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Just popping in to give you a random Merry Christmas message! I hope your winter season goes well! :)

1070498 As appealing as that is, I feel that putting the kaiju in Equestia, especially Godzilla, seems a better idea as it allows to play onto Godzilla's 'force of nature' metaphor as opposed to Equestia where pretty much everything including nature is controlled by magic. But I will consider the 'Ponies on Kaiju Earth'. I've already got a list of kaiju I'm going to use. And I'm not having them talk!

1070496 Try to do something not a lot of people are doing on this site (ponies sucked into a human world where they encounter the Kaiju).

Hi. I'm new here and I myself am starting a MLP/Godzilla crossover. I was wondering if there was any advice you could give to a beginner like me.


Be sure to drop me a line if you have a story idea, I keep my outline loose so it's easy to interweave some plot details in

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