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Three years have passed since the battle at the Crystal Empire resulted in the vanquishing of the Autobots and Decepticons from Equestria. Now the only remnants of these machines is the statue garden dediciated to them.

But now, the rules have changed.

When an old relic comes to Equestria, a vile bounty hunter seeks to reclaim it and rekindle the dreaded war that transpired on Equestrian soil.

The Dark Spark has returned. And now, it will bring upon the Age.... of Extinction.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 98 )

Hmm I look forward for this story.

The inclusion of Cade Yeager was awesome. I love Marky-Mark in pony stories and really wish he goes to Equestria as well. That could lead to some pretty interesting situations. :rainbowlaugh: However, despite some capitalization errors and proper use of grammar, this story is still understandable and I'm definitely intrigued. Are you using Word Doc. before you put the story on FiMfiction?

yeah I'm using word doc AND....... I won't reveal any spoilers.

I have a question, why do some of these stories take so long to complete because I feel like I'm ready for the third chapter.

I also decided to make plans for another sequel. I'll give you a hint: Autobot City.

Let me know what i must change.

Glad to see the bolding and italicizing works great! The picture was a great inclusion as well. :pinkiehappy: Your storytelling is getting much better, I am now fully interested in finishing this story. Keep the chapters coming! :twilightsmile:

Three years have passed since the battle at the Crystal Empire resulted in the vanquishing of the Autobots and Decepticons from Equestria. Now the only remnants of these machines is the statue garden dedciated to them.

Now the only remnants of these machines is the statue garden dedciated to them.



Comment posted by DarkSkylynx deleted Jul 21st, 2014

Lockdown in equestria? * grabs popcorn *

Finally a story with lockdown:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I am excited to see where this goes and to see if the Optimus from Aoe is the same from that past fight.

A great sequel to JDPrime 22's Transformers stories......I wonder if the Autobots from AOE learns that the ponies met the autobots from FOC and their history that saved Equestria? Please make more of this!

eh, better story than the movie.

4727702 Keep that in mind that this Optimus is from AOE and the Optimus that the ponies met is from FOC. There're from different universe.

4730300 That may be true but I am sure that some may link the foc Transformers to the Aoe transformers. Or you could look at it as the Foc story is the origin for all the different transformers timelines, where it my be possible that foc Optimus could be Movie Optimus. It all depends on how you want to look at it.:pinkiehappy:

just, pure awesome. Im 100% ready for the next chapter to arrive!

Comment posted by RainbowDashVegetaFan123 deleted Jul 26th, 2014

YES :D, I've been waiting for a "Lockdown in Equestria" fic ever since I 1st saw Age of Extinction in the theatre, Lockdown in my opinion was the best Transformers villain in the Michael Bay films yet, I think Age of Extinction is the best out of the Bay films because of Lockdown, I listen to his theme everyday because it's so awesome :pinkiehappy:

Sorry everyone. I've been in a dark place lately and I don't know if I can finish this story without feeling crummy all the time. Will let you all know when I feel in tip-top shape.:applecry:

Excellent work as always. Also, might want to check on some sentences. I caught a few that didn't have periods. :scootangel:

4782747 So what are you doing with your sequel. will it have rise of the dark spark stuff in it?

4782747 You sure? I don't because I used Word. Where?

4782863 Just a little bit, it's mostly focusing on the Fall of Cybertron storyline.


“It’s settled then. Come on girls, it’s time to go exploring” Twilight said.

Technically this is an exception. All you really need is a coma after "exploring"

damn, that was a short chapter. oh well. Time to go back to Equestrias Darkest Hour. hopefully I can get that finished by the time the next chapter comes out!

4783047 Is there a problem with short chapters?

4784661 Not at all! It saves you time writing and it saves the time of the people reading it. But if people want longer chapters, go for at least 3 thousand to 4 thousand words.

Another great chapter now i have two good crossovers to read thank you.

Is Spike going to be the Headmaster to Fortress Maximus?

I wonder if the movie autobots realize that the ponies already met the FOC autobots and the history that they did in the further chapter? How they going to handle it?

You think your the center of the universe?

Keep up the good work.:pinkiehappy:

4787102 What?:rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh:. Who said anything about Fortress Maximus.

Awesome :D, loved your 2 new chapters, things are definitely getting interesting

4784782 Hey, what would Fireflight, Skydive, Slingshot and Superion look in War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron/Rise of the Dark Spark?

4803327 But there is no Barrel Roll in his story. I like Fireflight's design but I still don't know what Skydive, Slingshot, or Superion look like. I also don't know what Wildrider, the Protectobots, Technobots (safe for Scattershot), Predacons, Terrorcons, Menasor, Octane, or Scorponok would look like either. Is there a place where I can find that?:rainbowhuh:

Impressive. What about guys like the constructions who were brutally killed by Optimus Prime or scorponok and the predacons and the female autobots?

Come on it was geting good.

4812377 I'll be back in a week. or maybe,......

That was a good chapter

although i was put off by Drift's noooooooooo

I feel he should of said " No Sensei!"

and i think there is a error

"But to his frustration, he completely ignores her."

should it not be she completely ignores him?

Grimlock has arrived and sh:yay:it just got real!

4812625 I made those changes.

where can I find fan art of transformers from War/Fall/Rise?

4813972 Well since i am a image hunter

anything other image of anyone is hidden in their computer folders never to be shared again.

I can just imagine Mark Wahlberg's voice in this whenever Cade talks. :rainbowlaugh:

Finally, the ponies looked at Grimlock, who was tearing apart several mercenaries with his club while slashing other mercenaries with spiked hand. The ponies also clearly saw that he was making his way towards Lockdown who was beginning to get back up after getting smacked by Scorn. Just as he arrived and began to bring his club down onto the bounty hunter, Lockdown shouted “STOP!” toward the knight. Surprisingly, Grimlock stopped and put down his club while all the other Transformers looked at the bounty hunter. Just as all the noise settled down, Lockdown spoke to the legendary knight and said “Take a good look at me you reptilious scum! I am your superior mind and your rightful bringer of chaos! And I will not let a stupid, prehistoric, piece of garbage that was once my finest trophy beat me around like a-” but before he could finish, Grimlock grabbed Lockdown by the foot and began to beat him around constantly while all the others watched.

Me Grimlock no stupid, prehistoric, piece of garbage! ME KING!:rainbowlaugh: Couldn't resist.

Nice avengers reference BTW.

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