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This story is a sequel to Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki!

Home is where my heart is, now I just have to find it. You know in a Void of Infinite realities. This should be "Fun".

After defeating the evil Twilight, Loki now lost in the void. Unable to find his Equestria he is forced to travel though the void itself.

Can he make a difference as the newly titled God of Balance, or would he fail to live up to the name?

All in all with two voices in his head a least he wouldn't go bored.

Co-written with thunderclap

Chapters (14)
Comments ( 103 )

*smirks* :D second favourite story IS BACK!.... also Second xD sorry had to :P

You sir just win a like and a favourite

Loki's back and has a opposite. Well not a random Discord, but still a mysterious opposite. :pinkiehappy: Oh is gonna be good.*grabs popcorn and chewed like a crazy bastard.*

imbalance ye say?well i`m... no one of importance really. carry on.
,ore please!

Fuck you this my burrito evil celestia

edit:i think imcrazy

Hey, you know what might make for an interesting matchup

Golden Freddy

I would really love to see the outcome of that.

When this story is updated the entire world will rejoice and McDonalds and Burger King will be friends.... Or you know only a small amount of people will give a damn. Also third

Loki vs Loki of asgard (Avengers).
This I will love to see or read or hear or watch, don't know how I would do it but I will find a way. Ps. You sir are a BADASS writer!

Interesting Fallout Equestria...


Let the Chaos begin!!!

Atleast... "We didn't start the fire~"

He turned away to get sucker punched across the face with a glowing fist from Eris sending him flying off into the sky.

She channeled a lot of energy into her hands. "I'll teach you to say that..."

Discord then add in. "Loki I got an idea, trick her into entering the void." Loki thought that over. Eris let loose the blast as Loki teleported away.

Well, that Is actuall pretty interesting. Is Eris going to interact with other displaced and maybe become a better person? Anyway, good job!:pinkiehappy:

6519755 oh she's going to be the Rival for Loki, and yes she can interact with them :raritywink:

6519760 No prob it's good practice. Hard to see your own errors for some reason.

Yay!:yay: Loki has a powerful rival!

This sequel and its daddy (the first one) do not get anywhere near enough credits. Kinda like most stories on this site actually.

My point is that. You, sir/madam enter-username-here are an amazing person and a brilliant writer. So much love. And so much hate. Just to balance it out.

With lots of Balance, me

Hmm very interesting


Sailing the infinite seas of the multiverse... just hope you dont run into any ultramarines

so the mane six of that world died? or corrupted it never said just fallen

6542166 I can leave it up to your imagination

Now that is the second most enjoyable starlight death.

Oh thank Tzeentch you didn't upload our crossover yet..
I still have to finish the one with Jason.

YESi just found out about this and i repeit YES
:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: times 100

Hundreds of Stormtroopers appeared lining up in front of Loki.

"Asunder?" Sunset questioned with a quirked brow. "Sounds like someone invested in a word of the day calendar."
"What, of course not," Loki replied with a chuckle.
"Psst, Loki," Discord whispered in his mind, "Tomorrow's word is pusillanimous."
'Thanks Discord, I'll keep that in mind.'

The city was under Shining Armor's barrier spell which was holding up despite the onslaught of missed firing shots. Loki was sure he spotted one that somehow shot himself and another three shooting each other 'They’re even dumber than the stormtroopers in the movies... wow.'

I applaud you my good sir:twilightsmile:


All hail the new lunar republic.
Ave! Ave! Ave!

One of these days, Loki's just gonna pull the Monado outa nowhere, and spam backslash and Monado buster, maybe a few chain attacks, and finish it off with a "I'm really feeling it" or "Now it's Loki time" with the most British accent. That's his level of randomness.

6743055 Probably not. I don't know anyone that's written a Vash the Stampede Displaced fic. :pinkiecrazy:

6754890 Nope, still don't know anyone who's written a fic like that. And it certainly wouldn't look like this.

loki goes too universe with power rangers from tv and megazords and villans and


enjoy the story, keep it up! Thanks :pinkiehappy:

Quick question:
There are multiple multiverses, I thought there was just one multiverse? Cause isn't the whole point of the multiverse being that there are infinite universes that differ from the smallest thing to the biggest thing?

There's a universe then there's a Multiverse there's also an Omniverse that's not just a Ben 10 gimmick that's an actual thing, a Multiverse is all starting from one beginning point and then continuing on, Omniverse is many multiverses because there can be different beginning points a Multiverse can from and all of those multiverses together makes up the Omniverse, make sense?

:trixieshiftleft: I think I wrote that right I can't tell :unsuresweetie:

7080014 megaverse's are a thing, it's before omniverse.

"You were this close to dieing you know." Discord said.


Odd. It says this updated in the Feed, but when I go to it, it shows no update.

7238474 yeah I had a chapter but I pulled it as it was well... terrible in my eyes

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