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Rarity is best pony. Never assume.


It's come to Rarity's attention that Twilight doesn't know the finer points of royal etiquette yet, so she gives her a few lessons on how to dance like a true princess would.

It's not like she has any ulterior motive for asking Twilight to dance under a romantic, starlit sky... right?

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So I've seen people use the first comment for author's notes, so I'll be doing that from now on.

Just a bit of Rarilight fluff to kick off the New Year.:rarity wink:

And never fear, Twilight of the Gods will update soon. It's not dead, I promise.:pinkiesad2:

You accidentally added an extra space between "rarity" and "wink."

Yay Rarilight! :yay: Thanks, there is so little Rarilight stories and that makes me sad because, besides Appledash, Rarilight is one of my favs!

Twilight's eyes widened in shock as Rarity's lips found hers. Is this really happening? What do I do? I've never been kissed before- what if I screw it up? I'm probably going to screw this up-

Twilight, kissing is one of the things you don't learn how to do. You just kind of...do it. It's so adorable seeing our little Twily grow up. :fluttercry:

3716654 My computer autocorrects things. It's really stupid.:facehoof:

Okay, this is cute. Usually I gravitate towards Appledash, but I'm hip to this, too. Upvote and a watch from me.

Twirity? Yes, please. Better be well written, sir or madam!

New Year, new RariTwi. Tis a good year so far. And a very good story to boot. Thank you for the smile I now have.

Love it! I've put it into my group Romance is Magic! You deserve it!

"It's just that-" her words came out in a rush- "you're so beautiful, Rarity. You dance so well. And I'm... nothing. Just the awkward, dorky Twilight Sparkle."

But awkward, dorky Twilight Sparkle is the best kind of Twilight Sparkle! :twilightblush:

Nice short and fluffy.

I liked it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Poor Spike.

Bravo. :moustache: I think it could have been a tad more spread out, but that may just be me. Either way, thumbs up for you, for this.

Terribly cliche, but so is most romance. Still cute and fun.

this was so adorable oh my stars i'm blushing okay like...this is just so cute!

Also, Twi is a total dork. Rarity needs to admit that to herself.

"You're so beautiful, Rarity. You dance so well. And I'm... nothing. Just the awkward, dorky Twilight Sparkle."

Oh, Twilight! :twilightsheepish:

Cute romantic one shot fic!

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