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Princess Skystar has lived her entire life beneath the waves years after her people were driven into hiding by a monster known simply as "The Storm King" and given sanctuary by the undersea empire of Mu, her days spent under the tutelage of the ryu Manda and under the watchful eye of her mother, Queen Novo. One day, Skystar decides it is time to venture above the surface, after a fateful encounter with Godzilla, King of the Monsters, peaks her curiosity due to his grudge towards humankind. Upon venturing to the surface, assuming a human form, Skystar seeks to uncover the mysteries of Godzilla's hatred toward mankind as well as try to restore the kingdom her people once ruled... even if it means risking an encounter with the Storm King.

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My best guess is King Ghidorah or one of the variations that bear the name Ghidorah. I think is pretty obvious why you picked the King of Terror over that goofball from the movie. He’s a world-ending threat after all.

I also went with him because the 2019 incarnation has storm based powers. Heck, one of his titles is "the Death Song of Three Storms".

Another promising story to keep an eye on.


I really do hate to say this, but to most Godzilla/Kaiju fans the answer really is obvious. While I appreciate you picking Ghidorah, making it so obvious feels like it’s taking away some of the suspense from the story. I hope I don’t sound too critical I am just trying my best to express the feeling of something missing from the story now.

It's okay. Besides, there's another reason why I picked the Death Song of Three Storms.

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