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This story is a sequel to The Blue Blur

Dr. Eggman finally won. Sonic the Hedgehog was defeated and is presumed dead. And as a result, the Eggman Empire could now expand on a global scale.

In his absence, Sonic's friends banded together as a Resistance to fight back against the Eggman Empire. But the appearance of six ponies from another surprises them, claiming to know Sonic and decide to help. With the aid of the Equestrians and the newly recruited Rookie they find hope once more.

Meanwhile, Tails crosses paths with another Sonic that he's met before and a certain dragon. Together, the three of them set off to fight Eggman alone.

Sonic, the Rookie, their Equestrian allies, and all of Sonic's friends must join forces if they want to liberate the world from Eggman. Fighting old foes and taking the world back bit by bit while also dealing with the new entity known as Infinite.

Has a TV Tropes page now.

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Nice start, can't wait for Forces to come out so can make the rest.

.........Wow. I mean...wow. I'm impressed. So far, you've done this perfectly. You even got Shadow right, and even normally, that's really hard to do. To me, that's even harder because, I admit, I am a little picky about him. To me he's the most interesting character, and it's hard to meet my expectations.
I really enjoyed this, and I can't wait for the next one.:pinkiehappy:

Well, Spike has obviously found Classic Sonic. Wait...Classic Sonic can't talk. Uh oh... *And hilarity ensues* :facehoof:

Awesome start! Can't wait for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

When is the next chapter?! I want to know what happens to Sonic and see Rookie join the resistance!

You have Starlight as one of the bad guys. I am heavily intrigued.:trixieshiftright:

Neat start so far. I'm curious to see how this goes.

He said he's waiting until Forces comes out. That way, he doesn't spoil it.

8519790 I've already gotten a headstart on writing at least.

8519792 Thank you. Shadow is one of my favorites too.

As for Classic Sonic, that's gonna be fun.

8519793 Thanks. Next Tuesday, I'm beginning this for real.

8519912 There's more going on here than meets the eye, I can hint that much.

8519918 We'll see next chapter.

8520084 The game's street date broke. I already have the story plotted down because of it, but I want to wait until the game's released to actually start the plot for anyone who doesn't want early spoilers.

Oh, I'm sure of that. But I just wanted Starlight to be a villain and she is. I'm intrigued and happy.

Ah! On the day of the official release of Sonic Forces!

Methinks Spike originated from Mobius instead of Equestria.

Huh...that's certainly a interesting origin story idea.

8523676 I noticed that at the end of the chapter, Spike recognized Sonic. Canon doesn't say anything about WHERE Spike's egg came from and only says that his parents were dragons. Maybe Spike's parents knew about Sonic at one point and told his egg about him?

8523826 This story's a sequel to another Sonic story of mine actually. The Mane 6 and Spike all know Sonic, Tails and Knuckles already and fought Eggman before.

Sweet! This such a great chapter! Hope the next one comes out soon!

Yeah! Then everyone will realize that they were fighting illusions created by the Phantom Ruby and the real Shadow and Starlight come out of nowhere and join the team.

I doubt that anyone can comprehend the Pink One. Omega's circuits would be fried just from being in the same room as her.

now lets get ready to fly!! :pinkiehappy:

Awesome chapter! Can't wait for the next one. :twilightsmile:

Yeah me too! Including the chapter when the ponies and resistance go into space to free Sonic.

Nice chapter and i like how you changed things up, though dialogue at the start could've been more different from the game. I liked it but what does this mean for Rouge though?

8536251 Currently working on it.

8536401 But who will it be first though?

8536415 Omega's kinda wacky himself. The guy loves destruction (in the comics anyway).

8536434 To the Death Egg!

8536722 Thanks! It's almost done.

8538610 I'm pretty much changing dialogue from here on out, especially Tails'. Rouge was already sent by Knuckles to infiltrate the Death Egg and would've found Sonic anyway. In this story they already knew about it. They'll clue her in on Sonic's current state and she'll see what she could find.

Awesome! Team Tails (Classic? Spike?) strikes!

That was fast. Nice to see how you expanded on the game and included the Chaos fight.

Good start! Nice to see Tails have an active role here.

You gonna do something with episode Shadow? Maybe something like episode Shadow and Starlight.

Sonic of today is about to return and join the fight!

8540230 Team name to be decided.

8540268 Thanks.

8540340 I'm still disappointed he didn't get a boss fight. Every villain will be fought here. Some more than once probably.

8541333 One thing I immediately wanted to change was Tails. It's a crime how he was portrayed in the game.

As for Starlight, I might do something with her and Shadow set sometime before their appearances.

8542115 Time for a jailbreak!

And little fun fact, both Modern and Classic are the Sonics of today. Apparently, Classic now hails from a different dimension instead of being just a "younger" Sonic. It's weird.

Wait? You're gonna make the game's story good? Quick question, buddy, can all the villains be real?! PLEASE?! Especially Metal? PLEEEEEEASE make Metal real, and let him have a new characterization, let him talk!

8543343 I want to make at least the Metal they fight real but powered up, since there's no reason to not have a real one. There will still be clones of him though, like the one present for Sonic's defeat. I've already decided on keeping the others as fakes (or "Phantoms") though, but they will have more interactions with the heroes anyway.

Except for Chaos. He actually can't talk.

Can you just go with the real ones, and save the Phantom clones for the final battle? Like, possibly bring the Deadly Six somewhere close to the end? And like after the heroes beat them, they're sent back to the Lost Hex, and Infinite goes with creating the clones instead, making it easier than bringing them out of time

8543398 Sorry, dude. I already have the story plotted down (since the leaks actually), so this is something I'm sticking with. I do have a flimsy excuse to justify it.

He's using fakes cause actually bringing the real deals and sending back when defeated exerts too much energy from the Phantom Ruby. Same with having to keep them all under his control forever since he doubts they'd be on his side without betrayal. Classic is here by accident and Eggman requested the Equestrians to be brought there for revenge and barely used the portals otherwise. He needs as much power charged necessary for his ultimate plan.

As for the rest of the Deadly Six. They won't be in this story, but I won't deny I have plans for other villains like them and Jet to appear in something else though...

Alright, just didn't want you to be lazy like Sega

8543443 I saw the truth behind the villains coming months ago. I just thought they were gonna play up the mystery angle with it a little more with some confrontations before the reveal, but literally only Sonic and Zavok had any meaningful interaction. I'm gonna remedy that at the very least.

Please do just that, especially with Metal

WARNING! For those who haven't played the game expect SPOILERS!!!

One of the video links was removed.

8545199 Should be fixed. Had to change the song though.

Let's GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the real Chaos were here then he'll slaughter the fakers with brutality.

Are you making more chapters of this story or or not

Awww yeah! A story based on Sonic Forces! So gonna read this!

Ok, I really enjoyed this chapter. I love the trash talk Sonic was giving out to Zavok and the character interactions were great. I loved the part with Fluttershy, which showed her weakness and her personality as it was realistic. Good work.

Ohh! This Alternate Universe Crossover of "Sonic Forces" seems pretty interesting! :twilightsmile: I think I might read this! :pinkiehappy:

However, I'm just going to read this chapter for now since I haven't seen nor played the game yet. And knowing you, you'll be finished by the time I finally get the game and has finished it already. But what the hell. Either way, I believe this Game and Crossover will be fucking epic! :pinkiehappy:

Awesomely Epic Job on this Chapter, MetalJrock! Once I get the game and finish it, I'll continue to read ALL of the chapters of this Crossover Story you've made here and once you have finished all of it. I promise. :raritywink: Good Luck on the rest of the chapters for this AU Crossover of "Sonic Forces", man! :twilightsmile: :pinkiesmile: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowdetermined2:

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