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Rarity is best pony. Never assume.


All good things must end.

Twilight knows this, but she's not prepared for the loss that shakes her heart.

But when her world is full of storm, there just might be a rainbow in the end.

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Nice story pretty enjoyable read I loved the sadness of it all :pinkiesad2: it was happy yet sad at the same time. It would be 20% cooler if you described the accident thought. Oh and those three dislikes are ponies that clicked the wrong symbol by accident. Liked and faved.

Wow. Just... wow. You've broken me. This was an exceptionally good story, and done to near perfection. Just a few things though; It seemed a little too short, perhaps even hurried. This isn't a bad thing, but it could have done with a little more description, especially about the accident.

Overall, a great story. 9.5/10, +1 thumb and a fav.

I can see why people press "dislike", story is great, well written... but just reading about Rainbow dying... just breaks my mind, for a moment, true its marked as "Sad", why do I read them when I know I'll end up sulking for 10 minutes after reading it...
I Don't know, I won't even mention how I felt after reading the Curse of the Alicorn...
But once again, great and well written story and a +1 from me.

Nice short story.
And I agree people just dislike because they don`t like to see Rainbow Dash die.

I prefer Appledash but this is truly amazing.
Perhaps you should do a follow-up from Rainbow's point of view.

I bucking cried. so much. :raritycry:

All my feels :fluttercry:

2378653 Is that David Tenet from "Doctor Who"? :unsuresweetie:

This is sad in such a beautiful way. :pinkiesmile:

2400341 oh, oaky! thanks so cute + sad

Darn you... Now you've gone and made me cry manly tears.... :pinkiesad2::fluttercry::raritydespair:

Whoever downvoted this doesn't have a heart.

I'm sweating through my eyes right now...



Feels! And it such a short bit of writing :fluttercry:

Ugh, ahh! Right in the feels! Take all my faves and thumbs up, plz!

The music I'm listening to didn't help me read this at all... Take my likes!

3585333 I would've replied sooner but my internet went down. I was listening to some very sad songs because I just felt like it :twilightsheepish:

Edit: The songs were by Eminem

That....hurt. It was beautifully written and I couldn't help but cry through the majority of it.... It takes an incredibly well written sad fic to make my favorites list but you did it. And I hate you for it. Excellently done.

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