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Rarity is best pony. Never assume.


It's come to Rarity's attention that Twilight doesn't know the finer points of royal etiquette yet, so she gives her a few lessons on how to dance like a true princess would.

It's not like she has any ulterior motive for asking Twilight to dance under a romantic, starlit sky... right?

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All stars die.

Stars have a life cycle just like any living being, but much longer. The sun and stars seem immortal, always there, never changing. Yet they too are mortal, born with a set amount of fuel, and no amount of pleading from the planets they nurture can save a sun once the time is up.

But no one is ever prepared for the supernova shockwave.

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The end is coming.

Celestia has long known these final days would come. As the last remnant of the old gods, she has done all she can to save Equestria from its destined, bloody end.

Now all she can do is wait.

For it falls to the hooves of the Elements of Harmony to lead Equestria into battle against its greatest threat yet- the Twilight of the Gods.

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All good things must end.

Twilight knows this, but she's not prepared for the loss that shakes her heart.

But when her world is full of storm, there just might be a rainbow in the end.

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Sombra has won his desperate struggle agains the Princesses, becoming the supreme leader of Equestria and starting a dread tradition known as the Hunger Games.

Rarity has never liked fighting- or the outdoors, or anything that involves getting dirty. But when she steps up to save Sweetie Belle, she'll be thrust into an arena where kill or be killed is the order of the day.

Rainbow Dash has always dreamed of winning the Games- but she's been blinded to the reality of it long ago. Does she have what it takes to be a killer? Or are there other roads for her?

Twilight Sparkle's always been a loner, but she may find friendship in themes the most unlikely place. But in the arena, where friends can become enemies in a heartbeat, who can Twilight really trust?

Sweet, shy Fluttershy wouldn't hurt another pony to save her life. But when she finds herself in the arena, facing someone close to her heart, she'll have to do just that.

After he parent's death, Applejack has always been the provider of her family. But their lives are in jeopardy when she gets drawn in the reaping. With everything riding on her back, can Applejack win the games- with her sanity intact?

And Pinkie Pie only wants to bring light to the grim streets of District Twelve.But in the arena even the sunniest personalities can dim.

The Hunger Games have begun.

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