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The end is coming.

Celestia has long known these final days would come. As the last remnant of the old gods, she has done all she can to save Equestria from its destined, bloody end.

Now all she can do is wait.

For it falls to the hooves of the Elements of Harmony to lead Equestria into battle against its greatest threat yet- the Twilight of the Gods.

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Madam, you intrigue me as ever! A pony style Ragnarok? The fate of the world in the balance? An Ice-bow?

You have earned your like and favorite miss. Moustaches for you.:moustache::moustache::moustache:

3196053 Icebows actually are a real phenomena, though they typically occur when the sun shines through high cirrus clouds as opposed to following blizzards like I have here. I've seen one before.

The Allfather looks favorably on submissions like this. Give sacrifice, and you will be favored by the ravens.

The coverart shows a dragon bursting fire onto Twilight. Yet the story begins with Windegos. I smell plot twists. :pinkiecrazy:

3404248 Or.... I was just lazy and couldn't find any pics of Windigoes, so I just plugged "mlp epic" into Google Images and grabbed the first thing that came up.:coolphoto:

Good start on this. I can totally see Celestia acting this way.

Excellent work on this chapter.

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