• Published 26th Oct 2014
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My Little Pony - The Age of Dinosaurs - StrangeBehavior

Equestria, a magical land ruled and controlled by the ponies, has had a period of peace for a thousand years…Now, ancient predators of another world start to appear…Is it the start of something greater and a warning of disasters to come

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Chapter 1: An Alien World

A female Velociraptor awakes from being knocked unconscious by something unknown to her. Her vision still a little hazy from being blinded by a sudden flash of light, looks around her surroundings and managed to find the smaller female Velociraptor from her pack lying next to her, as well as a raptor she does not recognize. She got up instantly and hissed at the unknown raptor, a red female Dromeosaurus, the slightly larger raptor got up and responded by hissing back.

The Velociraptor spoke to the Dromeosaurus in their native tongue, "What are you, you are no raptor."

The Dromeosaurus growled as she replied, "I am a raptor! What are you? You look like me, you must be a raptor like me." The Mongolian raptor eyed her North American cousin and realized she was right, though they were unfamiliar with each other, they were raptors nonetheless.

The Velociraptor then realized something unusual, her fellow pack member and the larger raptor realized it too, unfamiliar emotions welled up in their minds. It grew painful for them, what they don't know was that the unfamiliar world around them was changing their brains, making them smarter than they ever were before. They now realized they were in unfamiliar territory, the Dromeosaurus was more comfortable compared the two Velociraptors.

The desert dwellers were by dinosaur standards, frantic, as they look at their surroundings, the raptors were located in a dense forest at night. The air was very cold, much colder than what any of them were used to, it was the middle of winter and the days kept on getting colder and colder.

The Dromeosaurus talked to the Velociraptors as she said, "My name is Red-Claw, who are you and the smaller raptor?"
The leader Velociraptor answered, "I'm known as White Tip, this is my daughter, my only surviving hatchling. I had two sons, but they were buried alive hours ago…" White Tip looked around the dark forest and continued, "In the desert where we were, I think…"

Her daughter sneezed hard and shivered violently as she cuddled closely to her mother. Red-Claw shivered as well as she said, "It is very cold, even for winter it's too cold."

Then, out of the bushes, came three more raptors; one was a male Pyroraptor from the European island of Hatzeg and is the same size as Red-Claw, the second was a female Deinonychus from an earlier time in Montana and she was almost twice as big as Red-Claw or the Pyroraptor, and the last raptor dwarfed the Deinonychus, because it was a huge male Utahraptor from the Early Cretaceous Rockies and he was bulkier than his more streamlined relatives.

The Pyroraptor walked to Red-Claw and he spoke to her, "Well, I had no idea there were more different raptors than us three, my name is Pod, and these two are Pounce…"
Pounce was the Deinonychus and Pod continued, "And this is Frost…" The Utahraptor named Frost growled as he eyed White Tip's offspring hungrily, but Red-Claw intervened as she said, "Wait! We all should form a pack!"

The massive raptor growled bitterly as he spoke to the small Dromeosaurus, "Why should we? If you are going to suggest that, you should give me a reason…" He then remembered when he first woke up he and Pounce spotted a large orange fruit mammal, and they both attacked it until he and Pounce were interrupted by Pod warning him about the unknown potential of their new prey and how smart they seem to be.

Frost bitterly realized that Red-Claw was right, as much as he hated to admit it, "Fine… But I eat first, you tiny parasite!"

Pounce growled as she said, "I hate to agree, but you are right, tiny raptor…"

Red-Claw snarled at Frost's insult to her as she said, "My name is Red-Claw!"

The Utahraptor sniffed as he turned his attention to White Tip and her offspring, "And you two are?"

The younger Velociraptor cowered behind her mother, as White Tip submissively answered, "White Tip, and this is my daughter, she's an expert in catching smaller creatures, always catching more than she should." Frost reared his head back with a little shock, then stared at the younger raptor with curiously, she cringed as she thought the giant predator was going to make a meal out of her like earlier.

After several seconds he turned his attention to his surroundings, Frost saw a cave a little ways northeast and entered it, gesturing the five other raptors to follow. He said, "This shelter will do for the cold, it is warm and it's shielded from the cold winds. Get sleep now, we will be hunting tomorrow, especially the youngest!"
The raptors started to get nestled in as White Tip and her hatchling cuddled together for warmth, Red-Claw joined them to provide more warmth as the other three slept alone, shivering from the cold traces of snow melting on their backs.

Elsewhere in Ponyville, a orange earth pony named Applejack was being rushed to the hospital, with her big brother, Big Macintosh, and her friend, Pinkie Pie, by her side. Applejack was unconscious, breathing heavily, had several gashes on her body, and she had large cuts and tooth marks on her rear legs that she was proud of.

Pinkie Pie decided to rush off to get her other friends, why she was up and no one else at this time is anyone's guess, she zipped to her first stop and knocked on the door like she was mimicking a woodpecker.
The occupant of the house Pinkie stopped at opened the door and was greatly upset, who else than Rarity lived at a house that looked like a carousel. Rarity looked ready to complain, but Pinkie spoke before she could ask her why at this time.

Pinkie spoke erratically, "Applejack! Hospital! Hurt! Go! Now! Me! Get others! NOW!"

And like that, she bolted towards in the direction of Rainbow Dash's house, leaving Rarity bewildered at was just happened, she shrugged and went back to bed.
For thirty seconds, the white unicorn closed her eyes as she tried to go back to sleep, then she jarred upright on her bed as she shouted, "I've got to get to Ponyville Hospital!"
She crashed her door open and ran to Ponyville Hospital at a faster pace she would normally would run…

An hour later, Rarity, a blue pegasus named Rainbow Dash, the (normally) energetic pink earth pony Pinkie, and a yellow pegasus with bandages on her face named Fluttershy were all waiting at the reception desk at Ponyville Hospital to be let in to visit Applejack. Then a purple alicorn, who is the Princess of Friendship named Twilight Sparkle, burst through the doors and ran to the four ponies.

The four ponies said in unison, "TWILIGHT!!!" as Twilight Sparkle hugged all of them saying, "I came as fast as I could. Is Applejack okay?"

Rainbow Dash answered, "They wouldn't let us in, Big Macintosh left to look after Apple Bloom and Granny Smith to make sure they are okay half an hour before you arrived."

Twilight walked to the receptionist as he bowed and started, "Your Majesty…"
Twilight sternly interrupted him and said, "My friend is here, why did you refuse to let my other friends in? We are all worried about her…"

The receptionist awkwardly answered, "Y-yes princess, I understand, it is simply, because the doctor is still working with the patient. I regret to say you will have to wait like anyone else, only the doctor will say when you can visit your friend."

Twilight sighed as even though her friend is in there, the doctor knows best.
She replied sadly, "I understand, thank you for understanding our need…"

She yawned as the princess walked to her friends, Fluttershy timidly asked, "Umm…c-can we go in Twilight?"
Twilight answered, "Doctor's orders, no one is allowed until he says so. I'm sorry girls…"
Five minutes later, the doctor came out and let the five friends into Applejack's room. Though badly wounded and breathing through a oxygen mask, Applejack was alive and conscious and was greeted warmly by her friends.

Pinkie was obviously over-emotional and hugged the Apple too tightly. "I was worried that you were badly hurt! I couldn't bear…"

She got cut off by the nurses prying the pink partier away from Applejack who was grimacing in pain, one of the nurses said to Pinkie, "Applejack is trying to recover, we all don't need you making the injuries worse."

Pinkie's flat mane then poofed into a cotton candy like mess and replied, "Oopsy…he-he…My bad, sorry Applejack."

Twilight walked to Applejack, who was hissing through her teeth and rubbed her sore hoof, and asked the apple bucker, "What happened? I heard you had serious cuts and gouges."

Applejack answered in a Southern accent, "I was attacked…" the ponies in the room gasped at what she said.

Rarity had to ask, "Attacked by what, darling…"

Applejack shuddered at the memories of two bird-lizard hybrids attacking and subduing her easily, and she answered shakily, "…By…Big, feathery monsters…"

Out in the Equestrian Sea, a pirate ship was sailing smoothly in the night. The pirate ponies were patrolling the decks, when one of them spotted something above them. A massive animal glided over the mast and headed to the direction of the mainland, its sheer size made the crew uneasy. The mystery animal's wingspan made it bigger than the ship itself, the crew shivered at the possibility of it eating ponies, and chills went up their spines when the creature let out a haunting cry that echoed with the shifting waves.

Author's Note:

Well, it seems that the residents of Ponyville had already faced three of the raptors… WHO knows what kind of trouble Equestria is going to face now…

Can any of you guess what the massive flying animal at the end is? I'll give you a hint… *whisper* It's not a dinosaur, and it's a secret…

I repeat from last chapter, I own nothing, credit to Dihinner for the original concept, check it out for a better understanding of what was going on with Applejack and Fluttershy…

Next chapter takes place right after this chapter, and let's just say that despite it being night, Ponyville will be bustling with activity from highly active creatures that are NOT ponies…

Until next time, Bye…