Fluttershy said to the draconequus.

Discord answered with a snap of his fingers, "Yes I did Fluttershy, and I also brought some tea for us to relax with…"

Discord yelled in pain as he saw the baby Triceratops, biting on his tail playfully, Fluttershy manages to get the ceratopsian to let go and he walked over to a decorative bush and nibbled on it.

Discord raised an eyebrow and remarked, "Haven't seen one of those before…"
He then appeared at the cage of the raptors and added, "Or these…They must be the 'feathered monsters' I've heard so much about…"

The Lord of Chaos leaned in a little too close as Pounce lunged at Discord and snapped her jaws at him. Discord pulled his head back as the jaws snapped at a few hairs and the spirit stuck his tongue out as the Deinonychus hissed menacingly.

Twilight said to him, "Discord, please don't provoke them, they are already mad enough as it is. And that small white one has apparently called itself a Velociraptor, one of Fluttershy's birds could apparently communicate with it."

A pegasus guard burst through the door saying, "Your highnesses, there's a large group of scaled creatures entering Ponyville!"

The ponies and Discord saw the creatures walking through Ponyville, and they were huge, one kind was a giant compared to the other. The smaller creatures were herbivore dinosaurs called Iguanodon, they had five dinosaurian fingers on their hands, and with the fifth being a thumb spike. These animals lived in Cretaceous England nearly one hundred and twenty million years ago, and are specially adapted to eating tough plants. The larger animals were the hadrosaur, Edmontosaurus, one of the last and largest of the duck-billed dinosaurs in North America, generally peaceful and rely on size and numbers to scare off the carnivores that eye them hungrily. The ponies in Ponyville had initially sought shelter, but eased up a little when they saw the dinosaurs eating the bushes and trees, showing that they were harmless.

A number of them walked down a road that Applejack recognized and said, "Those things are heading to Sweet Apple Acres!"

The farmer raced down the road, hoping to cut ahead of the Edmontosaurus and Iguanodon, while the others looked at the ones that remained in Ponyville square. Fluttershy walked up to a young female Edmontosaurus as she was munching on a bush. The pegasus gently pet the juvenile on the head that she seemed to like, Fluttershy smiled until an adult Edmontosaurus bellowed loudly and chased the pegasus away from the baby.

Rainbow Dash was about to fly to the adult for scaring Fluttershy until Celestia held her with magic and said, "That creature was just defending the baby, Rainbow Dash. It didn't intend to harm Fluttershy, look…"

Rainbow Dash saw the adult Edmontosaurus nuzzle the juvenile to a safer location in the middle of the herd.
Rainbow reluctantly said, "Fine, I get it, it is just being a parent."

Pinkie was holding the strange device suddenly, causing Discord to ask, "Pinkie Pie, what are you doing with that machine?"

The others then noticed the pink earth pony holding the device with Pinkie said aloud, "I wonder…could it…"

Twilight shouted at Pinkie and tackled her down on the ground, lecturing her on how dangerous it (the machine) could be, unaware that it triggered as a voice said,

Twilight gasped as the device opened in the middle with a clear screen, with a picture similar to the Iguanodon at the center.

The ponies looked at the device as it said in a computerized voice,

The device deactivated, leaving the ponies and Discord surprised, that Pinkie seemed to have figured out what it could do, on a hunch.

Pinkie said triumphantly, "YES! I suspected that was what that thing was for!"

Using the device, Twilight and her friends watch the Edmontosaurus and Iguanodon doing what their kind has done millions of years ago, grazing on the vegetation and drinking the cold water. Applejack came back looking tired, and decided to join her friends in doing what they were doing, whatever it was.

After an hour of using the device on various creatures in Ponyville, Twilight carelessly placed the machine on top of the chest, causing air to be released. The ponies and Discord ran over to the chest as it slowly opened, inside were various hardcover books with words etched on them and notebooks that were labeled in almost the same way.

Twilight was initially excited, but as she picked one book up, she uttered, "W-what?!"

Rarity asked what was wrong and Twilight said, "This word, I've seen and heard it before, it's…"

Twilight explained that some time ago, she was having weird dreams where there were voices uttering one word over and over again, and though all the titles on the books were different, they shared one thing in common…

a single word…

And what that word was, is one that seemed to spark worry in the hearts of ponies…
It was what some of the creatures appearing were called, and it was…


Author's Note:

A short chapter compaired to my previous, eh:unsuresweetie:, two…three chapters? But it is a nice build up to something, and now it definitely seems that not only dinosaurs are getting pulled into Equestria, as it seems any creature that lived alongside dinosaurs is now making a new home in the land of ponies.

And SERIOUSLY! You guys need to help me come up with suiting names for Celestia's pet Triceratops and White Tip's daughter, :raritystarry: PLEA-HE-HE-SE!!!!

Now for the new dinosaurs and other creatures that appeared in this chapter,
Gojirasaurus (I smell a Godzilla reference in the future:pinkiehappy:)
Placerias and Lystrosaurus

As always, creds to Dihinner, but at this point, I'm further along than he got since his story was cancelled.:pinkiesad2:

Please, don't be discouraged on suggesting a pony on dinosaur interaction, or a suggestion of another species of animal, of the Mesozoic Era only please.
Until next time…