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I'm a brony who loves Dinosaurs, Pokèmon, Sonic, Godzilla, anime, and SPORE... What more could I want? Birthday is April 21st...

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Captain America: Civil War crossover.

This story is a sequel to A Beautiful New Age.

Being the first of her species to travel to another world, seeking to—and hopefully—make peace with its leaders, Princess Twilight and her friends see nothing but a bright future ahead for both Earth and Equus. It all seemed to be going so well.

However, after a devastating terrorist attack brings a mighty blow to the Avengers, Twilight and her friends are unwillingly placed as the next targets. Tensions arise between Iron Man and Captain America, and new players soon emerge into the battlefield, threatening to tip the tide into conflict amongst the shattered team.

To deal with the true threat behind the grand scheme, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers must put aside their differences before the inevitable comes crashing down on top of them…

Two sides of good clashing together, fighting for what they believe is right, breaking partnerships and ending friendships… human and pony alike.

Sequel: Infinity Era

Chapters (60)

Avengers: Age of Ultron crossover.

Ultron’s plan had come to perfect fruition. There would be no more war, no more chaos, because the ones who caused it all would be gone. In just a short moment, the world would be saved from its true demon. Humans.

It would have all been so much simpler…if it wasn’t for them.

The Avengers.

As it is said, as it always will be, true peace can only be granted through countless innocent lives. In hindsight, the ponies were never that different from humans. Ultron’s plan is not yet over, and soon his strings will be severed…for the last time.

Sequel: This War of Ours

Chapters (75)

As Equestria And The Planet Of Equus Itself Is Turning Into The Planet Of The Dinosaurs, A Family Of Teratophoneus Attempt To Live In This Planet That, while it Once Was Paradise, Is Now Being Transformed Into A Kind Of Hell For Its Inhabitants, including any new additions. We Follow this Family In their Struggle To Survive in This new World.

(This Is A loosely-based-off Spin-Off Of StrangeBehavior's My Little Pony - The Age Of Dinosaurs)

All Hail The Great belnett For His Amazing Editing Skills! (Prequel-Ch.II)

Cover Art From The Amazing Kimba the White Lion!!!

Seriously, Give All These People The Thanks They Deserve! And Pay Them A Visit Once In A While, Alright?

Chapters (4)

For over a thousand years, ponies and Pokémon have lived together in peace. And why? Because they were taught to coexist by two great humans. Ash and Serena, two lovers from a distant world, transported as people they didn't used to be. But their past no longer mattered, so long as they stayed together.

But when tragedy strikes and they are taken from each other in a cruel twist of fate, one waits while the other is in a constant race of survival. Centuries have passed and yet their love still burns and begs to be together once again.

With the help of some new friends and their partners, will those years of waiting finally end?

Additional tags: Spike, Discord, Flash Sentry, Trixie, Celestia, and Luna
Edited and assisted by Inazuma
A Displaced story.
Pokémon and MLP: FiM are under their own ownership and I claim no rights to them. This story is for entertainment purposes only.

Chapters (6)

After the defeat of Tirek, Instead of receiving a castle; The tree of harmony goes haywire and causes a mass eruption of magic all over not just Equestria but the entire world. Arceus, viewing this decides to help Celestia and the other world leaders to transport their subjects to the Pokémon world. With little to no knowledge of the Pokémon World and the loss of their homes, can the inhabitants of Equus live in harmony with the Pokémon? Or will it end up in utter chaos and war breaks loose. Only time can truly tell. Read to see the creatures of Equus adapting to the Pokemon world and creating bonds, which the likes has never seen.

Status: Cancelled

Basically the reverse version of A New World, a New Way. If you haven't read it before. Go check it out, it is a must read :pinkiehappy:

Special thanks to zeusdemigod131 for giving me permission to write this story. Also, some of his characters will make an appearance in this story.

[Adventure] [Slice of Life] [Comedy] [Mystery] [Drama] [Romance] [Crossover] [Alternate Universe]

((Contains elements of: Super Mystery Dungeon, Gates to Infinity, Explorers of Sky, Stormy, Light and Blazing Adventure))

((Contains spoilers of Super Mystery Dungeon)) So if you don't want to be spoiled, I suggest not reading this story.

I also have a group now. Click Here

Cover art made by SilverWolfFTW. If you have any questions and some free ideas you wanna say. For free to mail me. :twilightsmile:

Remember if you want to create a side story or even add in some ideas, feel free to message me about it and I'll see what we can do. :raritywink:

((Note I: No humans will not exist in this story.))

((Note II: I am taking bits of the anime, manga, games and even some head canons.))

Chapters (10)

As the time and reign of the dinosaurs draws to a close, it is time for some great changes to happen on the world of Equus. The mighty reptiles of the distant world begin to appear all around Equestria and start their new lives there. Now the pony folk, and slowly every other country in the world, must learn how to co-exist with these mighty creatures. Some will accept them as friends, while others will reject them as monsters.

Meanwhile, an ancient evil that's been dormant since the All Mother created the world, begins to awaken, and with it it's desire for revenge. Now, not only must the pony folk gather their courage for this great battle, but the mighty dinosaurs must ban together as well to defeat this great evil. They must forfill their destinies as the Guardians of Equestria.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Courage the Cowardly Dog In: Mare-anormal Activity

Courage has been returned home, and everything seems to have to returned to normal. Unfortunately, dark forces have awakened, and have no intentions of staying quiet...

I would suggest reading Mare-anormal Activity first, if you haven't already.

Cover Image Credit: I claim no participation or have any ownership whatsoever in this image.

Chapters (11)

When Fluttershy stumbles across a small pink pup, she takes him home. Unfortunately, this only invites strange and spooky things to begin happening in Ponyville...

Link to credit the image source of which I claim no ownership or participation: http://icebreak23.deviantart.com/art/Fluttershy-The-Cowardly-Pony-273909700

Chapters (11)

No one can deny an old fashioned superhero team-up, especially when that team-up involves another helping of the Power Ponies!

Taking place after the second My Little Pony movie, Rainbow Rocks, and the new Disney film, Big Hero 6, we find Twilight testing out a new spell, a way to travel to other dimensions. It works, only for one of Spike's comic books to get in the way, causing an upset in the spell's process, leading the portal to suck in Spike, his comics, and the Mane 6, sending them to an unknown destination.

They awaken, only to find themselves as the Power Ponies once more, and in an unusual city by the name of San Fransokyo. To make matters worse, the mishap with the spell, fused with the comics, unleashed the Mane-iac, more powerful than she ever was, and even backed up by her own private army of dopplegangers! Now, the Power Ponies must team up with the super hero team of that world, or risk darkness falling upon the city forever.

This thrilling three-chapter crossover adventure brings two times the hero, featuring the return of the Power Ponies! Let the adventure begin!
WARNING: Given that this story will contain some or plenty of spoilers, this story MUST BE READ by ONLY those who've seen Big Hero 6 already. Trust me, it's for the best

Chapters (3)

Narrated by Optimus Prime of the Autobots!

Equestria, a magical land ruled and controlled by ponies, has been at peace since Tirek has been defeated by Princess Twilight and her friends. She is now the newly titled Princess of Friendship, and with her friends; Applejack, Rarity, Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy, usher in a newfound era of goodwill to all pony-kind…


In the distant past, in another dimension, lies an ancient Earth. Upon this planet lives the mightiest and most successful race of creatures ever known to the human race; the Dinosaurs. Unlike Equestria, Earth was, and still is, a violent and chaotic place where only nature has absolute authority of it's varied lifeforms. Fate was cruel when a extra-terrestrial event saw the end of the mighty dinosaurs…

But the cosmos had other plans…

In a freak of nature, five different species of dinosaurs called the Dromeosaurids, or Raptors, wake up in unfamiliar territory, a whole new world for them to thrive on…

And that world is Equestria!!!

Is it the start of something big? Will friendship be enough to control creatures of pure, unrestrained instinct? Can Twilight and friends crack the mysteries of what is happening to their world??? Find out NOW!!! Find out in...

My Little Pony - The Age of Dinosaurs!!!

This is a remake of Dihinner's 'Raptor' story. More Mesozoic animals, more wonder, more fear, than anything before, or possibly after. I eagerly await reviews and comments, and am also waiting for suggestions from you brilliant writers...

And yes, I made that picture, background found on Google, Fluttershy by someone on DeviantArt, and the dinosaur, an Allosaurus, I made from scratch. I hope to replace it with a better, more fitting one in the future...

Here is a couple spin-offs of this story (expect more being put in here...)
My Little Pony - Giants of Patagonia
My Little Pony: The Guardians of Equestria by Laci the Hunter
The Age of Dinosaurs - Teratophoneus by Hirohito

Chapters (19)
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