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I'm a musician, songwriter, and erstwhile actor and improviser, with a BA in theatre and a minor in Latin. That's the short version.


The legend is known throughout Equestria, but there are few who believe. Those who claim to have seen the beast are dismissed as crackpots and madponies. Those who bring evidence before the world are dismissed as histrionic deceivers. There are those who have seen, however -- those who know -- and they will forever cry out their warning from the back seats of filthy, old train cars, even to those who dismiss them, who revile them, who ignore their warnings unto their own mortal peril.

"The sasquatch is real!" they will cry forevermore, even as nopony believes.

But from this day forward, Sassy Saddles will believe.

Written on a dare. I apologize for nothing.

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Instant favorite.

I laughed from beginning to end.

I love how it takes every mundane detail, ratchets up their absurdity, and still weaves them into a coherent narrative.

6452914 I'm glad you liked it. Taken in the whole, it's probably the single dumbest thing I've ever written, but it was supposed to be. I'm actually quite pleased with it, and I'm glad someone out there got a laugh out of it.

I was honestly afraid no one would get the joke.

Well, that was.....interesting............sequel?:pinkiehappy:

This story is retarded but amazing. Such an original concept. Just when you thought Sassy couldn't get any sassier... :moustache:

Author Interviewer

All I know is the wrong character in this story is named Sassy. XD

Author Interviewer

That was marvelous. :D

That ending was so much sweeter than I'd expected for a story this ridiculous :heart:

Lovely work!

Some of the gags went a bit overlong, but overall this was a delightfully bizarre tale.

That was certainly a thing I read.

Rula Thirtyfoura, a tall, sumptuous unicorn mare whose profession shall go unmentioned for reasons of decency

Clearly, she works for the post office, as she is a professional shipper.

Sass was the essence of her being.

I bet she even drinks Saspirella
George Hire made his fortune by calling it "root beer"

I love the ridiculous law and I would have gone petticoat.

Got weird for a bit but a very fun read.

If only it was Sassy Saddles meets Sassy the Sasquatch

Why does sasquatch picture have boobs?

This chapter had my coworkers glancing at me in worry. Apparently, suddenly bursting out into laughter seemingly unprovoked makes people think that you might be just slightly crazy. I mean, they're not wrong. After all, I am reading a story about a sassy pony meeting a not-sasquatch.

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