• Published 26th Oct 2014
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My Little Pony - The Age of Dinosaurs - StrangeBehavior

Equestria, a magical land ruled and controlled by the ponies, has had a period of peace for a thousand years…Now, ancient predators of another world start to appear…Is it the start of something greater and a warning of disasters to come

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Chapter 4: Post Tramatic Predator Disorder

Applejack asked to her princess friend, "Twilight, are you sure about having one of those feathered monsters in here?"

Twilight replied, "Applejack, I'm well aware of these feathered creatures and how dangerous they can be. This Velociraptor is much smaller than the ones that attacked you and Fluttershy, but I am familiar with the concept that 'looks can be deceiving', so I've got prepared to handle that. Don't worry, I'll be careful."

Applejack looked ready to press on about how dangerous these creatures are, but said reluctantly, "Ok Twilight, I trust you. I'm just scared about these things."

Twilight then proceeded to run experiments on the dinosaur Fluttershy found, the tests continued for the rest of the day, so afterwords Fluttershy took the Velociraptor back home and they both fell asleep…

White Tip had the worse day yesterday, the purple demon known as Twilight, unintentionally, tormented the poor raptor with her experiments. Though not physically hurt, the tests made the predator mentally unstable. She wanted to rip the alicorn's throat out as an act of revenge, but barely kept herself from that urge, not wanting Fluttershy's frightening stare again. She was, reluctantly, brought back to the castle for more experiments, and things got much worse when an irresistible sound was coming from outside.

It was from a squirrel cracking some nuts, the Mongolian hunter caught sight of the potential meal, and her eyes narrowed as she snarled hungrily at the rodent. The squirrel squeaked loudly as it clumsily fell off the branch, then the Velociraptor's instincts made her screech loudly as she crashed through one of the windows and pursued the rodent.

Frank explained to Fluttershy what made White Tip behave so angrily, the pegasus knew that the carnivore wasn't right in the head after yesterday, and feared that the current state of mind of the Velociraptor, will make her extremely dangerous. The other five ponies rushed to see what the commotion was about and saw one of the beautiful windows shattered into pieces.

Twilight asked, "What happened Fluttershy, where's White Tip?"

Fluttershy said, "Mr. Bird said that she heard a squirrel outside and then charged to pursue it. What really worries me is that those tests yesterday made her unstable mentally, Twilight."

Rainbow Dash then said, "Well let's go get White Tip before she hurts herself, or hurts somepony else."

Twilight and Rarity agreed, and Applejack had hesitated, but agreed with her friends as well. They headed out into Ponyville to look for White Tip, before she attacks anyone else.

Out in the mountains in the far northern corner of Equestria, a small band of criminal ponies were plotting to steal some treasure from Canterlot's castle, but as soon as they finished planning their crime, a loud scratchy bellow echoed through the mountains. One of the ponies carefully looked around a bend to investigate, he signaled the others that the coast was clear, but loud thuds that sounded like footsteps made the thieves tense up. The thief that checked out the bend was tackled by a large reptile-looking creature and quickly tore the criminal apart with its teeth and claws, causing the other thieves to panic and headed down the other way trying to escape the monster that has a chunk of their deceased partner in its jaws, only for another one, bigger than the other monster, blocked their only other escape.

The monsters were the Jurassic predatory dinosaurs called Dilophosaurus, carnivores with two crests atop their heads for display. However, they are no ordinary predators, though not as smart as the later theropods, they're massive sizes dwarf the ponies that are cowering, hoping to escape being food. But their fate was sealed as the ancient super-predators cornered the thieves as a third, much larger, Dilophosaurus leapt down from a ledge and growled viciously as it has its jaws opened with drool at its easy, screaming, prey…

White Tip cornered a pony after failing to catch the squirrel, and that pony was none other than Big Macintosh. White Tip dodged to the side as the stallion pony charged at the Velociraptor, and then the carnivore leapt onto the pony's back and slashes at his rear flank. She has had enough of that food Fluttershy feeds her, the predator craves real meat, and the red pony is perfect for her to feast on.

Meanwhile in the house of Vinyl Scratch, the unicorn levitated the dirty laundry to the washing machine, unknowingly carrying the male Leallynasaura with her laundry. The dinosaur woke up after it took a temporary state of suspended animation, inside the washing machine being activated. It violently tried to escape its containment, the pounding alerted Vinyl when she rarely takes her headphones off and heard the rapid thudding and knew immediately that something was wrong. She turned off the machine and opened the door with water pouring out, and the small dinosaur came out running and shrieking, leaving the unicorn DJ shocked.

White Tip snarled as Big Macintosh was starting to get weaker from the cuts and bite wounds on his body. The Velociraptor then heard a eerily familiar screech and smelled a familiar scent, it was ready to trigger an emotion that was there in her mind since she was born. The Mane Six arrived and saw Big Macintosh with White Tip and the pony has clear signs of being attacked by the raptor. But then, they heard the same screech that the raptor was listening, then the Leallynasaura rushed out of an alley running in a panic.

White Tip saw the plant-eater and its primal instincts kicked in. Even though Leallynasaura was unfamiliar to White Tip, she recognized it as a dinosaur, and knew it was a plant-eater, the chance of eating familiar meat was too much for the Velociraptor to resist, she screeched loudly and began to chase the startled herbivore. Applejack rushed to her older brother to make sure he was still alive, thankfully he was, and so she and Rarity stayed behind to look after Big Mac till help arrives.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy are flying up and seeing White Tip chasing the Leallynasaura viciously, with Frank in hot pursuit of the Velociraptor. Twilight watched as when the Leallynasaura turned quickly, the Velociraptor did the same, using her stiff tail and her arms to turn as quickly as her victim.

Twilight saw that several times, and said aloud, "Amazing, those feathers on the tail and those wings aren't for flight, they are for, apparently, chasing their prey. I have never thought that those feathers had other uses."

Rainbow Dash remarked, "Wow, this little guy is really fast, I can see why it is called 'Velociraptor'. But seriously, I can outrun it in my sleep."

The plant-eater ran outside Ponyville and headed to White Tail Woods, squawking loudly with the raptor following closely. A sentry Leallynasaura squawked an alarm to the clan, warning them that a predator was coming. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy then saw a whole group of tiny dinosaurs, like the one White Tip was chasing, come running out of White Tail Woods.

The individual Leallynasaura that the carnivore chased got away from his pursuer, but White Tip managed to kill one of the polar dinosaurs, an elderly male. As it was dying, the old dinosaur let out a horrifying screech that made chills run up the spines of any ponies within shouting distance.

In the Everfree Forest, the Raptor pack heard the horrible screech, but only the Utahraptor, Frost, responded to the cries. His eyes narrowed as it was the unmistakable cry of a small dinosaur in distress. He then decided to investigate when he then, thanks to strong winds, the (also) unmistakable scent of freshly spilled dinosaur blood.

White Tip was not thinking at all, thanks to her current state of mind, she was more of a wild animal than before, even by raptor standards. She hissed at her fresh kill, with the other Leallynasaura looking on chirping sadly, and the ponies looked on in horror as the carnivore ate the dead dinosaur savagely. She tore the carcass apart and ripped chunks of meat and swallowed them, after a while, with three sickened ponies watching all that time, the herbivore body had been stripped of the important pieces. While eyes look on hidden from them all…

Frost looked around the outskirts of the town, slowly following the scent of blood, because he knows the potential of a larger and more dangerous predator being around, and he also knows that the smell will attract more unsavory carnivores. When he arrived at the source, he saw six ponies looking at White Tip eating another dinosaur, his eyes shifted to his right and saw a whole group of dinosaurs like the dead one looking on sadly. He would've taken advantage of asserting his dominance, but what was left of the body wasn't enough to satisfy his hunger and he knew that the desert crawler was putting herself in great danger, so he knew what to do…

The Mane Six were horrified at White Tip savagely eating another animal, but Twilight was a little excited, for it seems that an entire order of previously unknown animals have been revealed. The other five noticed the large group of small dinosaurs that looked vaguely like the Velociraptor, but knew they were certainly harmless by comparison.

Pinkie Pie was jumping up and down excitedly as she said, "Wowie-wow-wow! More and more cute little playmates for Gummy! I should throw a 'Welcome to Ponyville' party for…"

She was interrupted by a loud screech like White Tip's, but it sounded bigger, and what they all saw made them shiver in fear, especially Applejack, as a huge, bulky raptor charged in and grabbed White Tip in its jaws and shook her around violently. Frost didn't kill White Tip, even the ponies could see that, the Velociraptor was breathing shallowly in the Utahraptor's mouth, the massive raptor looked at the six friends and recognized Applejack, surprised to find she had recovered quickly after their last encounter.

He hissed loudly with the hiss sending shivers to the ponies, and made them feel their skins crawled. The huge raptor walked away while carrying the unconscious Velociraptor back to their cave in the Everfree Forest.

The ponies watched the large raptor walk away silently, until Applejack spoke up, "T-that's it! That's one of the monsters that attacked me earlier!"

The other five gasped, that big velociraptor-like animal was one of the monsters that attacked their friend days before.

Rainbow Dash said, "But, what about the other one, and what about those animals over there?"

Applejack said, "I don't know Raindow, I just don't know. What I do know is that these monsters have got to go, that small monster attacked Big Mac and now he's the one in the hospital."

Fluttershy said to her farmer friend, "But, White Tip isn't a monster, she was just doing what she was doing to live. Also, she was mentally unstable after those tests she went through yesterday, we have got to find her…"

Twilight added, "Yes Fluttershy, if anyone should be blamed on putting her in that mental state, it should be me. We really do have to find White Tip, since Princess Celestia wants to see her and is coming tomorrow with an animal she has found."

Applejack was reluctant when she said, "I don't want to, I really don't want to… But, you are right, I'll help y'all find White Tip…"

They were interrupted by Rarity saying, "What in Celestia's name are those!"

They all turned their attention to the Leallynasaura clan that was walking up to them as another bird flew up and tweeted something to Fluttershy.

Fluttershy said with a little surprise in her face, "He said that there is something big in Ponyville square. He also said that a bunch of other birds are riding on its back, because it walked by my cottage."

Pinkie Pie said loudly, "What if it is another funny looking animal that will be like a superhero to protect us from a super big monster and chase it away with a swipe of its tail, or a kick it in the nose?"

Twilight chuckled and answered, "We'll just have to see for ourselves, Pinkie Pie…"

In the Everfree Forest, Frost walked the unconscious White Tip back to the cave where the other pack members were at.
They saw White Tip has been well fed and is still alive, Pod asked the Utahraptor, "So where did you find White Tip?"

Frost answered, "Out by those series of caves those mammals dwell in. She killed and ate a plant-eater dinosaur when I found her."

Pounce then said, "A plant-eater?! Why didn't you bring it back!? I've been craving dinosaur meat for days since we arrived in this place!"

Frost answered coldly, "Are you the leader? No! Besides, the dinosaur she killed was small, and she already ate most of it… However, there are more of them, they look like those small, fast, plant-eaters that have the good eyesight, so her failure to bring the carcass was a success in identifying prey we are familiar with."

The other dinosaurs were particularly pleased that they have prey they know they can kill. But, their happiness would be short-lived as the Timberwolves started to howl at them…

Up in the Crystal Empire, the ponies, both the regular and the crystal ones, were looking on at the outskirts to the west, hearing the low bellowing calls of very large animals. Princess Cadence and her husband, and Twilight's older brother, Shining Armor looked on with the other ponies as a herd of big reptile-looking animals were approaching the Empire. There were hundreds of the duck-billed dinosaurs called Parasaurolophus, peaceful plant-eaters that wound up in the Frozen North nearly a day ago. These massive herbivores were drawn to the Crystal Empire by the smell of the plants growing there, they are peaceful and loud animals, but they scare rather easily. One thing that sets them apart from most dinosaurs is a long tube-like crest on the back of the males' heads, which they use for communication and for singing their eerie music to attract mates.

Shining Armor said to his wife, "Hey Cadence, do you know what those things are? And do you know if they're…uh…dangerous?"

Cadence replied, "I can guess they are peaceful by the sounds they make, but other than that, I really don't know and besides…I think Twilight might know what they are."

The ponies can only wait for these dinosaurs come to them, 'singing' all the way to the Crystal Empire, with the ponies captivated by the beautiful, but ominous music, blissfully unaware that a group of animals that large and with numbers that great, attract predators, especially larger ones…

As the clawed foot of a carnivorous dinosaur crunches in the cold snow…

Author's Note:

Happy Halloween:moustache::pinkiehappy:!!!

I wrote this chapter today, just for All Hallows Eve…

Though not overly spooky, it does have its haunting and ominous moments, and it was particularly gory in a few parts. And dang it Pinkie:twilightangry2:! You just had to spoil that crutial piece of information?! Can anyone guess what the large foot at the end belongs to?

New dinosaurs are,
A mystery carnivore
And the 'something big' in Ponyville is a species of dinosaur

As always, credit to Dihinner, check out his 'Raptor' story, I own nothing, reviews, suggestions, etc.