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I'm a musician, songwriter, and erstwhile actor and improviser, with a BA in theatre and a minor in Latin. That's the short version.


Sweetie Belle notices that Rarity has been acting a bit strange lately. She seems distant, melancholy, and preoccupied. Sweetie Belle finally finds a convenient moment to ask one of Rarity's grown-up friends, Applejack, to see if she can find out what has her acting so bizarrely. Given no other outlet, Rarity reveals to Applejack that she has recently received some life-altering news. Applejack tries to help her friend work through the strange, forlorn sense of shame and confusion that haunts her life in the wake of a discovery over which she had no power, and which leaves her wondering who she really is, and what she really wanted, all along.

This is the last in a series of one-shots focusing on the versions of the Mane Six depicted in my novel, "The Sun Eater." You do not have to have read that work to understand this piece. It is a stand-alone work meant to stand on its own merit. If you do read -- or especially have already read -- that work, I deeply appreciate it, and thank you. If you want to read it, and have not, you will have to turn your "mature" filter off due to some graphic violence that I felt warranted the rating. For those unfamiliar with this universe, be forewarned, these are not Hasbro ponies. They drink, they smoke, they cuss, and they... Well, you get the idea. That said, this is NOT a clopfic. There is no explicit sexual material in this or any other of my works. If that's your thing, no judgment here, -- love and tolerate, after all -- but you'll have to look elsewhere to find it.

Cover Art by SirPayne, deviantart

Thanks, Mannulus

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To be honest, at first I didn't know where this story was going, but then I kept reading....... DAMN does this story have a lot of feels! If anyone dares to downvote it, I will personally send Pinkamena their way! INSTANT FAVE!

If the description was enough to get me to start reading this, than the excellent writing and the overdose of feels certainly kept me invested enough to finish the whole oneshot!! :pinkiehappy: I really enjoyed this. I'll admit, it was a little jarring to have read this, and in my mind, imagine Applejack and Rarity using profanity, but then I figured, "Fuck! Deep down, I really don't have a problem with it!".
I mean, I knew Rarity was having an issue, as the readers are both meant and led to assume, but the moment the truth came out, I was truly shocked. :rainbowderp: I just never expected it to turn into an emotional twist that deep! Poor Rarity :raritydespair: But I really commend you for taking on such a senario and handling it with grace and care. Like I said, the build up, the reveal, and the resolution all pan out really nicely. The differing points of view -- one being a child (Sweetie Belle) and then a close friend and fellow mare (Applejack) -- was also quite interesting and added a deeper meaning to this fic.

I also like that Applejack was the "shoulder to cry on". Not only because she's my favorite pony, but because it was fun to read having Rarity confide in her polar-opposite of a friend.

Well done, again. This one's going in my favorites. :ajsmug:


Thanks for reading!

My ponies are definitely a bit different than Hasbro/Lauren Faust ponies, I will admit. I'm sort of looking for a middle ground between Equestria and the real world, with maybe a little extra grit thrown in. Of course, all this could just be a bizarre reflection of the people I typically run with in my own life. I can't say for sure.

Of all the FiMfiction I've written, this was hardest -- even harder than "The Sun Eater," which is considerably darker, overall. I think that's because it's such a feminine issue that, being a man, I didn't really know how to approach it, at first. What I finally chose to do was to approach it from an identity perspective. "How does Rarity see herself, and how would learning something like this affect her psychologically and emotionally?" were the main questions for me.

I'm glad you liked it. I hope I get a chance to write some more pony fics, and I hope you read them.

For some reason I ended up seeing this story again and I realised that at least one problem has a possible solution, if Rarity ever did want to have children she could just use the mirror pond to create a clone of herself and have the clone undergo the surgery and have a child.


Yeah, I suppose that would work.

The thing is, though, that the point of this story, to me, -- I don't mind if someone else takes something different from it -- was more in Rarity realizing that she didn't want a child than in realizing that she couldn't have one.

I laughed at the end.

4401394 Mission accomplished, then.

Thanks for reading.

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