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This story is a sequel to Sonic Generations: Friendship is Timeless

Everything seemed to be going so well since the fall of The Last Ancient. Twilight and Starlight's time in Sunset Shimmer's world had granted them what they thought would be the final piece of the puzzle that they needed to reach the world that Equestria had almost joined with due to the disruption of time and space. And then Princess Celestia and Princess Luna announced that they would be stepping down.

In her efforts to restore the Warp Ring in the hopes of seeing Sonic and his friends one last time, Twilight inadvertently provided an easy back door to Equestria, allowing Dr. Eggman's chief enforcer to reach it and eliminate any threats the land may pose to the Eggman Empire. As part of his revenge for foiling his plans in the past, Eggman gave strict orders to drag Twilight and her friends to his world so they might see his glorious reign before he ends them for good. Luck proved to be in their favor, however, as the arrival of two friends who haven't been seen in a long time threw a wrench in the works and allowed them to be found by a band of freedom fighters known as the Resistance, led by more of their old friends from that world.

Now part of the uprising to reclaim the world, the Equestrians are hoping to help their allies, new and old, win their war, but time is not on their side. It is the darkest of times for the world, but their efforts may prove to be for naught against their seemingly unstoppable enemy.

Will their friendship and the smallest amount of courage be enough to turn the tides of war?

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Won't the villains fighting against Infinite's copies turn out to be a test, and when they succeed (which I'm positive they will), they (Along with the Storm King and the Pony of Shadows, I assume) will join the Eggman Empire in their domination of both Mobius AND Equis?

I'm also going to go out on a limb here and say that the Phantom Ruby itself is indeed sentient, and is just using all the villains to take over both worlds, just like it's most likely done to several other worlds before them?

YES! THE SEQUEL IS HERE! :raritystarry: :pinkiehappy: :yay:

And what a strong opening! I can't wait for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

A Sequel to the story that drew me here to FIMFiction.net from FanFiction.net, and inspired me to actually write fanfiction…

Looking forward to this story, pal…

YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! This is gonna be great.

Nice idea to get Tempest/Fizzlepop in this, since this will be like a war, Tempest would be great for the Resistance since she’s had military expertise.

The bottle part of the story description came from the Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon! That was similar to Ignitus' line when the game was starting! Sweet!!

Maybe, but we know the Rookie and the Resistence are gonna beat them and let's just say they won't stand a chance. Can't wait to see something good at the end.

After Tirek, Cozay Glow, and Chrysalis were turned to stone Eggman who was flung across Möbius and stuck in the middle of nowhere just grumbled in humiliation after he got blasted into next week. Then a certain sphere like robot rolled out of his Eggmobile and hit the ground. Seconds later Argo pops out of his closed state and said to Eggman as they looked at the rising sun, "Plesent morning isn't doctor."

Eggman just grumbled with annoyence as Orbot has somehow gone back to his orginal voice setting and now he was stuck with him and a knocked out Cubot. Then Argo turned around and landed on the ground looking at Eggman while in a lazy sitting position and said to him, "You can simply start your plans anew."

Then the screen zoomed on Orbot a little before saying to Eggman, "Even though all your efforts were ultimately wasted by Tirek and his fellow villains including Infinite."

The screen zoomed in on the sphere robot again this time a bit more closer to him as he continued saying, "Even if it was a complete…"

The screen zoomed in on Orbot until one more time before it was close to his face as he finished his sentence, "and utterly humiliating loss to you."

Eggman who now starting to get very irritated by the comments that Orbot was making about him began to growl. Then finally having enough out of the robot he just got up and yelled at him in fury, "Ohhh SHUT UUUUUUUUP!"

Eggman tried to kick Orbot with his right leg, but missed when he ducked under the kick before Eggman slipped and rolled in midair before landing on his back in pain. Orbot on the other hand looked at the screen and pointed his right hand's thumb at Eggman before chuckling in amusement before running off into the rising while Eggman who managed to get back jumped into the air chased after the bot shaking his hands in utter rage as he chased after the robot.

I love how the story start!
I am really looking for the next chapter!😆🤣

So this is your sequel? I'll be damned I am smiling so much right now. Know that if you feel down, you've got fans and friends supporting you the whole way through, just like in the show.

Oh, and you made a mistake: Cozy Glow didn't become an alicorn in the season 8 finale.


Yeah, I finally got around to owning and playing at least part of the Legend series at last.


Whoops, my bad. Made a slight change to that. Thank you.

Cool. Don't worry you won't be disappointed by the game. Which game do you have?


I got New Beginning and Dawn on the Xbox 360 store.

We'll do you know I got New Beginning too, but it's on GameCube and also have Dawn of the Dragon for Xbox 360. I'm only missing The Eternal Night.

Did you name this story based of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse?

Alright, let's do this one last time.


Now that you say that, I realize it actually does almost sound similar.

I don't see Cozy Glow or King Sombra on the picture. Any reason?


Main reason was I was trying to make the additions fit in with the original image. Since Shadow, Chaos, and Zavok weren't shown, I decided I had to pick two MLP villains to stand with Eggman. Tirek and Chrysalis seemed like they fit with Infinite and Metal Sonic the best, plus I couldn't find a lot of good vectors of Sombra when I put the image together and Cozy Glow... well, let's just say she's not going to be called upon much if at all.

You know I am actually quite curious as to what you thought about Sonic Forces. Personally, I felt it was WAY to easy, but I at least appreciate the work they put in in terms of story, gimmicks, music, and overall, it was quite the compelling story (or at least a compelling idea).

Alright here we go the reunion we’ve been waiting for... though I’m not sure it’s the reunion Twilight wanted.

Ah so this starts right in the beginning of season 9. Things definitely went off the rails right off the bat. A least Discord’s plan isn’t going to happen in this timeline.

As the villains continued their discussion, they were unaware that a pink-purple portal opened at the back of the cave, someone stepping out of it. The new arrival was a jackal that walked on two legs that ended with pointed, metal black hi-tops on his feet that had an infinity symbol on the soles, he was covered with black fur save for some white stripes on his back, had a bushy tail with a white tip, he wore black gloves that had a silver streak on the back as well as a silver mask that had a black lightning bolt-shaped piece that covered his right eye entirely, had a red visor over his left eye, and large ears on top of it. His sharp fingers ran over a tetrahedron-shaped gem on his chest as he hid behind one of the rock columns and listened in.

Ah there he is!!! The not so tall, black, sonadow fan, jackal edgelord. He’s apparently also a Sonic.exe fan according this chapter. You even got his song playing!!!! I like to think he plays that every time. Yeah his backstory isn’t too great and he didn’t have a good ending, but I can’t help but love the guy. Maybe it’s my inner edgelord showing up.

Discord looked down at himself, noticing for the first time that his disguise was gone. “What… How…?” he stammered, the occasionally loudmouthed Lord of Chaos who loved to showboat suddenly at a loss for words as he realized he was completely exposed. He looked up and saw the other villains glaring at him, causing him to grin sheepishly and give them a nervous expression. He raised his lion paw and snapped his fingers… only for nothing to happen. He looked at his paw and began snapping his fingers repeatedly with the same result. He stopped after a few seconds, looking even more worried. He could feel his magic; it hadn’t been taken from him, so why wasn’t it working?

Well sad seeing Discord rendered useless again, but it does make sense considering the Phantom Ruby is able to bypass Super Sonic’s invulnerability and even depower him it would make sense it would do the same to Discord.

So sense he doesn’t need them he’s probably just goin to copy the villains and tempest. Dang I was kind of hoping for a real team up with Eggman and the evil trio. I guess after all the betrayals in the games and what happened with Discord last time he isn’t looking for teammates anymore. Which with all the things wrong with Forces i am glad Eggman made sure Infinite could never betray him. Shows he’s finally learned his lesson from all those other games. It took him 25 years to take over the world and he doesn’t need another villain stealing his thunder for the whatever time we’re up to. It’s his time to shine.

Though I do wonder if the equestrian villains would be willing to work with the heroes for a little payback.

I gotta say this was a really good opening. Gets yore attending immediately when Signs of infinite in the story. For all of his faults he definitely had a presence in any cutscenes he’s in and I feel like you did a good job with it here so far. Let’s hope he gets a more satisfying ending here.

Great chapter can’t wait for more!!!! Forces had a lot of story potential I think you can use in a similar way Generations did.

I love it greensonic21 and it’s good to have you back. I think this chapter went well although I think it wouldn’t have hurt to add chrysalis to join up. It would give an ideal idea if her as well as tirek and cozy glow to join up with eggman. And it gave me a thought if they joined up with eggman as partners they would probably get a 50 percent chance to rule a portion of each world 25 percent for eggman and the villains in equestria and 25 percent in Sonics world splitng both worlds for 25 percent each villain. Seems like a good idea. But over all I like it and can’t wait to see the rest of the story goes on. :twilightsmile:


I made you think of Sonic.EXE?! :raritydespair: NO! I don't want that!

I don't think they or Discord will get that chance... this time around.


Eggman didn't trust Chrysalis enough to let her in on his plans back in FiT, and that was back when she was sane...r. He didn't consider Sombra because, like he said, he considered him a psycho, so I can't imagine he would trust Tirek any more. And Cozy Glow... well, for one thing, she' s not exactly a threat at the moment, and I think Eggman's had his fill of children over the years.

Well you got a point still would have been a good idea. Question if discord was captured by eggman would he meet up with sonic and they would talk on what’s been happening. Mabye this would allow discord to apologize to sonic for all the trouble he caused and mabye get to know sonic a bit better.


It's going to be a while before those two butt heads again.

“I made you think of Sonic.EXE?! :raritydespair: NO! I don't want that!“

Yeah, I guess I let the horror feel from that make me think that. Though honestly the CD reference is far superior.

“I don't think they or Discord will get that chance... this time around.“

Dang.... oh well hopefully Discord gets to do something in this story.

I know and I can’t wait :pinkiehappy:


Whenever I think of that name, I think of the original story before I think of the fan recreation, and thinking of a poorly written story that seems to imply the author thinks the Virtual Boy is scary isn't a good thing.

I like to think that, in the game itself, out of all the characters that Infinite has faced and/or made illusions of, Shadow was the only one who made it through the mind games relatively unscathed. Everyone else is either being held at bay like Chaos or has been unable to get free. One of the two will appear in this story.

“I like to think that, in the game itself, out of all the characters that Infinite has faced and/or made illusions of, Shadow was the only one who made it through the mind games relatively unscathed. Everyone else is either being held at bay like Chaos or has been unable to get free. One of the two will appear in this story.”

I think the relationship between Infinite and Shadow in the game is kind of interesting. Like compare how Infinite acted in episode Shadow to how he acted in the main game. In the main game he’s pretty stoic and treats Sonic and the avatar as not worth dealing with, meanwhile with Shadow he’s laughing and acting a lot differently than he did with Sonic and the avatar. It seems like he’s having the time of his life messing with Shadow where he’s just annoyed with sonic and the avatar. I guess that shows the difference between someone who infinite deems worthy of his time and those he doesn’t.

I also do like how things get a little creepy in the virtual reality level where Omega constantly says he’s not weak and Rouge saying Omega was destroyed months ago.

I think Shadow over all was done well in Forces especially compared to Free Riders and Boom. I also think Kirk Thornton improved voicing him too.

You know, I caught that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull jokes. You don’t like it?

I still don’t understand the problem with surviving a nuclear explosion in a refrigerator.


I actually haven't seen that movie yet, but I have heard of all the things that people have complained about. I don't get what the problem is, either; I mean, it's not like Indy was ever in a crazy situation that he happened to survive in the previous movies, right? :pinkiesmile:

I was actually thinking of a reading of a creepypasta called "MaRIo II" where, when the story hits a point where it just becomes utterly ridiculous, the readers say the same thing. That's what was on my mind when I wrote that.


Looking over Episode Shadow again, I get the feeling the difference was due to Shadow making it personal. Eggman disorienting Infinite and his squad with the original Phantom Ruby was one thing, but it was implied Shadow destroyed the rest of his squad and probably didn't even need to his Chaos powers to take down Infinite. Leaving Shadow powerless against probably gave him a joy like no other. Not sure if it would still have that effect six months later or if he'd be like The Joker in the season 1 finale of "Harley Quinn" at that point.

Really? Not much of an Indiana Jones fan then?


No, I like Indiana Jones. We have the first three movies on DVD. I just never heard about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull until the AVGN talked about it in one of Cinemassacre's Top Ten videos. Somehow, it flew under the radar where I live.

You know, I was wondering if the Metal Sonic and Zavok we see will just be the replicas of the Phantom Ruby. I was also curious if the other members of the Deadly Six would appear as well.


Well, I think that might be veering into spoiler territory a bit. All I'll say is there's a couple surprises in store.

I was just thinking, if you ARE going to have the Legion of Doom reform and fight with the good guys in the final battle, maybe you could make their entrance scene just like the entrance scene in the final battle of Spies in Disguise, complete with the song 'They Gotta Go' and everything!!!

Truth is I had some fantasies if Infinite were in Equestria. He could use his powers to create replicas of Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker. Ever thought about that?

Does Amy still don't like Spike, or did she get over it in this story?

dang. things jest got intense.


I wouldn't say she disliked him. She just didn't like him talking back to her or what she perceived as making fun of her when she saw an opportunity to impress Sonic.

So are they going to be okay with other now or is she still going to be annoyed with him?


They were okay by the time the MLP characters left.

Is Eggman empire will invade equestria?

curious question with the title. Since your mentioning Mania in it... does this mean Classic Sonic is going to appear? Or are you still not including him like you did with Generations?(I know he has nothing to do with the actual story, just curious)


You just have to look at the story image for the answer to that...

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