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My Little Pony - The Age of Dinosaurs - StrangeBehavior

Equestria, a magical land ruled and controlled by the ponies, has had a period of peace for a thousand years…Now, ancient predators of another world start to appear…Is it the start of something greater and a warning of disasters to come

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Chapter 11: Manehatten War-Zone

Applejack asked her friends, "What the hay is that thing?"

The pterosaur continued grooming itself as he still laid perched on Rainbow Dash's house. Twilight knew it mush be a flying reptile that was mentioned frequently as a pterosaur, she looked through the book containing the knowledge of pterosaurs, looking through hundreds of different species of the flying creatures but not finding a single match.

"Arrrrrggggg!" she frustratingly growled, "There is not a single match on this guy in this book at all! The closest was a pterosaur called Tropeognathus, but this guy is too big!"

Twilight rubbed her forehead as she tried to soothe a headache that was starting to form. Pinkie then said, "Why don't we use that machine that gave us a clue on these dinosaur thingies? Maybe he's just a really big guy…"

Twilight responded, "Yes! Pinkie you're a genius! Why didn't I think of that! Alright girls, let's get that machine…"

Twilight and Rainbow Dash hurried to the castle to get the weird device to identify the pterosaur, while the others stayed to keep an eye on it.

After ten minutes, Twilight and Rainbow returned with the unusual machine, and pointed it to the massive pterosaur.


Applejack asked, "What does that mean?"

Twilight answered, with excitement clear in her voice, "I…I think we have just discovered a new animal that even whoever wrote those notes wasn't aware of! In short, we discovered a whole new species!"

The pterosaur ignored the mammals that were chattering on excessively in a language he doesn't understand, and cawed as he enjoyed the pleasant warmth of Celestia's sun.

Twilight said to her friends, "You know what ponies get to do when they discover a new creature or object right?"

The other five shrugged in confusion, as Twilight answered, "They get to name them! What kind of name should we call that pterosaur, girls?"

The others suddenly realized what their friend was talking about, and got a little hyped from it. Pinkie then said, "What about that name that machine said it looked like?"

Fluttershy then added, "I…I like that name too, it was Ornithocheirus. It sounded very fitting, Twilight…"
The others agreed as Twilight said, "Then it is settled, we will call this pterosaur, Ornithocheirus."

Afterwards, Fluttershy managed to coax the old Ornithocheirus off Rainbow Dash's house and for his preference, was left at Fluttershy's cottage, where it ate fish and was greeted by a dinosaur that Fluttershy managed to befriend, a large Pachycephlosaurus. The plant-eater was a male, as he calmly ate some bushes, he sniffed the Ornithocheirus, the pterosaur cawed at the dinosaur, as the dinosaur walked away from the old male, not liking to be threatened.

The citizens of Ponyville were in for a real surprise when Celestia arrived with Peck the Triceratops was now as almost as big as Celestia herself. Then almost an hour later, the ground shook from the footsteps of an enormous dinosaur, seemingly bigger than any dragon that the ponies ever faced. Celestia, the Mane Six, Spike, the raptors, and all of Ponyville then see the owner, or owners, of the footsteps, the gigantic Jurassic sauropod called Brachiosaurus.

The thunderous creatures towered over the buildings and resident Apatosaurus, because of their more vertical posture, they seemed truly gigantic to the ponies. The alpha male moved to the river running through Ponyville, giving the ponies a really good look on just how massive the sauropods are. The fifty-ton giants were so big, even the dragons that came to investigate them were intimidated by the brachiosaurs and their deadly tail-whips. They were followed by a massive herd of Centrosaurus and Chasmosaurus, two species of ceratopsians like Peck.

However, these three animals have had carnivores tailing them, the carnivores were Allosaurus and the tyrannosaur, Daspletosaurus. The ponies fled as the ceratopsians stampeded in terror as the Allosaurus charged at them, to weed out the young, old, sick, and injured. The Daspletosaurus were smarter than the allosaurs, so they waited for the carnivores to make their kills, so they can steal the carcasses from Allosaurus. The citizens of Ponyville sought shelter as the Allosaurus pack fended off the Daspletosaurus, and more chaos ensues from the two gangs of predators.

Meanwhile, at night in a forest valley several miles from Manehatten, Edmontosaurus herds flee from a single predator, one that they recognized by body shape. The same Tarbosaurus female from the Everfree Forest a few months ago, heard the hadrosaurs panicking and went to investigate, she and her mate found the source of the disturbance. What the Tarbosaurus pair saw was a massive predator, resembling themselves in physical appearance, but much bigger.

The massive dinosaur exhaled through its mouth, releasing its breath that made every herbivore panic as the strong winds carried the stench of death. The Tarbosaurus felt just as nervous as their prey, not only was this dinosaur huge, it was clearly a carnivore that was strong enough to bring down even the massive sauropods. Luckily, the predator was not interested in taking over this territory, it was tailing much bigger prey and to get rid of the potential competition for that prey.

It was like this for quite a few days, the Daspletosaurus and Allosaurus fighting over food in Ponyville. Unfortunately, a few of Ponyville's visiting scholars were killed by the dinosaurs when they got too close to the fighting between the gangs. Twilight and her friends then received reports of sauropods called Camarasaurus were heading for Manehatten, with Allosaurus following them, they were asked by the mayor of Manehatten to arrive to stop them from coming into the big city.

They got themselves, and brought along the raptor pack, ready and boarded on the train bound for Manehatten, the train had problems leaving due to a massive Brachiosaurus sleeping on top of the rails. Fluttershy managed to get the giant sauropod off the rails to sleep at a very warm and soft patch of sand nearby. The train then started its journey to Manehatten, to prevent a possible catastrophe from happening…

After a day's ride non-stop (luckily), the Mane Six, Red Tooth, White Tip, and Spike see Manehatten's skyline in the distance. They can already see that the Allosaurus have wandered into the metropolitan city.

Pinkie said, "Oh no, those Allysaurases are already in Manehatten…Now there's going to be a whole lot of trouble now…"

As if Pinkie just jinxed herself and her friends, the enormous meat-eating dinosaur made it into an abandoned section of the city of Manehatten, having followed the scent of its potential rivals, the Allosaurus. He heard a loud screech off north in the distance, it belonged to an animal much bigger than he is, and can fly. The dinosaur then saw in the sky, the silhouette of a massive, fully grown dragon of Equestria was going on a diet of eating gems, in favor of seemingly hateful and bigger targets…

Twilight and the gang immediately noticed that after they got off the train, hundreds of thousands of Manehattenites were crowding themselves onto the train, not caring where they were going. And that a large number of ponies from the Royal Guard were by the entrance, creating a powerful barrier to try to give the citizens of Manehatten a chance to escape the city, now turned into a wasteland of sorts that resembles something like the aftermath of a battle.

Twilight and her friends were greeted by the captain as he said, "Princess Twilight, I'm glad you could make it, the situation has gone from bad to worse now. A large dragon has come into Manehatten and has already eaten a few ponies, and is attacking those long-necked dinosaur things that arrived, and then these other dinosaurs came in and attacked the ponies and small dinosaurs here."

Twilight nodded her head in response, understanding the situation and said, "I need you and the other guards to look for anyone still trapped in the city, and get them to safety. We will help out too…"

The captain nervously asked, "E-even those things behind you?"

He was talking about the six raptors that came with the ponies, Frost the Utahraptor hissed menacingly as he showed his row of razor sharp teeth at the guard, making him step back. Fluttershy glared at the big raptor, he remembers that if this mammal gets mad, it is a bad thing for any dinosaur that gets on her bad side, so he behaves, seeing it is in his best interest.

Fluttershy said to the cowering guard, "Yes, they're with us…"
As the search and rescue parties deployed into the city, Twilight, her friends, and the raptors followed suit.

"So, these dragons are flying, fire-breathing lizards, huh?" Red Tooth asked the bird Frank.
He answered, "Yeah, you don't have these things around where you're from, do you?"

White Tip said, "We do, they are fierce competitors to the large flesh-eating dinosaurs, for food and territory. I saw a dead one that was killed by a Tarbosaurus, then several days later, I found the skeleton of one giant dinosaur that was burned by one of these 'dragons' you speak of…"

Red Tooth then continued, "But, they don't eat these gems that you say they do…"

Frank was puzzled, but decided he didn't want to know what dragons from where these dinosaurs came from. Twilight and the group found a young filly who Applejack recognized.

Applejack said, "Babs! Are you okay?"

The young filly shook her head and said to her cousin, "Yeah, I'll be fine, do you know where my sister is? I was with her when that dragon crashed through the top of that skyscraper there…"
They were interrupted by the predatory growls of a pair of Allosaurus, Frost hissed in response, but Red-tooth told him that they're at a disadvantage against the theropods, so he reluctantly fled with the other ponies.

The massive dragon was as big as the Apatosaurus, he spotted the fleeing ponies and strange bird-like creatures running from something he couldn't see. He grinned widely at the very thought of eating seven ponies and six, of what he assumed are mutated chickens, a full-course meal, but his gaze followed a much bigger feast that were heading for the huge park in the center of the city, the Camarasaurus herd.

Twilight and the others ran as fast as they could, with Applejack carrying Babs Seed, away from the Allosaurus.

Applejack asked Twilight, "Twi, what the heck are those things, and why are they so gosh-darn fast!"

Twilight quickly remembered and answered, "They're Allosaurus Applejack, like the ones in Ponyville, if I remember correctly, they can run great distances for extended periods of time. They would tire out easily if the temperature was warmer, but because it is spring, they won't tire out so quickly."

They all screeched to a halt as they rammed into the legs of the huge dragon that was terrorizing Manehatten. The dragon looked down at what hit him, and he saw cowering ponies and a baby dragon, and the snarling raptors.

He thought, That is very rude, here I am ready to feast on such huge bags of meat and they ruined my moment.
He then finished out loud, "Now I think I'll devour you all instead!"

The ponies stood frozen, while the raptors readied to fight back, however, they were interrupted by the Allosaurus pair charging and knocking the larger dragon onto his back.

Rainbow said in confusion, "What-the-what?! What just happened?" Before anyone else can say anything else, at least eight more Allosaurus of varying sizes and ages, joined the pair in attacking the huge dragon, clawing and biting and slamming on the dragon's tough, but still vulnerable, scales. The dragon breathed fire at the younger Allosaurus, but they dodged the fire blast using their superior agility and speed. The reptile then threw a powerful punch to the head of one of the healthy males, creating a loud cracking sound as the fist collided with the carnosaur's skull.

The ponies cringed at the sound, as Pinkie said, "Whoa! That's a really loud cracking sound! It was like CRRRRRAAAAAAA-CCCCCCKKKKKAAKKK, and the Allysaurus…"

Applejack put a hoof over the party pony's mouth as Rarity said, "Twilight dear, don't you think we should take cover…"

The male allosaur shook his head as the dragon hissed in pain as the punch numbed his fist and broke a few bones, and then Rarity continued, "…Where we won't get stepped on or get ourselves killed…"

Twilight agreed and found a large pile of rubble in the streets and they all continued to see the incredibly violent and barbaric battle between the Allosaurus pack and the huge dragon…

The massive carnivorous dinosaur felt the ground shake as he saw the Camarasaurus flee down a narrow street that won't fit him with the panicked sauropods. His sensitive ears picked up the ferocious bellows of his territorial competitors, and felt their thunderous stomps through the pads of his feet, which he uses to track down and kill large animals.

Suspecting something, he raised his nose up in the air, and sniffed for trace chemical particles his mind can easily distinguish. His eyes narrowed as in the gusts of wind blowing towards him, was a familiar scent that he knows too well and headed to the source of the scent…

The scent was freshly spilled blood…

The dragon can easily take on one maybe two Allosaurus, but not a pack of around ten. He clutched his side as it had a massive flesh-wound, if he lives, the dragon will recover from that injury if he doesn't bleed to death. He now realized his chances of victory were slim at best against the aggressive carnivores, and playing it safe, the dragon flapped his wings to get up into the air...

But, one of the Allosaurus leapt on the dragon's back and with a mighty swing of its upper jaw, snapped the delicate bones in the dragon's wings. The dragon fell down and crashed into a skyscraper, causing lots of debris to trap the massive dragon on the ground.

Rainbow Dash said, "Yikes, that dragon is pinned down and cannot escape from those Allosaurus. I'd really hate to be in his shoes…"

The massive carnivorous dinosaur followed the trail of the smell of blood. A thick blanket of smoke obscured his vision, he used his super-sensitive ears to target his prey…

The dragon was barraged with the Jurassic predators biting him and clawing his wounds, he desperately fought the dinosaurs off. The gang of friends and the raptor pack looked on as the allosaurs continue their assault. There was a moment of stillness, the dragon looking like he's ready to collapse from exhaustion, as his attackers snarled as the blood dripped off their razor sharp teeth. They reared their heads back, like a snake about to strike, but then they looked around in a panic as thunderous footsteps echoed in the battered city.

The ponies and raptors felt the tremors too, as Rainbow Dash said, "W-what the hay is that! Footsteps?!"

Then, they all smelled a scent that was potent enough to make the ponies gag.

Rarity said, "Gagh! It smells like a buzzard's rear fell off, then landed in a compost pile…"

Their attention turned to the raptors, particularly Red-Tooth, who's look concerned the ponies and her fellow pack members. A look of pure terror was on the Dromeosaurus' face, then they saw in the direction she was looking at, and they saw why the raptor was so terrified…

They saw a massive dinosaur that resembled the Tarbosaurus that came into Ponyville several weeks ago, but this tyrannosaur was much larger. Unfortunately, the tyrannosaur was huge, even for his species, and the battle between the Allosaurus pack and the massive dragon, had attracted the attention of one of the most powerful predators of the ancient world. A creature that Twilight has read about in those books that made her dread ever running into this predator, and realized that Red-Tooth knew this behemoth well enough.

She said quietly, "No…one of those things are here?! I-it can't be…"
She uttered the carnivore's name as it snarled at the Allosaurs that stepped back in intimidation…

"Tyrannosaurus rex…"

Author's Note:

That was EXHAUSTING! And, Merry (late) Christmas everyone!!!
My holiday gift to you, the reveal of the infamous and mighty Tyrannosaurus rex, king of the Late Cretaceous American west...

It seems that the ponies are in trouble now, raptors are dangerous in their own right, but the monsters of the Mesozoic world, the tyrannosaurs, are quickly stepping in and taking their place as the top predators.

And how about that? The mystery pterosaur that appeared so many chapters ago was in fact, a previously undiscovered species that no scientist had proof it even existed! You can expect more cases like this in the future...

I apologize if this chapter seemed, "rushed", it was because of, honestly, you readers.
Why is that so? Because I knew you were getting impatient for me to reveal Tyrannosaurus soon, I was originally holding him back and have it be revealed at a much later date, and several chapters ahead, so for your sake, I pushed the Tyrannosaurus much sooner than would have liked.

But, I think I can work around this. Be grateful and happy that I do listen and I really mean it when I say, don't be afraid to suggest or request something for me to do. I may deny your request, but know that I do listen and often respond to your requests or suggestions...

Now that that is out of the way, here are the animals in today's chapter...
The pterosaur is a newly christened, Ornithocheirus
And Finally...
Tyrannosaurus rex

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