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This story is a sequel to Sonic Generations: Friendship is Timeless

Totally not a spin-off to "Sonic Generations: Friendship is Timeless"; it is a sequel.

When an old, Ancient enemy resurfaces in the world of the Blue Bomber and his heroic friends, craziness ensues when they try to stop him that ends up sending everyone to a whole other world.

Stranded far from home, Team Sonic must make new allies and attempt to fit in in this new world while also trying to gain the trust of its inhabitants and reclaim the Lost Crystal of Power before their foes do.

Will Team Sonic be able to balance a life of their typical heroics with going to school? Will their new friends be able to show them new powers they'd never imagined were real before? Will Amy finally get her new snakeskin boots? And will Sticks eventually stop messing with the author?

"Don't count on it."

Find out in this, the ultimate crossover of awesomeness!

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"Sticks, are you fighting with the author?"

"Hey he started it!"

Well, here we go. The long awaited Sonic Boom/EQG story :trollestia: and totally not a sequel, prequel, follow up or whatever to "Sonic Generations: Friendship is Timeless". I can imagine total hijinks will ensue with the Sonic Boom gang and the Rainbooms.

Normally, I don't care much about Sonic Boom, but this story looks pretty good so far. I'll definitely track this!

Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

This is gonna be a good time. Team Sonic gets to go to a school as crazy as their island and the Rainbooms get to fight robots. Despite what happened, I imagine Eggman will find a way to do his weekly attacks somehow. Unless Lyric takes that spot from him.

:twilightoops: oh snap. the big bad snake is back.

:twilightoops: ............................ :pinkiehappy: how long till the author goes crazy from both pinky & sticks?


Not to worry. Eggman and Lyric are definitely not going to have the dynamic they had in... *shudder* "Rise of Lyric."

"Why did you shudder...?"

"None of your business, Sticks!"


To be fair, EG!Pinkie isn't quite as fourth wall destructive as her pony counterpart.

it should still happen.


She'd love that, but she won't get it. She's had me in her head for some time now, mixing me in with all the other voices in there, forcing me to live amongst them. She hasn't broken me yet.

:twilightoops: wow. not yet huh. maybe I should wait on it.:pinkiecrazy:

Is this a real sequel or a spin off, because im confuse?

This takes place after the events of the first fic so it’s kind of a sequel, but it’s a spin off because it’s not a direct sequel and it’s about the spinoff franchises of both Sonic and Mlp.

A crossover between spinoffs? This will be interesting. I wonder if people can handle Sticks and Pinkie in the same room?

Great chapter!

Looks like the girls discovered one of the crystals. Now I'm waiting to see how two different groups meet each other.

:ajbemused: sticks. you need to stop fighting with the author.

All right, I'm interested in this story. Can't wait to see what will happen. Also, I'm a little confused on who exactly you seem to be arguing with in a few chapters. Is it really Sticks?


Well, it's not Pinkie, that's for sure. She's supportive. She did encourage me to keep going when the weight of Adventures was getting to be too much.

Glad you moved the Sticks arguing moments to the authors notes. Those kinda got distracting. Anyways obvious fav now!

Eggman’s name backwards? Brilliant.

I wonder what his Master Plan is now that he’s here.

Dr. Kintobor = Robotnik. Clever!

Another great chapter! Nice reference to your other story, MLP:FiT.

Looks like Eggman’s taking cues from his Modern counterpart, building corporations as a ruse for his true intentions.

Can’t wait for the Boom team and the Rainbooms to meet.

“‘I must admit, that movie was quite surprising. I don’t follow it myself, but I haven’t heard many good things about the show that it’s based on,’ Rarity was saying.”

“‘Well, somebody must’ve cared enough to try ta make sure the movie was a quality product, Rarity. They had to put things that fans of the show would recognize, but also take that extra step and make it somethin’ everyone might wanna see,’ Applejack said.”

“Pinkie spoke up, ‘l don’t get why so many people are so negative about the show! All the jokes they put in, the way the main characters don’t understand what it means to be superheroes, the wacky situations… I think it’s all great!’”

Teen Titans: Go! To the Movies reference? With a Take That to the amount of hate the show’s gotten?... I don’t care what Sticks says, I also love the movie and show and appreciate this.

Also, do you think Sticks’ friends could occasionally break the fourth wall? I’m just asking since one thing I love about Sonic Boom is all the fourth wall breaks. It’s completely up to you.

“A police officer was walking the beat in Canterlot, his day having been relatively uneventful up to this point. As he was nearing the end of his patrol, he passed by an abandoned lot where he noticed something he hadn’t seen on his last patrol a few days ago. Near the middle of the lot, there appeared to be a man lying next to an odd-looking vehicle. Confused, the officer tried calling out to the man, but he received no response. Concerned, the officer stepped into the lot, making his way over to the man.”

“When he reached him, the officer saw that the man was bald and lying face down on the ground, his red shirt, black pants and boots, and white gloves looking somewhat dirty. He looked too well-kept to be a typical bum. The officer rushed over to the man and knelt down next to him, shaking him. ‘Sir? Sir! Are you okay?!’ he asked, unaware that a black and red orb and a yellow and black cube began floating above the ground off to the side, just outside of his vison.”

Oh, boy. :twilightoops:

“At the bottom of the second page, just below where the writing ended, there was a photograph. The picture wasn’t completely clear, likely due in part to some of the clarity being lost during the sending and also partly due to the fact that it looked like it had been salvaged from a fire or explosion or both, but they could still make out what Sunset was getting at. In addition to the baby dragon, griffon, and all the ponies in the picture, including a certain lavender unicorn that surprised Twilight a little, there were a number of different animals standing around a picnic table that was clearly set up for a party, all of them looking considerably human-like.”

This is gonna be awkward when they run into the islanders, especially when Sonic and Shadow realize they’re both in the picture together. Also, I bet ten rings and bits that Sticks freaks out when she sees the picture since she’ll recognize them. :rainbowlaugh:

By the way, Sticks, if you’re reading this, you’ll have to wait until later to see what the picture is.

“‘Sounds a lot like that terrible dinosaur movie that’s out now.’

‘Hey, hey. Don’t go there.’

‘Well, it does! It was convenient there and it’s convenient here, ain’t it?’

‘Look, I’m trying to move away from doing this sort of thing. I would really appreciate it if you didn’t-‘


Hey, the Jurassic Park movies are great, not terrible! And you’re getting this from someone who’s only seen the most recent one. (Please don’t hate me for that. I didn’t have a lot of interest until this one.) Though I must admit the trailers showing Chris Pratt’s character yelling, “RUN!” while running away from an erupting volcano and a dinosaur stampede while his friends are riding in that ball thing is getting pretty cliche. They should do something different.

Eggman must’ve been reading a lot of comic books to come up with those backstories.

”Do you actually think one little girl knowing my secret is actually going to be a big deal to me?

If Eggman thought 5 animals wwre annoying, just wait until he meets the 7 girls with magic powers.

I question the CCC

But the Sonic X reference was hilarious!

Also, have you ever watched a guy called Jontron?

Eggman replied, “Yes, in the last few days in fact! And given the state that my, er, completely friendly babies have been found in, it’s not the work of any ordinary vandals. No, it’s them, that gang of horribly mean and close-minded teenage troublemakers who call themselves the Suppression Squad!”

I think Eggman may have stole that name and idea from reading Archie comics!

Amy looked over her counterpart appraisingly. “Look at those boots she has. They’re very nice, but can she run in them? And that dress! I wonder if she keeps a crossbow with her instead of a hammer; it might be better for her.”

Well, the Amy Rose from the Fleetway comic does use a crossbow.

Sonic looked unimpressed by what the picture was showing, but his voice had a note of jealousy in it. “Look at this guy. How come he has more friends at his birthday party than I’ve ever had? He doesn’t even know how to dress properly. He has to be…” He trailed off as he noticed something in the corner of the photo. “Wait, is that Shadow? SHADOW was at his party?! How is that possible?! That can’t be Shadow. The only way it could be is if he’s a total joker in that dimension,” he argued.

Knuckles remarked a bit jokingly, “Or, maybe, he’s just as strong as our Shadow and that other Sonic is actually that much better than you.”

Well Knux isn't wrong there. Also Shadow is much more cooler than Boom! Shadow is.


Well, she was thinking of a clam. The Coo Clux Clam, to be precise. And the Society for Observing and Neutralizing Interdimensional Creatures and Xenomorphs, naturally.

Heard of him. Pretty sure I've never watched his stuff.

I just remember him probably taking a shot at Grabbed by the Ghoulies. It was during his review of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts and how Microsoft ruined everything for RareWare.

It's disturbing how much the CCC sounds like THAT organization.

Another great chapter and Sunset finally met Sonic and the gang! :yay:

Can't wait for another chapter! :twilightsmile:

1: why the hole news flash stunt????
2: egghead really needs to try acting better for his sake.
3: how did knuckles get in the sewers??????
4: sticks..... that is a bad game......... jest drop it.

I knew Sticks was gonna freak out when she saw the picture! Though you’d think somebody would’ve noticed her denial was suspiciously specific. Is she gonna accidentally blurt it out later? And why am I not surprised by Sonic’s reaction to Shadow being in the picture?

Also, the Sonic X and Archie Comics references and the cameo of you in Sticks’ head...:rainbowlaugh:


1. It's Eggman. He loves attention and making Sonic look bad.

2. First of all, I think there are some ponies and brightly colored humans that could use that as well. And second, that's never going to happen.

3. He fell in. It says right in the story he did.

4. vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/banjokazooie/images/9/95/Roysten_N%26B.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20091105230835


Not sure it was the picture that did it. And blurt what out?

............. all fair points.

Blurt out the fact that she has been to another dimension. But I thought the picture did it because it seems pretty likely that she didn’t tell her friends about the Mega Man incident, the Rio Olympics, and the car race. Also, if Princess Twilight finds out about the catastrophic anomaly Shadow caused, he’s gonna be screwed. After all, it does seem a little surprising how, in “Eggman: The Video Game Part 2,” nobody tried to kill him for it.

Hang on, I just realized something... None of the islanders (I don’t know if Sticks knows about the Chaos Emeralds) know Shadow’s counterpart’s not the only person who can use Chaos Control on Mobius... Wonder how Princess Twilight’s gonna react if she gets involved in this?

Also, in “Adventures on the Friendship Express,” was Tails the only one who noticed the mirror showing the events of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric? You never indicated he was the only one, but I’m not sure.


Don't forget "Sonic Runners", though it's about as dead as the Archie-verse to her now. And I'm pretty sure, despite her shouting, her mind doesn't exactly believe she ever dimension hopped before.

I wouldn't count on that.


Twilight doesn't know how to use Chaos powers on her own yet.

That was just a dream. A dream of the Dead Zone.

Oh, yeah. I forgot about Sonic Runners. Too bad I didn’t find out about it until after it was taken off the App Store. (I know Sticks was in it due to TV Tropes.) But the way Sticks was freaking out made it seem like she was thinking about those adventures when she saw the picture.

What I meant is Twilight knows Modern Sonic and Modern Shadow can use Chaos Control (and because of her memory spell, Silver as well). There’s no doubt the Sonic Boom characters figured out both Shadows can do that, but since they only saw a picture, they don’t know Modern Sonic has that in common with both black and red hedgehogs. And we don’t know if Boom Sonic has that ability.

And what’s the Dead Zone?

As always really loving all your Sonic crossover work. I'm really quite curious what's going with Sticks. Because from the sounds of what she let slip, it seems she has some serious skeleton in her closet for sure.


I feel like you're saying that like that's something new for her.


Okay, uh, first of all, I don't see what that has to do with anything. Second, Twilight never used her memory spell on Silver. And the Dead Zone should be obvious: it's where things go to die, and "Rise of Lyric" is most certainly dead and buried.

Sorry. Guess I phrased that wrong. I know Twilight used the memory spell on Sonic. What I meant to say is Sonic’s forgotten memories helped her learn Silver can use Chaos Control, as Super Silver would be part of them.

Also, that explanation about the Dead Zone makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

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