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The home world of the Transformers - Cybertron - is dying. Energon, the lifeblood of the Transformers, is in scarce supply, sparking the one decision Optimus Prime has to make so that his race will survive. Optimus leads the Autobots in an attempt to man the last transport off his dying home, a ship known as The Ark.

Meanwhile, Megatron and his Decepticons have found a new world rich with energy and plan to suck it dry in a ship called The Nemesis. As both Autobots and Decepticons race towards the space portal to the new world, they must fight for their lives when the true end of the Cybertronians is near.

The once Golden Age of Cybertron is over... These are the end of days.

Or so it seemed....

When a Space Bridge accident sends Grimlock to Equestria, he must locate the other Dinobots or become enemies to the strange inhabitants that rule this new world.

But what happens.......when more than just Dinobots are sent to Equestria......

With Fall of Cybertron now released, this is the continued story of that horrid war, battles will be fought, heroes will fall, and the Autobots will never sacrifice freedom.....no matter what species they are fighting for.

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Zornia, thank you very much. It will kick even more ass later on in the next chapters.:raritywink:

Tracking. Definitely one I'll have a read though later.

Intriguing, please, continue.

1123078 Yes, continue, or i will kill you. :pinkiecrazy:

nice so far but i hope not all of the autobots and decepticons went to Equestria. let some of the action reach earth as well.

>>BOBthieBomber Crap.......I had a really good storyline, but I'll see what I can do with a fight on Earth.

1123308 no worries. I saw that Discord is going to be part of the story. just make sure that its not like all the other Transformers/MLP crossovers where Discord Defeat the bots so easily.

>>BOBthieBomber I'll be sure to remember that. Discord will have his ass kicked.
PS: The way my username is highlighted blue when you reply, when I try to do that it just shows numbers and not your name. When I type in your name it's not highlighted anymore. How do I fix that?

Just leave it as numbers, so the code knows which reply you are responding to, then it'll work properly.

1123400 what he said

oh and also make sure that discord stays away from earth or at least make that the humans have a chance against him. I'm talking about out military just so you now.

1123572 Earth won't be very involved in this story.
Or will it? :pinkiegasp:

1123772 alright. this story looks great so far. can't wait for more. but if you involve earth into the story please ad the military in it. I have always wanted to see maybe something like Discord vs the United States Military if you get my point.

1123784 Yeah, Earth fights Discord or whatever. We shall see.

1123815 okay, i'm starting to see that we are getting of topic here. anyway. can't wait for the next chapter see you then.

I was thinking of making a crossover of this but you beat me to it

1124124 I knew that after Fall of Cybertron came out, which is tomorrow, someone would start a fanfic of it on this site, so yeah I technically took a risk. :rainbowdetermined2:

Honestly... you have no idea how badly i want to scream on how bad this was. I really want to type in big letters that this was horrible idea but... with more meaner words. Instead ill say, sorry but no. Keepy trying.

1126531Aww... sorry you don't like it. Anyway I could improve?

You should look at getting an editor. A few sentences just feel clunky.

I hate to complain but the dinobots are smarter. Grimlock has some problems but they are smart. Check it on YouTube

1129799 Yeah I felt stupid about not remembering that. Chapter 2, Grimlock is smarter.

Why didn't Grimlock use his sword? Most of his melee moves in the game (except kicking and stomping) involve his sword.

if you make that Grimlock is beaten by a simple stun spell or whatever i'm going to officially hunt you down. still nice chapter.

I love this.

1129984 It would have been WAY too easy if Grimlock used his sword on the Manticores.

1130095 okay; I see your point. still. make sure that magic has a really REALLY hard time at hurting him.

Grimlock VS Elements of Harmony? I'm intrigued. Grimlock could probably beat the stare though.

1131646 The mighty Grimlock could conquer anything, but The Stare? We shall see....

1132017 Grimlock is unstoppable he has no soul for the stare strike fear into.

1133018Isn't a Transformers spark their "soul"?

1135632 Technically it's their life force but yeah I guess it could be the soul of a Transformer.

No, it is their life source, not technically a soul, so it doesn't count.

1136076But don't you need a soul to feel any emotion? I mean, they're not mindless and unfeeling automatons, so therefore they must have souls.

Emotion is created by the mind, it is something that does not need to be in existence for a soul to 'live', or for emotion need a soul to exist in.

Grimlock didn't loose....Good still he had a hard time even if he is like eighty feet taller than them. now he just have Celestia to face than and when he does. make sure he gets into his 'other' form.

1136320 Oh.....he will get in his other form.

Yup Grimlock defeated the Mane six. Poor puny ponies

1137930 Was there ever any dobut? :ajsmug:

Rainbow dash, always getting into trouble.:facehoof:

Whelp, that dragon dun F:yay:ed up, son.

WOW! THIS IS GREAT:pinkiehappy: I would so like to see some more! :twilightsmile:

1146238 And you will.......you will see SO much more.

This fits so perfectly:

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