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-Twilight Sparkle. That name came to her mind in a growling tone. She knew, in an instance that was her name. It fit her like a glove, it felt so warm and so right.

“Okay, so I know who I am,” the newly coronated Twilight Sparkle mused, vague flashes of the finest gold and the finest jewelry entering her mind for only the briefest of moments. “The question is now, who am I, and how did I get here?”-

That's all she remembered about herself though, aside from vague flashes of a home deep within the mountains. Time to find her way back, and maybe find some answers. Dangerous world out there though, on that long and winding road. And they say all myths have an element of truth to them...

Brave heart Twilight, the world is ahead.

Heavy AU with Dragon Twilight Sparkle! Inspired somewhat by a certain story series by ShortskirtsandExplosions, along with J. R. R Tolkien and Rick Riordan's works.

Chapters (3)

Twilight Sparkle is assisting Tempest Shadow in learning more about friendship, when Fluttershy comes by asking if Twilight Sparkle could watch Angel for her while she's away for a few days. Twilight Sparkle then has a brilliant idea for Tempest Shadow to pet-sit Angel Bunny while she attends to errands in town, telling Tempest this will be a good way for her to learn more about friendship. What could Tempest possibly learn about friendship from a bunny?

Proofread by: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/246282/QueenChrysalisForever
Edited by: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/132652/Marcibel
Special thanks to the randomness of dice for inspiring this silly story. I hope you all like it.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Pound and Pumpkin Tales 1

Pound and Pumpkin had quite a year with their six year old selves, dealing with bullies, fearing storms, running away from home, solving friendship problems, and making friends. What awaits them in their seventh year?

Chapters (29)

Rainbowdash wanted to explore, and have awesome adventures in faraway lands, so when Twilight offered her the opportunity to go further than any pony has gone before, she took it. Now she's stranded on an Alien planet, with no way back home, and none of her friends. But she does find some very unlikely aid.

Ryley is a survivor from the spaceship Aurora, and as far as he can tell, he might be the only one, now after just having his hopes of rescue dashed, he is suddenly confronted with a different survivor, one who might just help him find a way of this planet after all.

Together the unlikely pair now need to uncover the mysteries of why they're both here, and what else is on Planet 4546B.

A crossover with the Game Subnautica, a highly entertaining game that I seriously suggest you play before reading this, or even if you don't read this story, just play the game, its good fun.

Also spoiler warning for the game, hence why you should just go play it, done that? Good, now time for story.

Chapters (4)

Life has a weird way of messing with you. You might get screwed here or there, out a job, maybe a stab in the back, nothing you can't get back from. Then there are those times. The times you can't get back from within your wildest dreams. And the universe couldn't cut me a break and make the impossibility simple. Nope, didn't get to stay human, didn't get the luxury of being transmorgified into a pony, griffon, or other, I didn't even end up as an already established pony within the candyland of Equestria!

Nope, for me, I wake up not as Pinkie Pie, but instead inside the mind of Pinkie Pie. Back on the rock farm when she was a filly. My name ain't that important anymore, but Pinkie's taken to calling me Mena. And it's gonna be a long, windy, freaky road ahead, ain't it?


[Tags will be updated if need be. Dark tag there for overall and reoccurring themes. And while it's not enough to warrant the tag there may be adventure elements from time to time. Critique is welcome and I hope you enjoy!]

Holy cow, featured on day/night one! Thank you muchly so everybody!

Chapters (1)

Trixie is a talented witch, student to the most powerful mage in the country! Well, at least she was until she messed up a spell really, really badly. She's been banished from town until she can prove that she's learned from her mistakes, she aims to do just that as soon as possible. Life outside the safety of the city walls is rather unpleasant, after all.

Still, a few nights in the forest is nothing for a powerful mare like her, surely! All she needs to do is figure out how to get her mentor to take her back in, and then everything should be back to normal.

There's got to be an easy way to do it, right?

A dumb idea I had, courtesy of one of the best albums of '97.
He's waiting to take your immortal soul.

Chapters (1)

An evil beyond our comprehension is created by a mad scientist in a decrepit old castle, waiting for the day to be sent upon the world to rage in the hearts of men.

Its name: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Featured 1/19/19, 1/20/19

Chapters (1)

A spiritual rewrite of the deleted story 'A Shimmering Memory'. Sunset has decided to take drastic measures after being accused of being Anon-a-Miss. She finds family with the most unlikely of people.

This is the basis for Sunset's outfit. Credit goes to Marty Scurll for the design

Chapters (9)

When Twilight's friends discover she has been overheard talking to an Earl, they come to the conclusion that she has a secret coltfriend.

But is that really the case?


Chapters (1)

Anon, somehow, was able to romantically court the princess of the sun herself, Celestia. During one quiet night at Canterlot castle, they decide for the first time to sleep together in the same bed, cuddling up to one another and saying sweet nothings into each other's ears.

There is also talk about themselves, the world around them, and the time they have spent with one another. It was a good night.

An RGRE story inspired by the thoughts I've been having lately, and a cute idea I had for this trending, alternative take on Equestria.

Pre-read by B_25.

Cover art by Cocoanon and Stradivarius. (Both of which can't be linked, cause of their explicit art).

Chapters (1)
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