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Tempest Shadow gets a visit from none other that the dark lord himself, Darth Vader.

This is another Star Wars/MLP crossover short-fic in celebration of the MLP movie soon to be released in theaters this October (or November in Australia).

Cover image made and used with permission by EJLightning007arts.

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This would make a good start to a Fanfic version of the movie with The Empire being the true power behind The Storm King's throne.

Probably. But the movie isn't in theaters yet, so what I wrote is all speculated by what I've read online.
As I mentioned in the note, this story was inspired by a crossover image made by someone on deviantart. And I hope I portrayed Vader faithfully in this story.

Also, I even read up Tempest Shadow's backstory, and from what I found, it is remarkably similar to Darth Vader. As I result, I previously wrote another Star Wars/MLP crossover involving Luke and Obi-Wan talking about the tragic story of Tempest Shadow. I highly recommend for you to read it if you hadn't already.
Link to "There Is Still Good In Her": https://www.fimfiction.net/story/386448/there-is-still-good-in-her

Thank you. This was fun to write.

You did a great job!

I also wrote another one previously. It's called "There Is Still Good In Her". Do check out that one, if you haven't already.

I will check it out thanks.

Glad you enjoyed it. And thank you for adding it to your favorites. :twilightsmile:

After you see the movie, you do a sequel to this with Twilight and Vader. It was awesome!

We'll see. But I'll be very busy with other things too. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Hope you will make more mlp star wars crossover

Like I said to Saenz92, I'll be very busy with other things. But we'll see.

WOW! Loved this! If only it could become a series! Granted, I haven't seen the movie, but I know the general gist of it thanks to the wiki.

I digress though. Would love to see a sequel!

Well, we'll see what comes about, but I'll be very busy with other stories and projects to do a sequel. :raritywink:

Glad you enjoyed it. I haven't seen the movie myself either, mainly because the movie is not going to be released in theatres in Australia until the 3rd of November, a month after everywhere else.

I see! I look forward to what projects you have in store.

And I see. That must be a bummer. No worries though! At least reading about it on the wiki will do for now right?

Anyway, keep up the great work!

You know I can totally see a sequel with Tempest and Vader on Captain Caleno's ship, like the opening of Episode 4 with Vader interrogating Captain Antilles on the Tantive IV.

Sounds tempting. But I'll have to see the movie first. Maybe I might, but I'm going to be busy with other stories and projects. So we'll see what comes about.

is there a AS in the story ?


I have reviewed this story as a part of the Reviewer's Cafe.

As always, thank you for the time and effort you put into the creation of your story, and I hope you find this review to be helpful. :twilightsmile:


Is it possible for you to make a part 2 for this story?

I'm making a squeal series out of this. And I also had the artist of the story image make the images for each of them too. :raritywink:

The Rouge One references are strong with this one.

But of course. And thank you for adding it to your favourites. :twilightsmile:

Darth Vader turned around, and faced Tempest. "I hope so, Commander, for your sake. Only the Storm King has the power to make us whole again." He began pacing closer towards her. "I want you, and any men you can spare to go out and find Princess Twilight Sparkle. You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want her alive. If you fail, your horn will not be the only thing that will be broken."

Somehow I, a hardcore Vader and Star Wars fan, find it hilarious that Darth Vader is having to say the name Twilight Sparkle and he is just silly somehow cuz of it. Imagine if there was a scene of Darth Vader watching MLP. Actually, I'll go look that up right now!

LOL! I see what you mean. Glad you enjoyed it.

BTW I should let you know that there are sequels to this story. Yup This is the first of the series. Here's the link to the other two sequels for you to look at too.

TVader's New Empire
The story of how Darth Vader joined with the Storm King.
Raptormon132 · 6.9k words  ·  95  6 · 4.2k views
EEscape From Klugetown
Darth Vader and Tempest Shadow hunt for the Princess Twilight Sparkle and The rest of the Main Six in Klugetown.
Raptormon132 · 5.1k words  ·  101  3 · 4.4k views

I hope you like them too, and the next sequels will be out sooner or later. :raritywink:

Ikr it's hard not to laugh when it comes to Darth Vader and magical flying ponies and unicorns at the same time.

The Dad joke is strong in this XD

9074399 We have fun here!

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