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After the reformation of Sunset Shimmer, the Mane Six united their powers against all manner of threats. Then, Twilight Sparkle joined their number, and over time the bonds between the Mane Seven have become stronger than ever.

They have called upon their power to aid their friends, to protect the innocent, and even to defend their world.

Never have they called upon their power out of anger, or to seek revenge.

Until now.

Part of the Sunset Rising Continuity. It is preceded by Moon Childe, but is not a direct sequel.

Featured in the Royal Canterlot Library.

Chapters (4)

Seven years have passed since Grand Pear moved to Vanhoover, and time has dulled the pain of leaving Pear Butter behind. Though the scars remain, life for the Pear family has done its best to return to normal.

But one day, a letter from Ponyville comes in the mail.

Featured on Equestria Daily! 10/3/17

Featured by The Royal Canterlot Library 9/7/18!

Paul Asaran
Seattle's Angels

Chapters (3)

When the pegasi lose their feathers, they also lose the ability to walk on clouds. The answer to 'why' is lost to time. The real question is... what happens to Cloudsdale?

Edited by Crystal Wishes and Alex_

Third Place in Cynewulf's Worldbuilding Competition
Featured by The Royal Canterlot Library
Featured by Equestria Daily
Narration by TheDizzyDan!!

Chapters (1)

You told me that a young designer from out of town would be coming to stay with us for a few days while she discussed business plans with you. I told you that would be fine, that I wouldn't mind.

I lied.

Edited by the wonderful Nonchalant.
Preread by the terrific chryssi and the elusive _00500005_.
Critically acclaimed: rated Highly Recommended by Titanium Dragon and Recommended by PresentPerfect!
Featured by the Royal Canterlot Library and Equestria Daily!

Chapters (2)

Twilight has given you a new book to read. Well, she didn't exactly give it to you, you actually just found it in the back of the library. Behind a shelf. On the ground. It looks very old, downright ancient, and it smells like moss and rot. The binding is a little cracked, and there's no title on it. You can't help but wonder what might be inside, and the only way to find out is to keep reading.

Just turn the page.

You can do that much, can't you?


WARNING: This story contains brief depictions of blood, mild violence, and death, and has ARG aspects to it. It plays with formatting, and includes images. Some "pages" are long, some are only a few words. It is written in first person, to you, the reader, and is a slow mellow horror. You've been warned.

This story relies on unusual formatting for some parts, and thus may not be as enjoyable on a tablet or phone, or if you have specialized custom Fimfic settings.

If you post spoilers, hints, or answers in the comments, please be sure to spoiler them out or warn others. You don't want to ruin the fun, right?

Chapters (59)

Glitter was banished from her hive because she's different: instead of feeding on love, she feeds on anger, fear, and sadness. Ponies are easily fooled and more easily manipulated. Staying undetected and sustaining her dietary needs, she goes through life bringing misery to those around her. All changes though when he turns up, tearing down walls built throughout a lifetime.

Featured on Equestria Daily 27th of August 2015.

Originally written for the The Writeoff Association's June contest "A Matter of Perspective".

Thanks go out to InquisitorM and Fimbulvinter for editing and proofreading help.

Additional Thanks to all the Writeoff Association members who reviewed or commented on the contest version. In no particular order: Titanium Dragon, Baal Bunny, Bad Horse, Bradel, FanOfMostEverything, horizon, Not_A_Hat, PresentPerfect, Thornwing, The Cyan Recluse, The Letter J, BlazzingInferno, bookplayer

Chapters (1)

Mrs. Cake’s life isn’t always a piece of cake. The bakery needs running, Pound and Pumpkin are always up to something, and babysitters aren’t always easy to come by.

Original draft was an entry for Everfree Northwest 2018 Iron Author Contest. Received an Honorable Mention by Xepher.

Credit to Xepher for the short description.

Chapters (1)

Adagio, who everyone knows is an immortal sex goddess, is determined to give her girlfriend a perfect eighteenth birthday. If only she weren't secretly a virgin, it would be easy.

Preread by Tethered-Angel and forbloodysummer.
Art by imDRUNKonTEA.
An entry for FamousLastWords' Two-Faced Charade contest.

Review by PresentPerfect
Review by PaulAsaran
Author interview

Chapters (1)

Prophecy is a dangerous game; meanings which are obvious can become obscure in an instant, and fates are laid bare only in hindsight.

After the fall of Discord but before the rise of Nightmare Moon, a dragon breaks the peace between its race and ponykind, and Princess Luna flies to mete out justice.

Editing courtesy of the speedy, thorough, and unfailingly helpful Pascoite, whose assistance has proved invaluable once again.

Cover image by the astonishingly talented GenjiLim, used with permission.

Chapters (1)

Rarity always wanted to be Lady Rarity. Over time, it became more clear it was not meant to be. But she's fine, she's got a successful business in Ponyville, her fashion line showing in Manehattan and she has her friends, even if most of them are moving on with their lives. A prince sweeping her off her hooves was just not meant to be.

So how in Equestria did she end up on a date with the richest pony in town?

Confusion, feelings and wine mix for a potentially explosive, heartwarming (or rending?) evening, along with a pinch of generosity.

A sweet, feels-full, wistful Rarity X Filthy Rich romance fic in three parts.




Written and developed in the same 'Universe' as Cola Bubble Gum's story, Rum Punch. Story takes place before the events of Rum Punch. If reading in order, read this story first.

Other Royalsverse stories: Colts, by Guy Incognito, Heart of Silver, by The Weatherbug, and Despicable Blue, by yours truly.

Initial idea was suggested by Cola Bubble Gum.

Story inspired by the song Royals as sung by Puddles Pity Party (kind of), and my deep love for Rarity (oh yes.)

Editors: Sharp Spark, Cola Bubble Gum
Additional Editing by: Comrade Sparkle

Artwork: 2135D Artwork inspired by Silver Linings Playbook , but made into a beautiful, better image by 2135D

Part of my 4 Prompt Jan Challenge. Even though I already broke the rules and made this a chapter story, and went over the word limit.

(Also, it's total horsefeathers that there isn't a Filthy Rich tag.)

Chapters (3)
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