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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Crossover.

Equestria had only heard of legends of the Gods of Old. They roamed the world before ponies, ruled it, claimed it as their kingdom before the New Ones took it for themselves. Before a time of nations, of magic, of even friendship itself… the age of the monsters was alive before it fell into a dark, deep slumber.

That age has awakened.

When the ponies of Equestria learn of these great beasts awakening worldwide, the balance of nature itself hangs on a thread as the Gods of Old rise up to reclaim what was once theirs. Can Equestria’s greatest heroes coexist with these mythical and majestic beasts… or will they have to accept that their rule has come to an end?

For the rule of the one true king has returned.

Cover art by Shrekzilla. Go give this awesome dude a follow!

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The One True King has awakened, announcing his return with a spectacle of atomic blue flames.

Okay, I was curious as to how this would turn out, and can I just say: You sir, are a fucking genius!

As a Godzilla fan, this has my definite seal of approval, and I'm definitely looking forward to following this!

Let the monster mayhem... BEGIN!

Here we go...
It was a great start. Can't wait to see Bon-Bon react to seeing The King again. Looking forward to see more!

That... was a hell of an opening. Heart couldn't stop beating, and it was only after I'd reached the end did I let out a breath. You had my interest before, and now you have my attention!


And Godzilla roared.

It shook the whole earth, Sweetie Drops’ ears ringing for several seconds on end as the otherworldly roar rocked her very sense of being and reality. It shook her bones to the very core, her mind rattling and teeth chattering far more powerfully than the cold could ever do. Her heart had seemingly froze for several seconds, the intensity of the roar continuously shaking the earth until finally… he was finished. He returned that fearsome glare onto the mere equine once more, snorting and somewhat… grinning her way. It looked like one to her. A smirk, maybe, showcasing the rows of razor-sharp teeth, emphasizing the power he held just by his roar.


Sweetie Drops held her breath terrified and unmoving as she stared straight into the divine eyes of the King, of God himself... And she blinked.

I sense great things ahead in this magnificent story! Don’t let us down, JD!

Funnily enough I was just looking for a Godzilla fic. Long live the king!

Now, that's how you start a Godzilla story! A grand and destructive entrance by the King of the Monsters himself! And he certainly made a terrifying first impression on Agent Sweetie Drops, a.k.a, Bon-Bon.

You're already off to an awesome start, JDPrime22! Needless to say, I'm looking forward to more!

In that low Charles Dance voice: Long live the King.

This is amazing! Well done for the first chapter of this new story/fanfic, keep up the great work your doing!

Fact: putting Godzilla in anything immediately makes the thing ten times more awesome. All hail the king.

Aww man, I'm so damn hype for this! Long live the King!

Slowly raising her head, the ice began to crackle on her mane as she shifted her eyes in the opposite direction. Directly behind her. Remnants of the T.I.T.A.N. naval ship continued to sink until nothing was left, but that wasn’t where her eyes were trained. Through the vapors of frozen air escaping her shivering lips, Sweetie Drops watched on in complete and utter astonishment as that tremor proceeded forth and rose up from the ocean depths. Stomped upon it. Those same rocks from earlier returned and rose up, Sweetie seeing them again and knowing for certain… they weren’t rocks.

They were spines.

Sweetie Drops only continued to lift her head, higher and higher. She was able to gaze through the snow and fog and witness it for herself. She followed it as it rose above the ocean waves and took that first step upon the icy shorelines. The earth cracked beneath its gargantuan foot, entire floods falling from its mighty hide and impacting the ground, sinking back into the sea. The fog could not conceal it. The snow could not hide it forever. Sweetie Drops paid witness to the grandest sight she had ever seen in her career as a monster hunter.

Her gaze scaled the tower-like legs that could have risen forever. Her eyes rose past the mighty claws resting by its sides, higher past the abdomen and chest, beyond the neck, and finally rested upon the face of the beast that touched the storms of the skies. She saw the eyes…

And it was him. The legend…

Titanus Gojira.

He was real.

Hail, King of the Monsters, God of Destruction!

Grand Start so far JD, can't wait to see the next page soon


To quote Po…
“I think I peed a little…”

This fic wastes no time with its first chapter. Well done here, JD!

10543310 :yay: There has never been a more appropriate time for this emoji. :yay:

10543320 Indeed it is. :rainbowdetermined2:

10543326 And it's time to make his claim to the world that was stolen from him. :pinkiecrazy:

10543329 Monster mayhem is putting it lightly... :twilightoops: Thanks a ton for dropping by! :pinkiehappy:

10543338 She may have some PTSD from this. I mean, wouldn't we all? :rainbowderp: Thanks again!

10543340 Woohoo! That's all I hope to achieve! Thanks a ton! :raritystarry:

10543364 Exactly the scene I was hoping to recreate. :raritywink:

10543373 And barely making it out alive. :fluttershysad: Thanks for dropping by again for another adventure! :pinkiesad2:

10543374 I'll try not to! :scootangel:

10543563 :rainbowlaugh: :twilightblush: Thanks!

10543694 Glad you found this one! Hoping to make it a great one!

10543776 Thankful you enjoyed it so far! Big stuff coming in this fic, so stayed tuned! :moustache:

10543851 Thanks! :heart:

10543855 :pinkiehappy: Thank ya!

10543866 Wouldn't' have gotten there without all of your support! :yay:

10543895 Hoping to! Thanks! :pinkiesmile:

10544060 From the director himself. He ain't wrong. :ajsmug:

10544075 Me too! :derpytongue2:

10544129 Time to start this apocalypse off strong. :pinkiecrazy:

10544235 Thanks! Hopefully I'll get it out soon. :twilightsheepish:

10544239 :heart: :heart: :heart:

10544422 Thank you!


You know the reason why Godzilla fires his Atomic breath into the storm. the yellow lightning reveals that it was Ghidorah screwing with Gojira

10544674 An interesting theory. Let's see how it plays out. :ajsmug:


Exactly the scene I was hoping to recreate. :raritywink:

Figured it was. :)

The only reason I say anything about it is Gihdorah has yellow lightning in the monsterverse and lightning besides volcanic lightning is always white in coloration also Ghidorah can create a tropical storm which is what I guessed when you mentioned the yellow lightning in the first place

Okay, now THAT was an awesome start for a Godzilla story. I could feel just about what the pony felt when Gojira let out his powerful roar. You sir, are truly something of a writer.

Good luck with the rest, and I hope to see Gojira the God in a chapter again. I might have a guess you'll be having some character development happen in the story, am I correct? Both for the monster God and the ponies?

Now I am wondering if Bon-Bon will be seeing the God again sometime soon.

Best of luck, Prime! You have gained a loyal follower for this story.

Yeah, I can just imagine that.

Celestia: I have the power of the sun, lizard!
Godzilla: Aw... How adorable.

10544776 Definitely gonna have some character development in here. And thanks again for checking the story out! :yay:

You’re the Godzilla fanatic aren’t ya?

This was cool! I hope there's more!👍

Mentally substituting godzilla with a kaiju Elvis.

10545403 There will be. :scootangel:

10545471 That sounds even more horrifying.

Very very good start. Can’t wait to c how it goes from here

Haven't read yet but on seeing the picture I felt compelled to say this first: Boo, no Godzooky!


Pretty cool and handy Godzilla is powerful enough to stop a blizzard. Reminds me when Mothra stops a storm in the movie.

Would you look at that, I'm late for the release of one of the stories I awaited the most since I learnt about it (given it was barely a week ago but you get me)...

Anyway, Interesting start to say the least. It isn't how I imagined it beforehand but it does the job very well nonetheless. Pretty risky to introduce Godzilla and his atomic breath in the very first chapter, but it could pay off depending on where you take the story so I won't judge a book by its cover.

Tho if I can say anything from that first chapter, it's that I'm happy that Godzilla is shown as Legendary intended him to be: a titanic (get it ?) force of nature that does not care for humans in any way, will it be "good" or "bad", good job on that.

Awaiting the follow-up !

10548443 Thanks for checking it out! More to be revealed soon! :pinkiesmile:

Finally gave this a look. And suffice to say, I loved it. If this is just a taste of what epicness is in store for us with this story, then into my library it goes!

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